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Notacluewhatthisis Mon 29-Oct-18 20:03:36

So I am getting divorced. Am a single parent and work full time. The office I work in always has cakes/biscuits on the go.

I am so busy I have piled on weight. I feel shit, tired and hate how I look.

I am a size 16 and far happier at 12/14. I have done slimming world before and maintained a size 12. But just don't have time to go.

I have a slow cooker but never seem to remember to bloody get meat out of the freezer or run out of time on a morning to put it all in.

I have granola for breakfast. A wrap at lunch with crisps and a bar of chocolate. By the time I get in and sort the kids I end up not doing my own dinner and scoff a pack of biscuits. I tried slimfast but was bloody starving.

I am miserable. Luckily Dp doesn't care that i am a size 16, but he will if I carry on putting weight on. Can't say I would fancy him if he stacked 2-3stone on.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some tips?


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