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CAMBRIDGE DIET CLUB °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°°º;¤ø,¸¸,ø;¤º°°Thread 5

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MunkiBaby Sun 17-Jun-07 23:28:39

Shall we start this new thread with weight lost? Sure! It's always good to start on a motivational note. So, please, briefly post your loses to date, and if you wouldn't mind, include the amount of time, so far...

ya! a new thread!

joash Sun 17-Jun-07 23:36:12

Hi - back on sole source tommorrow. 40lbs loss so far from end March to mid may (over a period of about 8 weeks). Been struggling since the death of my FIL in April) but managed to keep any weight gain to only 3lb - so relatively peased with that. But determined to get back on track from tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

MunkiBaby Sun 17-Jun-07 23:39:32

Yeah! Yummy! thats a great loss... oh, and thanks for the luck. i'm excited , yes. i have heard mixed reviews about the oriental chili as well as the Broc & Cheese.... my cdc gave me a mix to start with (2 weeks worth). i'll try them bth, just to get them out of the way.

Welcome Irishlady! sounds like you have done well and i'm sure you are nothing but pleased with yourself! i hope to post such huge losses soon.

Spooky ~ you are very correct: 1 off better than 1 on. PLUS i'm sure you will do well with the challenge from your cdc. keep us posted if thats ok.

Hiya Dabbles ~ i hope you savoured every last bit of the pizza....and even more importantly, the texture! ha! ((it will be a while for me as well)).

Snow ~ im sure you will wake up one morning and just begin with CD...and after the first weigh in, you'll be glad you did.

MunkiBaby Sun 17-Jun-07 23:42:07

Oh, and as for my CD status...

i'm only a newbie. . starting tomorrow and excited about it. I've signed up for the forums PLUS i've prepared further by going thru the cabinets and getting all temptation snacky foods and putting them in one carrier bag for the DH to doss away...or just hide REALLY well because in extreme cases of desperation, my inner food voice will tell me to find it and consume!!

Joash, thats amazing, your loss!

joash Mon 18-Jun-07 00:03:31

Thanks Munki - its actually nothing compared to what I need/want to get off. Next target is another 50lbs to get off hopefully by the end of Sept before setting another one.

SpookyMadMummy Mon 18-Jun-07 07:20:13

Morning ladies.
My CD status:
Started CD on 14th May
Lost 23 pounds altogether in 5 weeks, 4 weeks on SS and one week AAM. Back on SS now though.
Hoping to lose at least another 19 pounds but may review that and lose some more! (My initial goal weight being 12 st 12) My start weight was 15 st 12 and I am currently 14 st 3!
Good luck everyone!

hercules1 Mon 18-Jun-07 07:25:38

Well I am now just 3lbs away from goal. I lost 1/2 stone on slim fast for two weeks then started to ss on 31/3 and have lost just under 3 stone with cd. So I've gone from 131/2 to 10.3 in the space of 3 months.

I feel great. People constantly asking me and commenting me on my rapid weight loss.

I am now on 1000 calories per day and intend to go on to 1200 or 1500 in next 10 days.

yummymummy327 Mon 18-Jun-07 08:02:52

Good Morning All!! Great a new thread

My CD status
Started 12/6
Week 1: 8lbs (according to my scale)
Week 2: Starting today
Current weight: 11st 7lb
Goal: 9st My pre DD1 weight (my wardrode is calling me!)

I'm very pleased with the weight coming off, to be truthful I was quite unsure if it would but blimey has it!

I have to be honest this is the longest I've actually stuck to a diet (I know its only a week lol)Plus I told my SIL & BIL that I was on this diet, so I can't give up

I've decided with each stone lost I'm going to treat myself. I started treating myself when I started I went blonde (extra incentive) My next treat is to start getting a tan for my new body and next a new BIGGER mirror so I can see how sexy I am hehehe (Is that to cheeky)

Munki~ I know its early but hows it going so far? Like you I signed up to minimins when I started (great site eh?)

Irish, Hercules & Joash~ thats such an amazing weight loss!! Inspiration to us all! So when us newbies start complaining feel free to kick us in the butt

Dabbles~ Hope that pizza was good and you savoured it I had a 1/2 kebab for my last meal. dh and I used? to share one. Not anymore

Spooky~ I bet is great knowing your so close to you inital goal!

Have a great day!!!!

oh! btw made the mousse yesterday and it was GORGEOUS!!!

IrishLady Mon 18-Jun-07 08:43:38

Morning girls

Thanks for all the congrats and welcomes - you can ALL do this - just needs some perseverance and a goal!!

My details are start weight 15 5, current weight 11 10, height 5 8, Time taken 11 weeks

Maintained since mid-march by using packs and Low GI foods

Going back on 1000 cal today to get down below 11 to give myself a comfort zone!!! Have holiday in September so that's my goal .. giving myself lots of time!

Based in Dublin, where are you guys living?

yummymummy327 Mon 18-Jun-07 08:57:18

Irish~ Hope you don't mind me asking what are low gi foods?

IrishLady Mon 18-Jun-07 09:23:42

Of course not, it's foods that are wholesome (no white processed bread) like wholemeal bread, no sugar muesli, fruit, wholemeal pasta, etc ... keeps you feeling fuller longer!!!

yummymummy327 Mon 18-Jun-07 11:14:36

ahhh okay, I eat those anyways, well, emmm used to lol

I was exploring the minimins website and found this posting about the recipes HERE

Too many choices

CayKon Mon 18-Jun-07 13:22:18

Hi everyone,
I went to see a CDC this morning and got a weeks supply to give this diet ago. I decided to start straight away, so as I hadn't eaten this morning I came home and had my 1st shake. I tried the toffee and walnut one warmed up. It was really nice.

My starting weight is 13st 7lbs. I want to loose as much as possible for my wedding on the 11th august.

IrishLady Mon 18-Jun-07 13:53:10

Well done CayKon on taking the first step .. you will be the slim bride!! A wedding, how exciting! I wish I'd know about Cambridge when I got married back in 2000 .. I was 13 getting married (and didn't look too bad) but with Cambridge I could have been under 11 ... ah well .. can't do anything about it now ..

Best of luck ..

gingernutlover Mon 18-Jun-07 14:57:07

I am about to arrange an appointment to see a CDC having tried the diet for about a week in january but we had famiuly things happen and so didnt carry on

I am so desperate to stop being a fat cow so must really stick to it this time.

Caykon I am 13,7 too so good luck and maybe we can be kinda buddies to egg each other on as we are about the same weight and both starting at about the same time.

CayKon Mon 18-Jun-07 15:23:26

gingernut - Hi it would be nice to have a buddy to do this with, and it will be interesting to see how our weightlosses compare. How tall are you i'm 5'6.

gingernutlover Mon 18-Jun-07 15:54:58

hey, I am a bit shorter, 5,4 so yeah we should keep this thread up to date - been trying to phone CDC this afternoon, she not there though

yummymummy327 Mon 18-Jun-07 16:04:53

Welcome to the thread caykon The only thing about this diet you'll hate is having to keep going in and having your dress re fitted

My BIL asked me today how much weight I've lost and he was so shocked hehehe he said now my SIL will want to do it too

CayKon Mon 18-Jun-07 16:06:15

ginger - I just looked at your profile er are even the same age lol

CayKon Mon 18-Jun-07 16:08:21

yummy - I will absolutely love having my dress resized they won't be able to wipe the smile off my face

Dabbles Mon 18-Jun-07 18:24:48

WEnt to see the pharmacist today, the flavours are a bit, well limited on liptrim...
had choc shake for brekkie - yummy
made choc 'mousse' for lunch.. not so yummy

had chicken soup for dinner - yuckidy yuck!

have drank ton s of water adn 3 cups of black tea...

cambridge costs more. so will see how i go on this.

feel thta i can do it, am prepared to be on it for 7 months.. well doen to everyone who has stuck at thsi!

Hello to Munki - we both starting together,,,

how much is CD, might be worth it for extra flavours,but the counsellor is further away...

SpookyMadMummy Mon 18-Jun-07 18:30:00

dabbles, it depends on your counsellor how much CD costs. Some charge RRP, some way above that. Its the luck of the draw I am afraid. My counsellor charges £32.55 a wee regardless of what I have, shakes, soups, bars or tetras.

SpookyMadMummy Mon 18-Jun-07 18:31:39

thats a week not a wee! pmsl

Dabbles Mon 18-Jun-07 18:36:00

ooh, I might change over then, gonna stick with this for a while. just to 'break myself in'

Dabbles Mon 18-Jun-07 20:17:58

Have headache... is thsi normal? have drank loads of water...

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