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Tell me about your PCOS weight loss successes!

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Boo2you Wed 14-Nov-18 09:13:49

Switching to brown carbs and eliminating sugar from your diet should help insulin resistance - mine's ok since I've been doing this plus I also have a genetic condition which also causes insulin resistance so I have to keep it in check - I still have more weight to lose - I've found that by restricting my portion size I need less feel full which helps! Good luck xx

MrsMaryMooFace Tue 13-Nov-18 20:16:02

Thank you for replying Boo2you.
I am eliminating carbs, I think my insulin resistance is out of control! Plus I'm gluten intolerant anyway.
It's just soooooo hard to shift weight, it's good to see positive stories smile

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Boo2you Sun 11-Nov-18 11:09:31

I've lost 8lbs in 3 weeks so my BMI is back In normal range - no diets exactly I walk twice a week 45 mins pushing a pram all up hill - go to gym for an hour a week and have reduced my portion sizes steadily my stomach has shrunk so I need less food to feel full! Also PCOS can cause insulin resistance so need to eat no sugary food I've cut snacks I just have 3 meals a day no snacks and I've switched white rice and pasta to brown it fills you up more and it's better for you! I need to go to gym more as I still want to lose another stone! Good luck I think you can control PCOS with diet mine hardly affects me anymore I used to have no periods and now I have a regular 35 day cycle!! Xx

MrsMaryMooFace Thu 08-Nov-18 19:31:27


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MrsMaryMooFace Thu 08-Nov-18 07:40:05

Just that really. What worked for you? Did you use supplements, medication... etc.

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