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Remember, remember to lose in November - join in to lose 7lbs before the festive juggernaut kicks off!

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ponygirlcurtis Thu 01-Nov-18 15:42:00

We are determined to lose something in November - half a stone would be fab but realistically whatever you can. Come join us and be lighter by the start of December - what a great advent gift to yourself that would be!

We have as many different weight-loss approaches as we have posters, absolutely everyone welcome. Let's get started!

Peridot1 Thu 01-Nov-18 16:37:04

Thanks for getting us going ponygirlcurtis.

To start us off I am out for dinner tonight! Still deciding whether to drive or not. And away overnight at a party on Saturday.

And I definitely didn’t lose half a stone in October.

It wasn’t a great month! And I’m off to Australia on 13th of this month.

I think my main aim before I go is just getting back on track. I haven’t been logging my food or using my journal. Might do a detox week next week. I did a detox/bootcamp a while ago and still have the plan and recipes. The food was really delicious. That might shift a few pounds and help me regain focus.

Happy new month everyone.

fidgetspinner555 Thu 01-Nov-18 16:55:07

Thanks for this! I'm going alcohol free this month in an effort to kick start some weight loss. Always get the munchies when I have a drink! I'm using "Calorie Counter " app.

Gilbert82 Thu 01-Nov-18 18:01:41

Hi! Can I join you?
I really would love to lose half a stone this month/by Christmas! I need to get back into logging my food and drinking more water. I also need to do more exercise, yoga once a week is not enough! Hopefully joining you all will keep me motivated smile
Will weigh myself in the morning and report back!

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Thu 01-Nov-18 18:34:52

Yay! New thread. Welcome to new faces.

So after about 6 months of maintaining / very slow gaining I am now off the sugar again and shifting the gains.

I hit 11 4 early last week but this morning I got 11 1. I'm treating those 3 lb as a head start on November.

I'm aiming to get back to my previous target of 10 10.

ponygirlcurtis Thu 01-Nov-18 20:46:37

I think logging what you eat is a good way to get your head focused on what you are doing. 😊

PerditaNitt Thu 01-Nov-18 21:38:03

I’m in. Have been on 16:8 for just over two months. Shifted a stone and am now plateauing (and even saw a small gain this week - argh). Have been undisciplined for 2 weeks due to a stinker of a virus and DC having lurgies, but need to get back on track now. Hoping this thread will get me motivated again! Bring it on!

Gilbert82 Thu 01-Nov-18 21:51:01

Do you have to stick within a certain calorie range with 16:8?
I’m at my worst during the evenings, I can’t stay out of the cupboards blush

ImDivingIn Thu 01-Nov-18 21:57:09

I would love to lose half a stone but I reckon I could manage 4lbs. Planning to cut down sugar and snacks.

Kokoloco Thu 01-Nov-18 22:10:56

Marking place! Hoping for a loss this month. Trying to relax about it all and just aim slow.

xsahm Thu 01-Nov-18 22:14:05

I would like to join please! I'm 10st5 and would like to get down to 9st 9 which is my ideal weight. I've done really well in the past, I'm fairly good in the day but ruin it all in the evening or on weekends, especially if there's wine to be drunk!

PerditaNitt Fri 02-Nov-18 06:07:03

gilbert82 nope, the idea is just that you only eat in an 8 hour window. Since this generally translates to skipping one meal and limiting snacks, you naturally cut calories anyway. No harm in using calorie counting at the same time if it helps. I’m BF so don’t bother calorie counting. I find 16:8 manageable if I keep myself busy in the mornings so I’m not tempted to eat before 12. After 8, I mentally close the kitchen and maybe have a cup of herbal tea. I like this way of eating and would say it is worth a try. It is nice because if you have social commitments you can adjust your eating window.

Like any diet or way of eating, I found 16:8 impossible when I’ve been unwell so I need to get myself back into the habit!

MsTSwift Fri 02-Nov-18 06:12:06

I would love to lose a stone. My larger jeans now tight.

Gilbert82 Fri 02-Nov-18 07:02:27

@PerditaNitt thank you. I’ll have a read up about it over the weekend and may give it a go next week

Gilbert82 Fri 02-Nov-18 07:35:43

I’ve just weighed myself, 9st 13lbs. I’d like to get down to 9st 4lbs ideally but would be happy with 9st 7lbs by Christmas

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Fri 02-Nov-18 07:37:16

Morning all!

I’m still hovering around the 9 stone mark, aiming to lose a few pounds this month.

QuimReaper Fri 02-Nov-18 09:58:21

Thanks for the new thread pony!

Well I've just weighed in, and... my 900g-to-goal has become TWO KILOS.

WTF? I mean, I had last week more or less 'off' (just one fast day) but I've been golden as golden can be this week, I had hoped for a much smaller gain!

<waves fists around, goes purple, throws juicebox at wall>

I did have a very salty soup last night, and also did a few pathetic ab exercises someone recommended on the last thread which I'm feeling today, maybe it's water retention? <clutches at straws> sad

This is what I consider to be the top of my Acceptable Weight Range so if I don't see a good number next week, I'm truly going to throw the scales out of the window, buy a muu-muu and eat myself into a beach ball in a huff. AND THAT'LL SHOW... THEM.

Right. I promise I will read back now that I've had my tantrum and welcome all the lovely new faces!

lastqueenofscotland Fri 02-Nov-18 10:03:49

I’ll join in this month as I accidentally lost half a stone in October so another half would be perfect! 10.7 today

TVHubbyClaire Fri 02-Nov-18 10:40:45

Thanks for new thread pony

An accidental half stone sounds fantastic queen

I am starting month at 11st 11...4 lindas would be a fab loss for me this month

Good luck everyone

HairsprayBabe Fri 02-Nov-18 11:39:17

Good morning

9.10 so much of a muchness

have got MFP


set to 1200 cals a day

how do I add people what is a diet why have I been so crap at this for months and months now

Therealjudgejudy Fri 02-Nov-18 12:07:47

Checking in!

Thanks for the new thread @pony.

Gym done this morning. Been good all this week so far. I'll weigh in on Monday as usual and go from there. The goal is to be bang on 9st by 1st December

BelleEnd1 Fri 02-Nov-18 13:22:01

Can I join brand new please? Just starting on my weight loss journey so lots to lose but half a stone would be a great start!

Autumnnymph Fri 02-Nov-18 22:43:33

Checking in - I have been eating my body weight in desserts the last few days so will possibly do a detox next week to get back on track. I have been walking a lot thought and averaging 25000 steps a day so hoping I am walking a lot of those desserts off.

Foreverlexicon Sun 04-Nov-18 08:56:46

I’m a bit late to the party but hello!

I lost a stone following a break up in June. Then proceeded to gain a stone and 10 pounds. I can binge like no one else.

Have made some half assed attempts to get it off and then keep falling head first into office cakes and writing it all off. Enough of that now! I was about 164 last time I weighed so aiming for under 160 by December.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 04-Nov-18 12:14:03

Can I join in? I need to lose about 5 kg to get me well into the healthy BMI range before the baking season starts.

I'll - hopefully - cut out the surplus rubbish (it helps that they ruin good chocolate with palm oil) and will not buy more gin.

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