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DH and I are doing a healthy eating plan and it's actually working!!

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Secretlifeofme Mon 12-Nov-18 14:43:16

DH and I have been actively trying to be healthier for about 8 months now. In March we both started going to the gym at least twice a week and trying to eat more healthily. However, after initial weight loss we both reached a plateau in about September and were getting really fed up.

However, about 3 weeks ago DH was given a healthy eating plan by his personal trainer. It's recipes forbreakfast, lunch and dinner and you can pick from a few choices fit each meal. I was initially sceptical... But do you know what? It's working! DH has lost about 2 kilos and I have lost 1 kilo after doing it for 2 weeks smile i can put some of the recipes here if anyone is interested?

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Titsywoo Mon 12-Nov-18 14:49:11

I had something like this from a personal trainer. It was really good in the 6 weeks I stuck to it and a lost over a stone and felt much better. But then the summer came and with all the bbqs and parties I fell off the wagon. It was quite low carb (although had things like quinoa, sweet potato etc) and I didn't feel hungry or crave stuff. I really should get back to it!

Secretlifeofme Mon 12-Nov-18 14:54:20

It sounds a bit similar, @Titsywoo smile I think it's not meant to be long term as it is, but that we are meant to carry on using at least some of the recipes each week- which I can see myself doing tbh

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Gilbert82 Mon 12-Nov-18 14:54:41

Well done to you and your DH!
I’d definitely be interested in seeing some of the recipes!

Secretlifeofme Mon 12-Nov-18 14:58:05

Hi @Gilbert82, so here is the breakfast shake we have been using. Quantities are for 1 in this one. We make it without the almonds as our blender is shit grin but i find it really filling anyway

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ivykaty44 Mon 12-Nov-18 14:58:31

Good for you both

Secretlifeofme Mon 12-Nov-18 15:01:30

Then there's this lunch which is basically fry the chicken with the red onion, olive oil, lemon, garlic and rosemary and add everything else. This makes two portions.

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Secretlifeofme Mon 12-Nov-18 15:07:06

And this is a dinner example. Sorry you can't see the method but you boil the root veg and broccoli until soft, set aside, fry onions and garlic in the same pan then chuck in with the other veg and the rice milk and mash with a stick blender. Right at the end grill the fish (we use cod or haddock or anything white really) and serve on the mash with some lemon juice and salt and pepper.

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Secretlifeofme Mon 12-Nov-18 15:08:50

These are just examples but I can pm more recipes if anyone is interested. What I like about it is that you feel full (in fact it often feels like I'm eating too much!). You can also snack on a handful of almonds and cashews once a day and a piece of fruit once a day

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Lostmyunicorn Mon 12-Nov-18 15:11:09

I’d really like to see the recipes. Feeling a bit stuck in the rut of white fish and veggies.....

Secretlifeofme Mon 12-Nov-18 15:13:53

@Lostmyunicorn if you pm me your email address I'll email you some more recipes

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StrawberryFizz26 Mon 12-Nov-18 15:58:17

I'm PM you my email address if that's okay?!

Millionairesshortbread1 Mon 12-Nov-18 16:04:28

Theses sound great, well done

Ifeelinclined Mon 12-Nov-18 16:20:42

I sent you a PM. Will you send me the recipes please?

Secretlifeofme Mon 12-Nov-18 23:02:03

To all those who have sent me PMs, I am struggling to send the recipes as they are files on my phone. I'm going to have a go from work today (I'm not in the UK so it's morning here). Bear with me! Sorry!

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Secretlifeofme Tue 13-Nov-18 10:33:06

I've emailed everyone who has sent me their email address so far smile if there's anyone else, let me know!

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Strongbeatsskinny Thu 15-Nov-18 20:04:57

Can I just point out if your Dh was given this meal plan by his Pt it’s either been designed pacific for him and his goals with the macros and whilst it’s working for you at the moment it may only work for a while.

In which case it’s pointless giving it out unless the individuals you’re sending it too can adjust it to their own macros.

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