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Omni Diet - crashing into summer

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ShintyFartMuscle Fri 09-Nov-18 22:31:48

In the antipodes and it’s three weeks to summer, five/six weeks to the end of the the school year, and into the summer holidays. I mainly want to feel more sprightly and less of a sweaty, chafing, yucky mess. Watched the diet testers this week. Liked the look of the Omni diet to give a quick kick start into healthier eating, and looking to either carry on or move onto the serotonin diet.(I can’t be bothered to watch the other eps on catch up as I’m worried I’d get all confused, but if anyone else has had inspiration please let me know)

It seems to be a bit VLCD, a bit low carb, a bit Atkins, a bit no sugar. This weekend I’m going to cut out the coffee and booze ready for a concerted start on Monday. I’ll go into town on Monday to see if I can find the books, I also am less likely to snack if I’m not home. And I’m going to use this thread to keep myself accountable as that is where I always fall down.

Please come join me if you want.

Omni diet

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ShintyFartMuscle Sat 10-Nov-18 21:34:17

I went to bed last night with a cracker of a migraine, and I don’t normally get them, but that’s before I would even miss my first coffee so has nothing to do with it.

Woke this morning and had a green tea and a run so feeling better already

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ShintyFartMuscle Sun 11-Nov-18 20:38:38

Day 2 of of no coffee and feeling ok, not the of get up and go I normally have with a coffee, but still getting everything done. Hardest bit has been making lunchboxes and not picking at the bits that are going in.

weight 90.6kg
waist 103cm!

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ShintyFartMuscle Sun 11-Nov-18 23:48:32

Well the morning run got waylaid, but I’ll get a swim in later instead. Breakfast 2 eggs and mushroom omelette plus celery spinach and red onion

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ShintyFartMuscle Wed 14-Nov-18 01:58:21

Still going strong surprisingly for me, just had a huge bowl of chilli for lunch.

Waking up less tired and blurgh. And lots of long walks today. Gym session tomorrow

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ShintyFartMuscle Thu 15-Nov-18 19:44:35

Five days in and still here PMS cramps have been a shit but some initial result to cheer me up loss of 4cm and 2.4kg

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