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to start skipping breakfast any tips?

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oopsadaisy77 Sun 28-Oct-18 08:12:38

Im going to start trying to skip breakfast because i start eating then find it hard to stop. Any tips?my mood is low in the am...

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prettybird Sun 28-Oct-18 09:18:20

Pop across to the current MN BootCamp thread in the Mumsnet Boot-Camp topic. Although we're just going into Week 3, there are newbies starting all the time (all they have to do is read the Rules in the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness and follow the strict first 2 weeks).

It's great for support and many of us have found that a High Fat Low Carb (HFLC) Way of Eating has helped with depression and comfort eating smile - not least because the results motivate us wink

....although you'd have to delay skipping breakfast for at least 2 weeks wink, many of us then find that HFLC helps us with 16:8 eating patterns as the fat and fat burning keeps you satiated and not hungry.

Sorry that you're feeling down flowers

oopsadaisy77 Sun 28-Oct-18 09:59:59

This is really exciting! Thank you i will join! Maybe there is hope. I’m really interested in effect on depression too (I only have mild depression fortunately that clears on the evening but would be amazing if diet helped).

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Keeponwalking Sun 28-Oct-18 13:26:20

I was exactly the same, if I ate breakfast, that was it, I was eating all day. I started eating high fat, very low carb a week ago and I can't believe it, I am not feeling hungry. Not only that, im not craving sweets, carbs etc and I don't feel like junk even though the carb cupboard still hasn't been cleared out. I'd definitely second advice to eat high fat/low carb. It's the opposite to how I've eaten for years and already I'm feeling so much better. smile

oopsadaisy77 Sun 28-Oct-18 13:40:40

Really encouraging thank you. I appear to be coming down with a cold and wonder if that’s been adding to my increased appetite low mood. I would love to just lessen that desire to feel satiated- thanks for sharing and good luck with your journey sounds like you’ve made excellent progress!

Are you not having breakfast? If so is this a recent thing? Have you lost weight/maintained?

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Keeponwalking Sun 28-Oct-18 14:03:34

I tried to avoid breakfast for years I think I was trying to save calories? Then I'd eat low fat and not much real food to maintain or try and lose weight. The result was pretty miserable especially as it resulted in a weekly pigout and lots of guilt feelings afterwards.

Now if I have a good high fat low carb meal around 4 or 5pm (I'm reading a lot of keto meal ideas) then I'm not even hungry until 10ish the next morning when I have a high fat/low carb meal. So I'm finding I'm naturally eating two meals a day. I feel this way of eating takes a bit more effort than grabbing a brioche or 3 when hungry but it's so worth it for how much better I feel. Regarding weight my tummy is so much flatter and I've lost weight but I have read that it's water at first because your body no longer retains so much fluid when you stop eating carbs. I watched "The Magic Pill" on Netflix which was really interesting and made me think about what I was eating more.

Clueless20something Mon 29-Oct-18 22:40:14

I wouldn't recommend skipping breakfast
... I used to do that and it made me feel hungrier and just want to binge. Everyone is different but for me, I now have a bowl of porridge at work when I'm actually a bit hungry and that can keep me going until about 2 and then don't have to eat again until the next day or late in the evening

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