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A stone by Christmas

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Shalll Mon 29-Oct-18 07:22:40

Is it possible and who will join me?

This stone has been with me for many years now since youngest was born... five years ago! I really want it gone especially as the weight is mainly around my middle.

So starting today:
Weight 11.8 stone or 75kg
Height 5.7 or 1.70

Using my fitness pal with target daily calories of 1,200. Aiming to reduce sugar / carbs and increase water intake. Exercise when possible but it's a juggling act with kids/work, maybe 3 workouts per week plus walk when I can.

Would love some company!

2anddone Wed 28-Nov-18 11:49:36

Bad couple of days here stuck at home with a poorly child so eating lots of unhealthy things mainly due to boredom!!
Big Christmas do Friday but have gone past caring now really need to get back on it!!

Shalll Wed 28-Nov-18 12:42:48

Don't give up 2anddone and Boo. Let's do this.

I am falling in the trap of weighing every day to see if I have broken the 70kg barrier but no such luck so far. I really must reign in those gingerbreak cookies, the trouble is we have an absolutely truck load in the house for various reasons. Determined to be good today.

Breakfast: toasted cheese scone and butter (try this if you like this sort of thing - actually only comes to about 200-250cal depending on how much butter you put on --a lot--)

Lunch: Soup and two boiled eggs

Dinner plan: Couscous and veg with feta pieces.

LurkYouLongtime Wed 28-Nov-18 15:08:55

There's some great weight loss happening on this thread! Not too much longer to go until Christmas Day!

I've been doing ok with snacks but haven't had any time to exercise and the weather is too awful to walk much. It's really hard when I'm operating on broken sleep as well.

I'm in the process of stopping breastfeeding at the moment, I found with my first child it was easier to lose weight once I completely stopped so I'm hoping it's the same this time round...

Boo2you Thu 29-Nov-18 00:53:50

I'm just eating smaller portions of everything and switched to brown pasta, rice and bread and not snacking at all - seems to be working but I'm at 10st 1lb now and can't seem to get below 10st !!!

LakeFlyPie Thu 29-Nov-18 20:30:40

Still going, into week 3 of MFP and no snacking now and managing to maintain momentum.
Had to get a M+S sandwich at lunchtime and forgot to check cals, MFP reports 500+ calories for 1 Wensleydale and Carrot chutney sandwich shock. Back on the homemade veg soup tomorrow!

2anddone Sat 01-Dec-18 09:10:13

Threads gone quiet hope everyone is ok??
I weighed in today after my Christmas do last night and have maintained this week so still 10st 12lb.
No reason not to be good next week and stick to it but once the tree is up the Christmas snacks will be calling 😬

Shalll Sat 01-Dec-18 13:04:25

Well done 2anddone

I'm still hanging in there, keeping fingers and toes crossed for a below 70kg weight on Monday. Getting lots of compliments about my toned up body which I'm pleased about.

Just had tomato soup for lunch, being very good as I'm going out for a meal tonight.

I'm loving being able to fit into some of my old party dresses!! Christmas here we come!

HettyB Sat 01-Dec-18 13:51:06

Slow and steady here - 3lb off, 7lb to go but we’re away this week on hols so I’m expecting a gain this week after a few glasses of wine and some carbs!

Shalll Mon 03-Dec-18 10:07:29

Has anyone done their weigh in today? Hope all on track!

I think I have just broken the 11st boundary and now at 10st12! Hurray! I say I think because with me 'analogue' scales it is not crystal clear but I definitely think the needle is hovering just below...

DH is out late most nights this week which in some ways makes healthy eating easier. I am planning soup for lunch and salad / stir fry for dinner most days this week, just to give it a final push. Then I'll move onto 'weight maintaining' mode, hopefully, over Christmas...

2anddone Mon 03-Dec-18 12:23:19

Yay well done Shalll the barrier has been broken!! I am now on weight maintaining mode until after Christmas when I will start up again!!

sunshinel Mon 03-Dec-18 12:50:33

Well done shalll! I have stayed the same which still leaves me with half a stone gone. I think I'm going to have to admit to myself that I'm not going to lose much more before Christmas, especially as I can't leave the Christmas sandwiches and mince pies alone!wink
I think if I can minimise the damage over Christmas then I'll get back on it properly in January. I've got too many Christmas do's coming up, will try to be as good as possible on the days I can and hopefully things will even out

Boo2you Mon 03-Dec-18 16:26:40

I'm 10lbs down just don't think I'll lose the other 4lbs in 3 weeks -I could probably do it by new year if Christmas didn't mean I'd probably eat and drink too much!!

SuzeD29 Mon 03-Dec-18 17:48:04

Lost another 2lb this week. 4lb to go until I'm in the next stone bracket so that's what I'm aiming for for Xmas as I've already reached my 1 stone for Xmas goal

Boo2you Mon 03-Dec-18 18:02:30

Well done! - I'm at 10st so I will be happy if I can get a few lbs under this for Xmas then get back on it after Xmas to try and reach my 9st goal!!

TheMildManneredMilitant Wed 05-Dec-18 19:02:08

Evening all, haven't posted much but encouraging to check in and see all of the weight loss.
I've managed to stick to it more or less for 4 weeks and 8lbs down which is progress but unlikely to keep up over the Xmas period. As a random coincidence I had my 4mth old ds weighed yesterday and he's 17.5lb which is pretty much what I have left to lose to reach targeg. Seems a lot when you see it personified in very chunky baby form!

SuzeD29 Mon 10-Dec-18 08:12:23

Gained 1.5lb this week. To be expected- Xmas meal out and lots of wine. Hopefully will have it off this week

shalll Mon 10-Dec-18 08:26:16

Stayed the same this week. Had really quite an outrageous weekend (the cheese was calling!) so I'm ok with that. Trying to get a tiny bit more off in the week ahead though!!

shalll Thu 13-Dec-18 19:27:46

Expect we'll mostly give up on this thread now that Christmas is fast approaching, but just reporting but at a random mid week weigh this morning I broke 70kg to be 69.5kg! For the first time since DC1!! fgrin

Boo2you Fri 14-Dec-18 09:22:37

Ok so after starting at 10st 10lbs which for my height was overweight on BMI I'm now 9st 12lbs so just 2lbs to go to lose a stone hopefully before Xmas!

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