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A stone by Christmas

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Shalll Mon 29-Oct-18 07:22:40

Is it possible and who will join me?

This stone has been with me for many years now since youngest was born... five years ago! I really want it gone especially as the weight is mainly around my middle.

So starting today:
Weight 11.8 stone or 75kg
Height 5.7 or 1.70

Using my fitness pal with target daily calories of 1,200. Aiming to reduce sugar / carbs and increase water intake. Exercise when possible but it's a juggling act with kids/work, maybe 3 workouts per week plus walk when I can.

Would love some company!

muddledmidget Mon 29-Oct-18 08:46:46

I'll join you. I've just weighed in and I'm in 11st10 which means I've lost 4lbs so far this year! I'm determined to go into 2019 with a BMI in the healthy range rather than overweight so need to lose 18lbs in the next 9 weeks which feels like it should be achievable.

My plans are

3 meals a day, only fruit and veg for snacks, and no cake, crisps, chips or chocolate!

To go to the gym at least 3 times a week and complete couch to 5k before Xmas (only 2.5 years since I ran a half marathon but I've got to go right back to the beginning)

Meal plan! If I know what's for my meals and that I've got the right stuff in it's going to be so much easier

Weigh in on a Monday morning

MM xxx

HollyBen Mon 29-Oct-18 09:04:25

I will join you! 11s2.5 amd 5ft3. Aiming to a Body Coach 20 mins workout at least 3 times a week and 10,000 steps each day. I did Slimming World earlier this year and lost just over a stone. Since moving abroad I have put a bit back on. It's tough to do slimming word properly here but I am going to do something roughly based on it.

Peabody25 Mon 29-Oct-18 09:06:18

Me! Would love to lose a stone by Xmas. I'm 5ft 5 and 11st 11lbs and aiming overall to be 10st 7lbs.

Going to cut out snacks apart from fruit and veg and avoid crisps and chocolate completely.

Trying to exercise 3 times a week, starting 30 day shred and more walking in between.

Sounds like we've got similar weights and targets.

CaseStudyResearch Mon 29-Oct-18 09:10:01

We’re pretty similar - I’m currently 74kg and 5ft 9. I’m aiming for 68kg by Christmas and then overall, to be approx. 64kg by June next year.

Mine will mainly be diet, although going to attempt some home yoga videos.

NerrSnerr Mon 29-Oct-18 09:20:56

I'll join you. Would love to lose a stone by Christmas. I'm just trying to get the last bit of weight off after having two children. I managed to lose a stone in a couple of months earlier in the year but stopped dieting. I luckily haven't put any back on.

Weight today 10st 5
Height 5ft 1

That would get my BMI back into the healthy range (and my nice jumpers would finally fit again!)

Shalll Mon 29-Oct-18 09:45:20

Great to have your company and it does seem like we all have similar targets. I feel much more motivated doing this in a group.

NerrSnerr I am totally with you on the nice jumpers, I am putting off buying new clothes in the hope that my current clothes will soon fit / look much nicer on me. Well done for keeping the stone you lost earlier in the year off!

muddledmidget sounds like you have a good base to build on given your running experience. I used to run half and full marathons, all pre DC though...

I'd be keen to hear others' food ideas / diaries as I do really struggle with variety and when stressed / busy seem to start eating crisps and other rubbish.

Breakfast is particularly hard as ideally I'd have something involving bread but this morning I had skyr (Icelandic yoghurt) with blueberries, which I will admit I didn't love but is quite filling at less than 150 calories.

One top tip someone gave me which I will also be applying is to take kids plates to the sink and put washing up liquid on them or put food away as soon as possible after they finish. I am quite prone to finishing their meals!!

RhubarbCrumbled Mon 29-Oct-18 10:22:17

Me too! I've spent the last year saying I need to lose weight and then watching it creep slowly up. I'm in the camp of letting exercise slip after being able to run 15k regularly and I'd lost all my baby weight. It's rubbish! I have nothing to wear as I'm not buying clothes and nothing fits so I have to sort this out. It would be lovely to get the nice jumpers out again!

The plan is to start exercise again (4xweek run / swim / shred), 10k steps a day and to track everything I eat. And definitely not eat the kids food!

Shalll Mon 29-Oct-18 13:20:52

Hmm my lunch has just taken me up to 992cal eaten so far today, which doesn't leave much for dinner if I am to stick to my 1200 target. Time to revisit what I have for lunch (pea soup, humous and veggie wrap, two eggs - healthy but calorific it seems).

I wonder if there is any chance of some exercise tonight after the DC go to bed...

ILiveInSalemsLot Mon 29-Oct-18 13:25:45

Can I join please? I haven’t weighed myself in a while but I want to fit back into my size 12’s which is one size down.
I’m going to try to have no snacks.
I walk quite a bit and will add 3 gym sessions.
Today, I made this for lunch which I really enjoyed.

I’m not a vegan but I’m trying to eat mostly vegan meals just because I feel better eating lots of veg and pulses.

CaseStudyResearch Mon 29-Oct-18 13:28:45

I’ve had quite a snacky lunch and on 520 calories so far. Think tea will be Spanish tortilla and a load of salad.

DH made the most gorgeous pastries at the weekend, so saving room for one of those.

brumblebee Mon 29-Oct-18 13:33:42

I'll join you. Although I need to start next Monday which (by my reckoning) gives me 7 weeks so 2 pounds a week as my target. Nothing fits so that's been. Really good incentive.

Shalll Mon 29-Oct-18 13:39:56

I like the look of that soup ILiveInSalemsLot, that looks really healthy.

What's in your snacky lunch CaseStudyResearch? I need ideas for a 200kcal dinner tonight haha. To be fair dinner is normally my smallest meal so I might be alright, wonder if I'll get away with two scrambled eggs and toast if I have a brisk walk home from work.

One of my problems is after 2-3 days of being virtuous I am usually astonished I haven't already lost a stone... and get really frustrated with weighing myself. I think Monday weigh ins (and no weighing in between) are a good idea.

CaseStudyResearch Mon 29-Oct-18 14:04:25

One slice of low carb bread with about 20g of grated mature cheddar, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and celery sticks. An apple and two easy peels.

Oh I’m exactly the same - my standard thought process is “well you’ve had a salad for lunch so you can have a Dominos tonight and be a size 8 tomorrow.”

I lost about 10-11kgs a couple of years ago and kept it all off until this summer, where I put about 4kgs of it back on. Back then, I had a lot more time to go to the gym, and also it was an incredible gym. I just can’t get the motivation to go to a rammed PureGym with barely any equipment at peak time.

HollyBen Mon 29-Oct-18 14:54:22

I am 8 hours ahead of UK so nearly bed time! My day: 2 weetabix with a banana and skimmed milk (breakfast); 20 mins Body Coach HIIT; 2 boiled eggs (I am addicted); fruit salad (apple, melon, grapes); tuna mayo sandwhich with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and pepper side salad and a handful of Doritos; a tiny teeny Crunchie; 2 marshmallows; Rosemary Connelly (remember her??) recipe leek and cougette dhansk (dinner); a few cups of tea with skimmed milk

2anddone Mon 29-Oct-18 14:58:54

I'll join in please 5'5" and 11st 3lb list 8lb so far this year but have now ground to a halt!
Rice crispiest for breakfast, ALDI healthy ready meal for lunch used about 700 calories so far.
Really want to get around 10st 10 by Christmas then lose more once the Christmas period is over!!

Boredofdieting Mon 29-Oct-18 16:31:28

I'd like to join! Currently 5'0 and 9st3 - aiming for 8st but a stone down would be great! Down 20lbs this year, but struggling for motivation now - even the thought of new clothes isn't helping. My aim is to stay under 1,000 cals a day (low I know, but given my height not unreasonable) and >15,000 steps a day, which worked well earlier this year … when it was warm / light / there were no Christmas parties coming up … erk.

Shalll Mon 29-Oct-18 17:04:58

Wow really impressed with both your weight loss so far! You can be examples to us all!

Does anyone else have a lovely but slightly unhelpful DH? Mine keeks telling me not to worry about losing weight and ordering pizza

2anddone Mon 29-Oct-18 17:23:15

Shall I am a single parent so no 'helpful' husband! I do however get really bored once dc go to bed and that's when I binge eat!
I have a Christmas party at the end of November and I would like to feel better about myself by then

WithAFaeryHandInHand Mon 29-Oct-18 18:09:33

I’ll join you too if you please!

I’m a similar weight and height to you op. I’d like to lose 10lbs by Christmas. I’ve just joined weight watchers.

Shalll Mon 29-Oct-18 18:16:31

Aaah 2anddone I'm a great boredom eater too...

I've just managed to eat a dinner (chicken and vegetable broth, delicious ) that has kept me under 1,200 for the day and I tell you I am STARVING.

Day 1 and I'm eyeing up the crisps drawer.. hope it gets easier!

Happytot Mon 29-Oct-18 18:17:42

I'd love to join too!

5ft 5in and current weight 11st 2.5. 

I have my work Xmas party 15th Dec and would love to be under 10st 10 by then. I am using MFP user name happytot and would love it if anyone wants to add me as a friend!

GandalfTheGoat Mon 29-Oct-18 18:39:03


I'm also currently using MFP and trying to slim down for xmas. Started 2 weeks ago and have lost 3lbs so far. Having my wisdom tooth out tomorrow so that will scupper me for a few days I expect.

I have been sticking to 1200 cals too but have been using my exercise cals too.

BitOutOfPractice Mon 29-Oct-18 18:44:01

Hello! Can I join in. Same height as you op and weigh pretty much the same. I'd like to be 10st 7lbs by Christmas. I'm currently doing the blood sugar diet so hopefully that'll be a good start but won't be able to sustain that for much longer. I can manage 4 weeks I think then relax a tiny bit. I'm already nearly a week in.

2anddone Mon 29-Oct-18 19:21:23

Ending the day on around 1100 calories though I now have to stay away from the snack cupboard when dc are in bed not feeling too hungry but have drank about 10 pints of water so will be up all night peeing!!

Arsenicinthesugarbowl Mon 29-Oct-18 21:57:51

shalll I’m 5 7 and weigh the same as you! It was a bit of a shock to get on the scales this morning. I too have a stone to lose but my plan is to stop eating sweets and puds (I’m a total sugar burner right now -find it hard to get full and crave chocolate) and to up my moving about! I honestly think I eat so much rubbish that even cutting a bit of it out should help grin

Shalll Mon 29-Oct-18 22:17:26

Wow 1100 calories that's impressive. Don't cut down too low though, I'm sure that's not good for you either!

Snap Arsenic. I've been horrified today on my first 'my fitness pal' day at the amount of calories I must have been consuming until
now. Therefore, surely it must be quite easy to lose some weight cutting out some of that excess?? Time will tell..

Right, my 1,200 calories and I are off to bed, and will resist the temptation to get on the scales in the morning!

SatsumaFan Mon 29-Oct-18 22:36:42

Wow, we are twins @Shalll !

Weighed myself for the first time in weeks this morning, as have been trying to focus on health, strength and happiness.

I'm 11st 8lbs, 5ft 7". You're not 37 as well are you OP?! grin

Would love to lose a stone by Christmas, as have a whole big stack of size 14 jeans/jeggings I can't get into. Have started buying size 16's again, which I told myself I would never do.

I'm listening to the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis sessions on my phone and drinking 2L water a day to start with. Will also stop finishing the kid's meals and cut right down on sweet treats.

Good luck everyone! We can do it smile

SuzeD29 Tue 30-Oct-18 07:19:54

Hi can I join? I'm 5ft 5 and 11st 10lb. Aiming for 11st for xmas but my ultimate goal is 10st.

I'm not calorie counting just cutting out snacks and exercising more. If I really need a snack then my rule is fruit not crisps and biscuits which is usually turn to 😬

I've lost 12lb so far which I'm really pleased with because this weight has been hanging around since 2014

delilahgreen Tue 30-Oct-18 08:00:41

Oh I so need to join you if that's ok.

I'm not sure of my weight, I'm guessing around the 11.7 mark. I'm just off for a shower so I will weigh myself and report back. I am 5'4 and look massive, all the weight is being carried round my middle. It's making me really miserable and I look such a mess.

It doesn't help that all the Christmas food has started to appear in the supermarkets.

delilahgreen Tue 30-Oct-18 09:03:00

I have now weighed myself and I'm 11stone 1lb. That's actually cheered me up as I guessed that I would weigh 11stone 7lb.

muddledmidget Tue 30-Oct-18 10:42:39

Day 1 didn't go quite to plan on food, meals were healthy and planned but the snacks sneaked in! But fewer than normal and at least I'm thinking about what I'm eating, i.e., 2 biscuits rather than half a pack!

Exercise went well, went to the gym, started c25k and did 15000 steps.

So thank you for holding me accountable!
Today's plan
Breakfast: crumpets and low fat spread
Lunch: jacket potato with tuna and salad
Dinner: quorn chicken sandwich and a mugshot as I'm at work 2-11pm

Exercise: 10,000 steps

Have a good day everyone xx

2anddone Tue 30-Oct-18 11:00:18

Today could be a bad day I only have 900 calories remaining of my 1200 but I am out for dinner with my mum tonight who will insist I have dessert! I will attempt to order something healthy but I know my will power will have me ordering burgers and puddings!!

Shalll Tue 30-Oct-18 11:07:56

Satsuma we do seem to be twins!! I'm still squeezing in my size 14s but it's not a great look to be honest.

delilah what a pleasant surprise! You must be thrilled!!

Good luck for tonight 2anddone restaurants are hard. I usually find a fish option that looks good if I'm trying to be healthy... but can't resist puddings..

And your exercise looks really impressive muddledmidget. Definitely a lot of calories burned there.

I resisted the temptation to weight myself this morning. Same breakfast as yesterday (Skyr with blueberries). Not sure what I'll have for lunch, I am unexpectedly without DC as they're over at friends' houses. Going to make the most of it and get on the exercise bike.

Huntlybyelection Tue 30-Oct-18 11:08:48

I will join you if that's ok?
I'm 5ft7 and 76kg. I want to lose weight, 6kg would be excellent, but most of all I want to get my core strong and lose what looks like a 6 month pregnant belly. I'm not pregnant.

Just back from a holiday and I need to get a handle on my sugar consumption. And keep going with the exercise - currently run 3 times a week and just started body pump to try and build upper body muscle. I've also bought the Bodyboss Method book (£42. Wincing at the cost but I need that motivation) to get myself toned up.

I do the 5:2 diet but over eat on days in not working so I need to take control.

Here's to losing weight and getting stronger!

RhubarbCrumbled Tue 30-Oct-18 12:03:09

I'm doing WW (again) as it's worked before, I'm just rubbish at maintenance. I've messed about with WW and various faddy diets over the last two years and really just need to go all in on one diet, ignore the rest and not worry about eating carbs / fat / the wrong veg. I got myself into a mess with eating by reading the fad diets (and I know WW is a fad) and then feeling bad about eating the wrong sort of everything and then just eating everything bad....and the spiral went on!

So, I have 23 points a day and 28 weeklies. Yesterday was 27 overall:
B: porridge with water, ff yogurt and blueberries (5)
L: turkey salad, apples, popchips and nakd bar (10)
D: Lamb stew (9)
Snacks: Milk (3)

I did my full 10k steps which is 10 fitpoints.

2anddone Tue 30-Oct-18 12:54:01

I am using my fitness pal just had butternut squash soup for lunch, with no bread. Feeling full at the moment but making Halloween biscuits with dn after lunch and hoping I can keep away from them!!

WithAFaeryHandInHand Tue 30-Oct-18 14:07:47

I’m doing WW too rhubarb. It’s changed since I did it last and I think for the better.

I’ve had to buy a few more WW friendly foods this time though, as last time I just ate whatever and logged it - more like MFP really. That’s probably why they had to change it! Why pay for WW if it’s just like MFP which is free?

Today isn’t going brilliantly. I am under the weather, the baby is poorly, the house is a mess and I just want to sleep and eat stuff.

I’m off on holiday this weekend too, but I will be trying to stick to WW if I can.

I get 28 daily points, plus 35 weekly. I don’t know why so many, except that I’m partially bfing, (ds also has some formula and solid food too). Hope I can still lose weight though. If not, maybe I’ll change my settings to disregard bfing...

Good luck resisting the cookies 2anddone! Home baking is my downfall. I hate throwing it away and Dh doesn’t really have a sweet tooth so he’s no help. Dcs are too little to put away half a cake grin.

Hope everyone’s having a better day than I am.

littlemisssmiley Tue 30-Oct-18 14:12:08

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HollyBen Tue 30-Oct-18 14:53:18

Hello all! Day 2 almost over for me (GMT +8). Pretty good day:
Breakfast: 2 weetabix with skimmed milk and sliced banana
Lunch: Jacket potato with a little butter, roast chicken and salad
Dinner: Homemade chilli with rice and a handful of doritos
Snacks: Boiled egg, fruit salad (apple, kiwi and grapes), a couple of marshmallows (making ghosts for DSs nursery haloween party tomorrow)
Excercise: 15min Body Coach HIIT 12k stepz

Boredofdieting Tue 30-Oct-18 15:43:34

Reading some good days (and good tips for ice-cream- always appreciated!), and it's exactly 8 weeks till Christmas! Even with the inevitable pre-Christmas boozings it should be possible to lose the guts of a stone … fingers crossed!

SuzeD29 Tue 30-Oct-18 16:47:59

today I had a banana and coffee for breakfast, chicken gratin salad for lunch and will be having sausage, mash, veg and Yorkshire pud for dinner. Snacks were 2 satsumas. Will probably have a Tia Maria later as it's been a stressful day with meetings. No exercise today 😬 just hasn't been time. I weigh in Monday morning

Shalll Tue 30-Oct-18 16:52:09

Goodnight Hollyben, sounds like a super healthy day!

I've had

Breakfast - Skyr and blueberries
Lunch - Veggie wrap with veggie crisps
Snack - Two apples

Also had 30 minutes exercise bike session. MFP tells me I can have 500kcal for dinner..

Had my eyebrows done today which does make me feel better about myself.

SatsumaFan Tue 30-Oct-18 18:02:01

Some super healthy days here! I've had a bit of a bad day in that I've barely moved off the sofa, and haven't drunk 2ltrs of water or listened to my hypnosis...and now I'm drinking red wine hmm

B: shreddies with fresh berries
L: brown roll with pulled pork, a little sprinkle of cheese and coleslaw, lots of salad
S: grapes, blueberries and raspberries and a can of Pepsi Max
D: Lasagne, garlic bread and salad (finished the dc's ffs)

My problem is that I have mild IBS and things like fruit, salad, veg and fizzy drinks trigger it so I'm now very windy blush Chocolate and crisps don't have this effect grin

CabotCoveMaine Tue 30-Oct-18 19:16:48

Also in, have about 5 stone to lose total but anything is a start!

I’ve just been diagnosed with PCOS though and have found it challenging to shift the weight previously. Anybody else in a similar situation? Might start with low GI...hmm

BitOutOfPractice Tue 30-Oct-18 20:57:35

Hello! Checking in >salutes the thread>

I've had a super golden halo type day.

B: yogurt and raspberries with home made granola (posh!)

L: Chinese pork balls with stir fried pak choi

D: bulgar wheat risotto with chicken and artichoke

S: chicken teriyaki biyltes.

That brings me in at 798 calories. I've run 5km and walked for half an hour too.

Can you see it? Can you see my halo shining?

SatsumaFan Tue 30-Oct-18 21:16:42

Quick! Someone hand me some sunglasses - I'm being blinded by shine on @BitOutOfPractice's halo! grin Well done! Stupendous day for you halo star

BitOutOfPractice Tue 30-Oct-18 21:26:46

I’m positively holy I tell you! DP is next to me drinking red wine. I. Must. Resist.

Shalll Tue 30-Oct-18 21:44:01

Ooh wow Bitoutofpractice that is amazing! Resist the red wine!!

It was all going so well and then I had pasta for dinner. With creamy sauce. But also with prawns and I only had a small portion, honest! Still, no halo for me 

RhubarbCrumbled Tue 30-Oct-18 22:32:40

Shalll that’s not a bad dinner - your halo’s obvs just a bit tarnished! I’ve managed to resist the wine, chocolate and ‘spare’ chips mum has been pushing tonight. She’s a feeder.

2anddone Tue 30-Oct-18 23:45:21

I survived dinner out with mum (just!) had a baked potato with roasted vegetables, Diet Coke and a mini cookie dough and ice cream.....todays total calorie intake 1375 plus over 10000 steps so not too bad a day, definitely no halo though!!

hello1233 Tue 30-Oct-18 23:51:19

I'm in. 10st 5. Aiming for 2lbs per week.

EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 31-Oct-18 02:48:57

Hello, please can I join as well? I am 5'5" and weigh 11st 6. A couple of years ago I lost weight and went down to 10st 2lbs but it's crept on again since then.

I work f/t but try to go to the gym several.times a week. So far this week I've done two spin classes and a body combat class. Then I come home and raid the fridge!

I try not to calorie count but I do follow a low carb diet. The trouble is the low carb diet allows nuts and cheese which are my weakness.

hello1233 Wed 31-Oct-18 08:13:36

Slow cooker going on with a beef stew for tea. Will have

Shalll Wed 31-Oct-18 08:28:21

2anddone that's extremely good going for a meal out.

Mm beef stew... sound delicious.

I'm on day three of the same breakfast and bored with it already...

Shalll Wed 31-Oct-18 08:30:00

On the plus side it makes completing MFP entries really quick as I just copy yesterday's meal..

BitOutOfPractice Wed 31-Oct-18 08:30:35

2anddone I think eating out is definitely the biggest challenge. I went out to a very posh restaurant and managed to avoid all sugar / carbs but I did drink wine. I enjoyed it though!

Has everyone got their loins girded for today. I have my food planned so fingers crossed my halo won't slip today

SatsumaFan Wed 31-Oct-18 10:07:15

Here's my meal plan:

B: Special K with fresh berries. Green tea.
S: Apple
L: cheese and ham wrap. Banana.
D: chicken curry and basmati rice.

I must not eat the children's trick or treat goodies! (Repeats to oneself over and over).

RhubarbCrumbled Wed 31-Oct-18 10:25:23

I must not eat all the chocolate. Or any. Because one tiny chocolate leads to eating all the chocolate.

Yesterday was an ok day again:
B: Porridge, blueberries and yogurt, milk (8)
L: Salad, chicken pesto pasta, satsumas, nakd bar (13)
D: Gammon, chips, egg, pineapple, cabbage (9)

10k steps done too. It's never a great week when mum comes to visit!

hello1233 Wed 31-Oct-18 10:38:44

Beef stew is on. We usually get a kebab after trick or treating! The kids are gonna be gutted

ILiveInSalemsLot Wed 31-Oct-18 10:43:17

Ok I’m now ready! It took me a day or so to adjust mentally as I need to give up bread. I don’t know why I eat it when I know it’s a trigger food for me (because it tastes so good!)
Anyway, bye bye bread.

I’ve got lots of veg, brown rice, lentils and other good stuff so no excuses.

I’m combining this with 16.8 so I’m not eating til 12. I’ll have porridge with fruit, lentil soup mid afternoon and dinner is mushroom and spinach curry with rice.

Shalll Wed 31-Oct-18 12:11:25

Oh goodness Halloween...

At least I am safe until 6pm while I am at work, but there's a high risk of chocolate between 6pm and bedtime. It's the home baked goodies that always get me, especially as the DC have usually made such an effort so you have to taste it all!

2anddone Wed 31-Oct-18 12:30:10

Same breakfast as the last 3 days and soup for lunch. All going really well then I may have accidentally ordered a luxury hot chocolate complete with cream and marshmallows at a cafe!! Now I only have 300 calories for the rest of the day .
I am weighing in Saturday morning as in my head it doesn't matter if I am naughty at the weekend I can try to make it up during the week....or is that cheating?

HollyBen Wed 31-Oct-18 14:02:39

I think Saturday morning is a good time to weigh in. It maximises the time you have to recover from the weekends over indulgence!!

A decent day here.
Breakfast: 2 weetabix, chopped banana, skimmed milk
Lunch: Baked potato with a little butter, roast chicken and side salad
Dinner: Pork stir fry with noodles
Snacks: Grapes, apple, boiled egg and some indian sweets given to me by a school mum (VERY sweet, but only had little bites)
Excercise: Over 11k steps

SuzeD29 Wed 31-Oct-18 15:55:53

Today- breakfast Kiwi, bran flakes and milk. Lunch Crumpet with butter, satsuma. Dinner will be Roast chicken with mash, veg, stuffing and gravy. 4K jog this morning

Shalll Wed 31-Oct-18 17:02:57

Chilli veggie soup for lunch today, plus two boiled eggs for snack. It was tasty but I'm about to chew off my own arm..

On the plus side I am feeling very slim which has to count for something!

BitOutOfPractice Wed 31-Oct-18 17:23:37

I am also STAAAAAAAARVING and don't eat till late as bf is going to the gym. I may LTB Or eat toast while he's gone.

BitOutOfPractice Wed 31-Oct-18 17:24:17

Oh Shalll I love that skinny feeling when you're hungry

2anddone Wed 31-Oct-18 20:40:22

Back from trick or treating with the dc I have NO willpower!! Chocolate, sweets, general sugary crap all gone in my mouth!! Today is a right off 😫

Shalll Wed 31-Oct-18 21:00:52

No worries it's a one off! Tomorrow's another day.

I've still not had dinner and it's 9pm... it's really bad to be eating so late but I've had my hands full since I got home... soup for dinner I think.

BitOutOfPractice Wed 31-Oct-18 21:50:06

Oh I am insufferably smug. 2nd golden halo day in a row. 833 calories, 5km run, no booze <strums harp>

peachpearplum01 Wed 31-Oct-18 21:53:34

Hi, I’d like to join - I’ve got 10lb to lose but it’s the same 10lb I’ve been trying to lose since even before kids! I’ve lost 2-3 stones after each child but just want to shift this last pesky bit of weight and think if I dont do it now I never will.
Will be doing 1300 cals on MyFitnessPal and aim to run twice a week.
My deadline is 21 December and will then have to try not to put it all on again over Xmas!!

Autumnowls Wed 31-Oct-18 22:04:12

Would also love to join. I’m 5ft and 9stone 2 (same as another poster). Youngest is 5years old - been trying to lose the baby weight unsuccessfully. My problem is I get STARVING. Would love to be in this together with you all - if I don’t eat my iPhone!! 😉

HollyBen Thu 01-Nov-18 05:38:00

Bitoutofpractice wow! A 5k run on only 833 calories. Are you not ravenous? I'd probably chew my own arm off grin

RhubarbCrumbled Thu 01-Nov-18 05:59:37

I managed not to fall face first into the sweets and I even turned down the grown ups doughnuts one house handed out! Off out for a shuffle now. It’s the first one in about two years. For various reasons I stopped exercising completely after finishing a triathlon and 10k runs! Back to the very beginning of c25k....

Shalll Thu 01-Nov-18 07:35:55

I'm impressed with the running going on on this thread. Early morning ones even!

Hello to new joiners. Peachpearplum that's great that you managed to lose all the baby weight!!!

Early start for me today and I'm having breakfast on the go, not sure what I will buy yet. No breakfast pastry definitely!

This weekend is when things will get really challenging. Weekends are hard anyway but we have guests as well and for some reason I never want people to know I'm dieting so will be a balancing act..

helenb706 Thu 01-Nov-18 07:54:26

Hi - please can I join as bits of everyone's stories apply to me. Never had a problem losing weight after kids before and keeping it off but going through the menopause, working from home, too much white wine and husband who says not to worry mean that I am now a stone heavier than where I want to be. I know I am not massive - 9 Stones 7 lbs but can't get into my clothes and don't want to go out, which feeds into the snacking to make myself feel better.

Dusted off the fitbit, renewed gym membership and it is the 1st of the month so no excuses. One of the problems with this is that we all say 1 stone for Xmas but of course there are many functions in the run up to Xmas which provide temptation. I have something most weekends so have decided to try to be good but be mega -good the rest of the week so that I don't throw in the towel on a weekly basis.

BitOutOfPractice Thu 01-Nov-18 08:00:36

Yes HollyBen I was hungry yesterday but dinner was MASSIVE to make up for it. The 5km run was a HIIT running class so it was extra hard - running up a 14% incline at one point.

So, I am being beyond golden and yet the scales have stopped moving. I'm feeling a little disheartened this morning

Shalll Thu 01-Nov-18 09:34:00

Don't weigh yourself every day though Bitoutofpractice!

In case useful, I discovered Pret do a very tasty beans / veggies / poached egg pot which I had for breakfast. 270cal

2anddone Thu 01-Nov-18 10:05:51

I am the same as you shall I never like people to know I am dieting especially as I had a family member with an eating disorder so people (my mother) get majorly jumpy if they hear I am dieting!! Resisted temptation to stand on the scales this morning, not sure how I will have done Saturday morning but must remind myself it won't have been a full week! Anyone else feel like they are constantly peeing with the extra water and salad you are eating/drinking??

RhubarbCrumbled Thu 01-Nov-18 10:23:23

2and I feel like I'm never out of the loo!

Running went so well this morning that I'm planning on another tomorrow. It was W1D1 so more walking than running but I went out there and did it!

Quick update on food yesterday:
B: Porridge, blueberries, yogurt, milk (8)
L: Chicken pesto pasta, salad, fruit nakd bar (9)
D: Lamb stew (9)

And no Halloween chocolate! Polishing ma halo!

SatsumaFan Thu 01-Nov-18 11:19:25

Well done all! I am only going to weigh in on a Monday morning, and not get despondent if nothing has changed in 7 days. Will measure real progress after a month. Which reminds me - I must take my measurements, as find it incentivising if the scales don't move but I've lost an inch somewhere.

Yesterday wasn't too bad, but I did have two fun size choc treats. Still waaasy better than I have been lately! I'm pre-menstrual so constantly hungry, esp at night. Had some full-fat plain Greek yoghurt at 9pm last night and still woke ravenous at 3am (didn't go downstairs and have cereal tho - hurrah).

Hope everyone is having a good day! Am envious of those able to eat beans, lentils, fruit and veggies without having tummy troubles.

SatsumaFan Thu 01-Nov-18 11:19:55

Oh and yes yes to constantly peeing!

Autumnowls Thu 01-Nov-18 12:35:48

Well done SatsumaFan for resisting the 3am cereal! I know that temptation well.

Good luck to everyone for lunch. It’s 12:30 and I’m so hungry. One boiled egg and salad didn’t touch the sides. My kids chocolate stash is calling me.

Must resist... really want to fit some sweaters and trousers not worn for 5 years!!

RhubarbCrumbled Thu 01-Nov-18 12:48:13

Resist Autumn resist! Have something else, but a healthy something else. It's better than caving to chocolate.

Satsuma you've reminded me I need a starting photo and measurements too.

I just realised that I never put my stats down:
Height: 5'1''
Weight: 10st 4lb

Shalll Thu 01-Nov-18 13:50:45

Taking measurements is a very good point. I'll do the same. Something to cheer us up, hopefully, in weeks when the scales don't move.

I've just had carrot soup and two boiled eggs for lunch. Feeling extremely virtuous. Will probably have soup for dinner too. I'll turn into a liquid soon!!

SatsumaFan Thu 01-Nov-18 14:01:03

B:Special K
S: banana
L: two poached eggs on one piece of toast and one slice of ham. Smattering of grated cheese.

One fun size Milky Way, Twix and bag of Maltesers ! angry I was flipping starving after a 1hr 15min Pilates class and the lunch didn't touch the sides. Feeling a bit down so had a cuppa and the chocolate after. Grr.

HollyBen Thu 01-Nov-18 14:12:17

I have been quite hungry today. I need to take my measurements too. The weekends are a big issue for me. Hoping I can curb it a bit to make it a loss overall...
Day 4
Breakfast - 2 weetabix, sliced banana and skimmed milk
Lunch - beans on whomeal toast, fruit salad (kiwi, grapes and apple)
Dinner - roast chicken, rice, peas and swetcorn
Snacks - grapes, melon, boiled egg, treat size snickers (gifted to me by my 3yo DS smile)
Excercise - 25 mins Body Coach HIIT, over 11k step

GreenFieldsofFrance Thu 01-Nov-18 17:06:13

I'm in. 10st 8 last week, down to 10st 4 so far. Want to be at around 9st 10 for Christmas. Using MFP but eating exercise calories (very little!)

Breakfast; 2 cups of coffee

Lunch: Thai chicken cup a soup with added croutons, weight watchers yoghurt x 2

Dinner: Baked aubergine topped with 2 fresh tomatoes and a whole reduced fat mozzarella and some fresh basil.

Snacks : packet of walkers French fries

Drinks : large glass of red, orange squash

That is all around 1,200 calories.

Am not long until make the dinner and am very hungry!

SuzeD29 Thu 01-Nov-18 17:12:53

I've had for lunch roast chicken and pancetta bake with salad, snack was satsuma and some marshmallows, dinner is chicken and veg soup with bread and butter. Did 30 mins of yoga this morning

Summer70 Thu 01-Nov-18 18:32:45

Please can I join? Similar story, age 48, 11.3 stone, 5 foot 6. This is the heaviest I’ve been & I’ve put on a stone in last couple of years. I’ve lost all sense with food & eat crisps & have a couple of glasses wine most nights. Also been making lovely puddings & jams etc & enjoying them far too much!
But I look fat now & have almost nothing to fit so finally feel vaguely motivated & I’m hoping you girls can keep me going! I hope to be 10.7 by Xmas which may mean my size 12s are a possibility again! Good luck everyone.

Dontfeellikeaskeleton Thu 01-Nov-18 18:53:32

Lurking like a loser so think I'll join you guys, especially as lots of you are posting their food diaries which I find helpful and makes me accountable.

A stone by Christmas is a good target as I know I'll stuff my face over the holiday period so losing a stone would enable me to eat more!

Here's my food for the day :
English muffin and peanut butter
Two scrambled eggs

Loads of water
loads of coffee

Cottage cheese, yuck
2 apples

Small portion chicken casserole
diet Pepsi

more water

Dinner will be cod in Tom sauce with spinach and butternut squash

No wine as had too much last night and paid for it today 😒

Dontfeellikeaskeleton Thu 01-Nov-18 19:00:31

Here's my stats : 5'5, I'm around 10 stone. Want to be at least 9 stone 7 by Christmas.

What works for me is lower carb, especially avoiding pasta.

oatmilk4breakfast Thu 01-Nov-18 19:28:45

I’ll join in - well done you all! And thanks for starting thread ShallI...I’m 5ft 3ish and 67k which is I think 10.5 or 6. Only thing that is going to work for me if anything is no sugar. Less pasta. Non full fat milk. No eating DS food after finished. Anyone do 5:2? How do you keep calories low on the 2 days?

Shalll Thu 01-Nov-18 21:31:27

I am loving the food diaries. My favourite entry so far is "cottage cheese, yuck" which I will not be adding to my snack list Dontfeellikeaskeleton!!! 

I had tomato soup for dinner with, randomly, two leftover poppadoms..

I am now considering going to bed just to stop myself from eating anything else. Bring on Monday, surely I must have lost a stone already! 

Shalll Thu 01-Nov-18 21:33:07

My emoticons aren't working by the way do you are all missing out on lots of smileys which I keep trying to insert..

BitOutOfPractice Thu 01-Nov-18 22:22:27

Hello to you all, team halo.

Today my fellow angels, I faced the ultimate challenge. The lunch buffet!  well I am pleased and proud to tell you that I conquered it! No carbs passed my lips. I swerved dessert. My reward will surely come

Shalll Fri 02-Nov-18 07:35:56

Measurements 38 (bust), 34( waist), 42 (hips). That waist needs to reduce!!

Happytot Fri 02-Nov-18 08:02:45

Hi all!

I have been unable to post the last week and life a little crazy here at the min.

Today is my weigh in day and down 1.5lbs. So now 11st 1lb. Would love to get to 10 10 by the end Of this month. I have been back on MFP the past 3 weeks and down 8.5lbs so delighted with myself!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!! 😀

Shalll Fri 02-Nov-18 09:03:30

Oh wow Happytot that's amazing!! Example to us all

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