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Starting today (not tomorrow) - three stone to go!

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HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 07:50:19

Does anyone want to join me? I'm heavier than I've ever been and need to sort it. Not following a particular plan as I never stick to them. Am hoping chatting here will keep me on track.

Snacking is my biggest downfall!

Will weigh in shortly but am around the 13 stone mark.

HettyPain Mon 29-Oct-18 11:41:02

Starting weights - weigh in date 28/29 October

Hettypain: 81.5kg

jaimebravo: <tbc>

SausageSimon: 13 and a half stone

Radiator23: a bit over 13 stone

agteacht: 10 stone 12

RubySlippers77: <3 stone to go>

kitty1013: 11 stone 12

GroovieGazelloo: 81kg

BevBrook: <tbc>

Frosty66611: just over 12 stone

CantWaitToRetire: <good 3 stone to lose>

ILuvBirdsEye: <3 stones to lose>

If I've missed anyone I'm really sorry, let me know. And if anyone else wants to join just post! grin

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 12:25:43

Thanks a lot for summarising our goals Hetty. Thanks also for the offer of extra support if I need. That's very kind of you.

Over the week I'd like to go through the steps I'm taking to make changes. I'm doing this alone - no weight watchers, no nothing else. So, talking things through here, I hope I'll feel less lonely with it all.

This morning, after I'd gone into the details about what habits I want to change this week, I went and bought loads of different soups. I bought a few tins of veg too and some fruit.

Because I'm out of the habit of cooking and am very busy, plus also work partly at home, I often just eat whatever's available or go without and end up ravenous. Then I can eat silly stuff or just too much. So, it seems that soups can help me a lot. They're quick, filling and warm. And I like them.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the day. Thinking about you all. 

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 12:34:54

Oh yes. I do have a goal too. I have some friends that I saw a week ago and I said I'd like to lose weight. I'm seeing them again in 4 weeks time and I'd like them to notice a difference. If I lose 5kg then I think they will notice .

That said I don't want it to be at the expense of losing my emotional or psychological balance. So I'll be really careful about not going mad and overeating. That's how I need to be careful and kind to myself.And if I get in a tizwoz, well I'll need to calm down and then start back gently. 

Frosty66611 Mon 29-Oct-18 12:43:23

My DP and I are going on our first holiday abroad together next year and I want to feel good about myself when on the beach. Not looking to get really skinny or anything like that - would just like to feel healthy and a bit more toned.
Do any of you do much exercise or are you mainly focusing on diet to lose weight? I walk quite a lot but don’t do anything else. My friend does workouts at home on YouTube so I might try some of those as don’t want to join a gym

BevBrook Mon 29-Oct-18 12:46:05

Aw, thanks Hetty. I'm hopefully going to the gym tomorrow so I can get my proper weight then.

Soup is a good idea Groovie. What kind did you get, tins or cartons? I might stock up myself.

This thread is already helping me - I had a falafel and salad wrap for lunch and a/ while the falafel was warming up I was starving and nearly grabbed a bit of bread to be going on with but then had water instead and b/ I was still hungry after the wrap and would have had cake out of the tin but had a banana instead.

BevBrook Mon 29-Oct-18 12:49:42

Frosty I have a gym membership but tend to only go once a week (and sometimes not at all), I am trying to up it to at least twice. In the past it has helped me in the sense of the pain it takes to do ten minutes rowing and then you find you have only burned 100 calories or whatever - it is quite an incentive not to eat those 100 extra calories in the first place!

i am also hoping to cycle on the days that I am not going to the gym - the kids school has "eco week" coming up where they encourage them to cycle to school and I will do it with them, it's about a mile and a half each way so not far but maybe if I do it every day that will be good.

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 14:06:08

I understand how you feel about wanting to feel good about yourself on the beach Frosty . When I next meet my friends there will be a beach and, who know, maybe it will be sunny enough to get into shorts. Last time I went there some people were in bikinis - mine was at home. 😉

Thanks for your response about soup Bev. I bought cartons. I’ve just got back from the shops and had 1/2 q carton of tomato and mozzarella soup. It was delicious. I’ve saved the other half for this evening when I’m waiting for DH to start cooking. 😊

This thread is helping me too. I’m enjoying reading you. And I am also enjoying working out with you how I’m wanting to go about things.

Well done on your wise choices at dinnertime Bev. I’ve just finished my late lunch with a big bowl of fruit mixed with and a plain yoghurt. I loved it. And I’m feeling quite satisfied too. Fingers crossed for tonight- needing to remain vigilant! 😅

ARoomSomewhere Mon 29-Oct-18 14:19:52

Can i join pls? I have 3st to lose too.

I have lost quite a bit already cutting carbs, cake crisps etc.
I eat protein but dont drink enough water or eat enough greens.
I'm anaemic so that doesnt help.

I agree about soup - endless variety, filling, warming, nourishing.
I am good about eating 3 pieces of whole fruit a day.
But bad at water and salad.

ILuvBirdsEye Mon 29-Oct-18 14:35:44

Thanks!! I am 75kgs/11.8 stones. I would like to lose 3 stones - but 2.5 is good too!
Loving the soup ideas. I go for a salad for lunch but lately am constantly overeating.

Thebluedog Mon 29-Oct-18 14:39:41

Can I join too please. I’m at my heaviest I’ve ever been, put on 3 stone in the last couple of years, I’d be happy with a 2 stone loss tbh.

I can be really good during the day but I’m absolutely appalling in the evenings. I do like an evening tipple but can (and will) demolish sweets or chocolate sat watching the telly. I bought a Halloween bag if sweeets on Saturday and finished them
Off last night blush

I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning.

RubySlippers77 Mon 29-Oct-18 14:42:09

BevBrook your comments about MFP made me grin I think the same about me and the WW app! My local coach (or whatever they're calling them now it's all changed) is lovely, she's the only reason I haven't cancelled my subscription long ago - I know when I'm ready to go back she'll be great.

I've never got on with MFP as it simply wouldn't link to my Fitbit and neither company was helpful about getting it to work. But I hear good things from people who do track, I might have another look.

Room are you taking any sort of iron supplement? I take ferrous fumarate ever since I had the DC (three years ago) and many blood transfusions. If I don't take it, I end up feeling much more rubbish; I have heavy periods too which doesn't help!

I'm 13st 4.5lb Hetty and aiming to be 10st 3lb. I remember going to a wedding when I was 10st 4lb and feeling a bit podgy. What wouldn't I give to be in that position now?! Anyhow, thank you for the summary and I'll weigh in again next Monday! Should be motivation to stay away from the cake at the weekend....

ARoomSomewhere Mon 29-Oct-18 15:01:58

Ruby yes I take that but it makes me very constipated (hence need for more water!)
I get vit B12 shots every 3 months and D too as i was very very low?

Still knackered though!

Good tip for choc / sweets - buy small portions?
I like Aldi bitter choc (85%). I buy the pack with 5 small bars.
One is enough of an evening (and i used to eat the whole thing!)

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 18:42:03

Thinking about you you all as the evening starts. ( Hello to people that have just joined).

May The Force Be With You all this evening ( and Also with Me too )

Thebluedog Mon 29-Oct-18 20:27:07

So I’ve managed to only (?) eat two chocolate biscuits tonight, but I did have a rather large Yorkshire pudding with my beef stew. But it’s the late night snacking I’m trying to stop, so 2 biscuits is small change so I’m happy.

HettyPain Mon 29-Oct-18 20:54:33

Good to see some new joiners. I'll update the post with everyone's weights tomorrow (when I've figured out if I can edit a post!).

I've been v impressed with myself today. No carbs or snacks all day until a bit of a great this evening - Hippeas. They're gorgeous, basically puffed chickpeas that taste better than crisps but are much better for you.

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 20:58:50

Bluedog and Hetty, well done in cutting down on the snacks !!

I managed not to snack today too.I met up with a friend and only had a few cups of tea. Phew !!

After my vegetable soup at dinner time I had 1/2 pizza tonight and a small piece of rice pudding with no cheese after and only 2 glasses of wine .
I’ve met my goals for today and am really happy about that. Hope you’re all doing ok. 😃

PennyLaneIsInMyHeart Mon 29-Oct-18 21:03:50

I will join you! Have around 4 stone to lose. I am so sick of feeling crap about myself- it is beginning to stop me wanting to do things so I really need to motivate myself

PennyLaneIsInMyHeart Mon 29-Oct-18 21:06:30

My aim for tomorrow is:

Stick to 1400 calories
15 minutes on the cross trainer (which I haven't used in bloody ages) and to drink lots of water

Wittow Mon 29-Oct-18 21:26:38

Need to join. Debating on joining WW on their 50% off thing or even the cambridge diet to get a stone off quick.

I'm 14.8 and my lightest as an adult pre-pregnancy is 12.8 so would be happy with a good 2 stone off.

Soup and low carb/high protein/unprocessed would probably be my best bet. Bread and carbs are my downfall sad

Alexandra2018 Mon 29-Oct-18 21:46:28

I need to join in with you all!

Radiator23 Mon 29-Oct-18 21:49:03

Carbs are also my dangerfoods!

I went to weigh myself this morning and the blimmin batteries had run out, but i've had a reasonable day all the same. I had intended to go to the gym but finished work quite late. I am knackered from so much brain work (at least, that's my excuse!)

I tried WW but the hours I work make it hard to get to meetings.

Alexandra2018 Mon 29-Oct-18 21:49:57

I need to loose 3 to get back to my before kids weight (this isn't baby weight my youngest is 5)
I've got a wedding in 6 months I could
do with being slimmer for! (It's not mine!)

agteacht Mon 29-Oct-18 23:43:49

Great that so many people had a good day. We can do it ladies!

A good day for me too and came in just above my 1200 MFP calorie goal.
Even had some yum ice cream called halo top - anyone seen this? 1/4 tub was 90 cals and nicer than Ben and Jerry's! On offer in Sainsburys so will stock up this weekend 😂

I'm an obsessive weigher when I'm on a mission like this so will probably weigh every day. It's when I don't weigh that my weight starts creeping up again. But do we have an official WI day?

Frosty66611 Tue 30-Oct-18 08:03:55

I weigh myself everyday too but have noticed a pattern where I gain a few pounds around ovulation and just before my period too (I get really bad bloating from water retention). As soon as those times are over I then drop a few pounds again.
My doctor told me that we should never feel “full” once we have eaten. That means we have stretched the stomach and over eaten by quite a lot if we get that stuffed feeling. At my biggest I used to eat most evenings until I had to undo my jeans and lie down. I never felt satisfied otherwise. It’s been hard work trying to retrain my brain to stop eating before I feel full. For me personally I find eating little and often has really helped as if I just stick to 3 meals a day spaced out then my blood sugars sometimes start to drop a bit between meals and i’ll be more inclined to crave unhealthy snacks.

Thebluedog Tue 30-Oct-18 08:36:36

Weighed myself today . 12st 3lbs slightly better than I expected as the battery on my scales ran out and I’ve not replaced it for weeks. It’s atill exactly 3 stone heavier than I was 2.5 years ago. I was 9st 3lbs for about 5 years and then all of a sudden I got into some really bad habits and it’s piled on. Time for action grin

My weight actually drops by about 3lb a week before my period so I’m hoping to god i don’t come on next week. The menopause means I have no idea when I’m die on

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