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Any coeliacs here?

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IAmGrootGrootGroot Tue 13-Nov-18 09:25:59

I'm in the process of possibly being diagnosed with coeliac disease (positive blood test, awaiting endoscopy).

I'm 2 stone overweight (quite possibly 3 now with the way I've been eating 😐 one last hurrah before diagnosis and all that)
I've struggled to lose this weight, no matter what kind of diet I try.

Has anyone managed to lose weight after going GF?
I was hoping the silver lining would be shifting this weight (what with the usual delicious suspects being out of bounds) but I've read numerous things about coeliacs actually putting on weight after diagnosis 😕

So has anyone managed it?

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WednesdaySpinner Tue 13-Nov-18 09:30:23

I did slimming world after being diagnosed as coeliac and lost 4 stone. It is hard but can be done! A lot of the books and support are not geared for gf members and so it was a case of finding what works and sticking to it, which can get repetitive but now that I am maintaining a healthy weight, I can be a little more wild with my food choices.

I'm not sure about your situation but my stomach also looked much flatter after cutting out gluten (I no longer looked pregnant and that went a long way to helping with my perception of my weight too).

In terms of the normal dieting and going to the gym, I can't help as they didn't work for me but if you aren't thinking of the SW route, hopefully someone will be along soon that can help smile

IAmGrootGrootGroot Tue 13-Nov-18 09:39:46

Thanks @WednesdaySpinner
Slimming world is one of the few things I've never tried... not big on the whole group thing (though I'm willing to try anything at this point!)
I thought slimming world was mainly based around unlimited pasta and so on?

I definitely have the coeliac belly. In fact, that's where pretty much all my weight is.
I thought I might have a case of diastasis recti but the doctor said I didn't... I definitely still look pregnant (my youngest is 2 and a half!)

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soulrider Tue 13-Nov-18 09:50:55

I'm a stone lighter than when I was first diagnosed although not really overweight to begin with. In my case the gut damage stopped me absorbing nutrients correctly rather than calories. I struggle to maintain weight now tbh, especially in certain situations e.g. travelling with work when celiac options are often low calorie.

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