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Starting today (not tomorrow) - three stone to go!

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HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 07:50:19

Does anyone want to join me? I'm heavier than I've ever been and need to sort it. Not following a particular plan as I never stick to them. Am hoping chatting here will keep me on track.

Snacking is my biggest downfall!

Will weigh in shortly but am around the 13 stone mark.

jaimebravo Sun 28-Oct-18 08:03:51

Yes please, it's my 40th in January and I would love to lose weight for that, ideally 2 stone in the long run.
Snacking is also a big problem for me too, it's ridiculous i do it out of boredom not hunger😞

HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 08:11:54

Snap! I'm not hungry when I snack. Just bored or trying to take my mind off something else.

Thanks for joining me :-)

SausageSimon Sun 28-Oct-18 08:36:33

Sound similar to you OP, eating for the sake of it. 3 stone to lose and I'm 13 and a half stone.

My 'usual' weight was always 11 and a half but I'd be extremely happy at 10 and a half. I think that weight would suit me IYSWIM

What really worked for me was having porridge for breakfast, an evening meal type meal at lunch where I had my carbs and filled up, maybe a small chocolate bar or treat. Then no carbs in my evening meal and just a little bit of fruit on an evening if I needed a snack

Just can't seem to find the motivation to start again! I got down to 11 stone doing that so I know I can do it when I put my mind to it!

HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 09:24:16

Ah Sausage we are very similar. I've just weighed in at 81.5kg - about 12 stone 8. I'm happy at a bit over 10 stone. Everyone tells me I need to cut out the carbs. I'm going to cut them right down and see what happens. Would like for my clothes to fit me comfortably before Christmas, then I can look at slimming down properly!

Radiator23 Sun 28-Oct-18 11:04:15

I'll join you. I am a bit over 13 and need to lose 3.

HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 16:57:50

Great. Hope you've all had a good start. I've managed to avoid the snacks so far, which I'm quite impressed with!

agteacht Sun 28-Oct-18 21:00:41

I will join too if that's okay 😊

I need to lose some weight as trying to conceive. Am 10st 12lb and usually hover around 10st2.... 10lb has crept up from nowhere! So need to see that gone by Christmas!

Have been calorie counting via MFP yesterday and today, just need to keep motivation up somehow...

billysboy Sun 28-Oct-18 21:02:09

count me in please

HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 22:08:36

Brilliant, the more the merrier! I have a feeling this thread will help me as I'm going to feel much more accountable for what I'm eating. I've got through the whole day without a packets of crisps, this hasn't happened for at least 3 months!

alfiesmam Sun 28-Oct-18 22:12:40

I’ll join ! Weight watchers is the only thing that works for me even then I always leave after a few months . 40 next April woujd love to be 2-3 stone down

I’d say I’m near 14stone now , 5’5 wear size 16 which are getting tighter by the day

agteacht Sun 28-Oct-18 23:45:13

Well done on the crisps (lack of) Hetty!

I was thinking of rejoining weightwatchers, Alfiesmam, as also has success there before many years ago. But then decided weightwatchers probably just calorie control and self-discipline, whether I have that enough on my own though is another question 😬👍

RubySlippers77 Mon 29-Oct-18 00:23:46

I'm with you smile have tried losing a bit of weight this year but have had such a terrible year health-wise that really have got nowhere. I do do a lot of walking/ chasing after two toddlers but eat far too much cake to compensate confused

Will weigh in tomorrow morning. Expect shrieks of anguish!

kitty1013 Mon 29-Oct-18 00:40:09

Please can I join you. I need to lose weight after recently having a baby. I am 11st 12, would like to get down to 9, but in the short term would like to get down to 11 by Xmas, ..or at least nearer to 11!!

I've rejoined weight watchers online (just as an easy way of calorie counting) and aim to run at least twice a week, 3 times if possible.

My downfall is eating biscuits while I breastfeed on the basis "I need the calories "- when actually I don't need that many calories!! . I've put on weight since the baby was born!!

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 01:21:41

I'd like to join in too. I'm 81kgs and can't find the motivation to shift any weight. I used to have an eating disorder so I need to be careful about not getting caught up in that.

I want to cut down and stay down so I need to find some new, long lasting habits.

This week I'll :
- cut down on snacking
- have no more than two glasses of wine in the evening during the week
- have no more than 4 glasses of alcohol on weekend days
- have more vegetables
- have only 1 small piece of bread and cheese in the evening or at weekends after my meal.

I hope that I can shift some weight this week that way. Fingers crossed that it will work. Depending on if it does or doesn't I'll make another commitment for the week after.

One day at a time though. Here goes. Looking forward to working with you all. 

keiratwiceknightly Mon 29-Oct-18 01:56:54

Me too. I'm 11st8 or thereabouts and really want to lose 1-1.5stones. Trouble is I am 45 and losing gets harder every year!

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 06:55:37

Hello again,
Because I'm wanting to change my habits around food I'd like to start of posting about my daily progress.
Some of the things I'd like to write about will be about creating new habits for myself. I hope that will be ok with you.

The first habit I want to change is overeating in an evening. My husband usually cooks the evening meal and it's always very late so I can get really hungry. Also, he always asks me if I want a drink beforehand. I live in France and it's quite common to have alcohol with our meal and even before as an aperitif.

This evening, I'll have some soup ready so that I don't get over hungry and I'll have to see what I else can have when he offers me a drink...

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 08:04:04

I'm 81.4kg this morning and hoping to be down 1 kg next week.

RubySlippers77 Mon 29-Oct-18 08:05:03

Weighed in and three stone to go for me as well Hetty. Sigh! I'm back where I was at the beginning of the year (before making a big weight loss effort, then getting ill) and a stone more than the first time I dared to weigh myself after I had the DC...

Half term here so tricky to make any big changes, but I'll try to do a healthy online shop later, avoid trekking round the shops with two bored toddlers!

BevBrook Mon 29-Oct-18 08:16:03

Oh hello, can I join you please? I have been avoiding weighing myself for months but just went to do it inspired by this thread and am 12 stone at 5 foot five, I’d like to get back to ten. At least I would like to get back to size 14, am 16 at the moment. I have had a few niggling health problems which I think might get better if I was slimmer.

I need to weigh myself properly in kilograms at the gym, which I don’t go to enough. I also need to stop having dessert, stop snacking on chocolate and cheese in the evenings and stop having seconds. It seems so easy written down and I can’t understand why I can’t stop. I haven’t been on a thread like this before. I’m going to start using My Fitness Pal today. Good luck to everyone!

Frosty66611 Mon 29-Oct-18 08:22:43

I’d like to join. I’m 5ft 6 and weigh just over 12 stone and a size 14. Would like to lose 2 stone and get back to a size 10/12. (I was almost 15 stone a couple of years ago and a size 18).
I’m calorie counting with MYFP and it’s helped me to lose weight but I don’t always stick to it and my progress has really slowed down now.

CantWaitToRetire Mon 29-Oct-18 09:04:49

I'll join if I may. I've been following Slimming World since April and have lost 2.5 stone so far, but I still have a good 3st to lose and I've plateaued a bit. I work from home so I find it far too easy to raid the kitchen, and I'm not even hungry half the time. Also I don't move around enough which is something I need to address. I think joining in here will motivate me to do better.

ILuvBirdsEye Mon 29-Oct-18 09:14:12

Hi, can I join you? I have 3 stones to lose. Have been yo-yoing for a while in a half hearted way and I really need to get serious about it.

BevBrook Mon 29-Oct-18 09:56:09

Have been yo-yoing for a while in a half hearted way and I really need to get serious about it.

Me too. I am actually worried about telling My Fitness Pal what I currently weigh because I imagine it sighing superciliously and going "Again?!" It actually won't let me log in at the moment, I think it's gone NC.

HettyPain Mon 29-Oct-18 11:16:07

So happy to have so many people join. We can do this!

I've been on and off weightwatchers for years but have decided this time I've got to do it by myself (I was very depressed the last time I logged my weight on there, I almost wish it had gone NC with me Bev!). The same with MyFitnessPal! There's a good Groupon deal if anyone's serious about joining WW though.

To try to keep everyone on track I'll do a weekly post showing everyone's progress. I'll do it on a Monday evening. If anyone wants to provide more precise weights do, otherwise I'll put in what you've already said.

Groovie - do be careful and let us know if you need extra support too.

Kittie - make sure you eat enough for the breastfeeding, I'm sure the odd treat will be fine smile

Cantwait - well done on an amazing weight loss so far. I've only heard good things about Slimming World.

Frosty - you've done brilliantly too. For some reason I feel it takes more dedication when you're only using MFP. Hopefully this thread will help you shift the last little bit.

Great that some people have got targets to work towards, 40th birthdays are a brilliant target. Does anyone else have anything special they're wanting to lose weight for? I'm all about sorting myself out once and for all. I'm fed up of yoyoing. Have also had a period of really rubbish health Ruby, but am now on the up, so it's the right time for me to start.

OK, my next post will be a rundown of our first weigh-ins. Good luck everyone. And make sure you let us know how you're doing throughout the week, even if you have a blip.

HettyPain Mon 29-Oct-18 11:41:02

Starting weights - weigh in date 28/29 October

Hettypain: 81.5kg

jaimebravo: <tbc>

SausageSimon: 13 and a half stone

Radiator23: a bit over 13 stone

agteacht: 10 stone 12

RubySlippers77: <3 stone to go>

kitty1013: 11 stone 12

GroovieGazelloo: 81kg

BevBrook: <tbc>

Frosty66611: just over 12 stone

CantWaitToRetire: <good 3 stone to lose>

ILuvBirdsEye: <3 stones to lose>

If I've missed anyone I'm really sorry, let me know. And if anyone else wants to join just post! grin

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 12:25:43

Thanks a lot for summarising our goals Hetty. Thanks also for the offer of extra support if I need. That's very kind of you.

Over the week I'd like to go through the steps I'm taking to make changes. I'm doing this alone - no weight watchers, no nothing else. So, talking things through here, I hope I'll feel less lonely with it all.

This morning, after I'd gone into the details about what habits I want to change this week, I went and bought loads of different soups. I bought a few tins of veg too and some fruit.

Because I'm out of the habit of cooking and am very busy, plus also work partly at home, I often just eat whatever's available or go without and end up ravenous. Then I can eat silly stuff or just too much. So, it seems that soups can help me a lot. They're quick, filling and warm. And I like them.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the day. Thinking about you all. 

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 12:34:54

Oh yes. I do have a goal too. I have some friends that I saw a week ago and I said I'd like to lose weight. I'm seeing them again in 4 weeks time and I'd like them to notice a difference. If I lose 5kg then I think they will notice .

That said I don't want it to be at the expense of losing my emotional or psychological balance. So I'll be really careful about not going mad and overeating. That's how I need to be careful and kind to myself.And if I get in a tizwoz, well I'll need to calm down and then start back gently. 

Frosty66611 Mon 29-Oct-18 12:43:23

My DP and I are going on our first holiday abroad together next year and I want to feel good about myself when on the beach. Not looking to get really skinny or anything like that - would just like to feel healthy and a bit more toned.
Do any of you do much exercise or are you mainly focusing on diet to lose weight? I walk quite a lot but don’t do anything else. My friend does workouts at home on YouTube so I might try some of those as don’t want to join a gym

BevBrook Mon 29-Oct-18 12:46:05

Aw, thanks Hetty. I'm hopefully going to the gym tomorrow so I can get my proper weight then.

Soup is a good idea Groovie. What kind did you get, tins or cartons? I might stock up myself.

This thread is already helping me - I had a falafel and salad wrap for lunch and a/ while the falafel was warming up I was starving and nearly grabbed a bit of bread to be going on with but then had water instead and b/ I was still hungry after the wrap and would have had cake out of the tin but had a banana instead.

BevBrook Mon 29-Oct-18 12:49:42

Frosty I have a gym membership but tend to only go once a week (and sometimes not at all), I am trying to up it to at least twice. In the past it has helped me in the sense of the pain it takes to do ten minutes rowing and then you find you have only burned 100 calories or whatever - it is quite an incentive not to eat those 100 extra calories in the first place!

i am also hoping to cycle on the days that I am not going to the gym - the kids school has "eco week" coming up where they encourage them to cycle to school and I will do it with them, it's about a mile and a half each way so not far but maybe if I do it every day that will be good.

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 14:06:08

I understand how you feel about wanting to feel good about yourself on the beach Frosty . When I next meet my friends there will be a beach and, who know, maybe it will be sunny enough to get into shorts. Last time I went there some people were in bikinis - mine was at home. 😉

Thanks for your response about soup Bev. I bought cartons. I’ve just got back from the shops and had 1/2 q carton of tomato and mozzarella soup. It was delicious. I’ve saved the other half for this evening when I’m waiting for DH to start cooking. 😊

This thread is helping me too. I’m enjoying reading you. And I am also enjoying working out with you how I’m wanting to go about things.

Well done on your wise choices at dinnertime Bev. I’ve just finished my late lunch with a big bowl of fruit mixed with and a plain yoghurt. I loved it. And I’m feeling quite satisfied too. Fingers crossed for tonight- needing to remain vigilant! 😅

ARoomSomewhere Mon 29-Oct-18 14:19:52

Can i join pls? I have 3st to lose too.

I have lost quite a bit already cutting carbs, cake crisps etc.
I eat protein but dont drink enough water or eat enough greens.
I'm anaemic so that doesnt help.

I agree about soup - endless variety, filling, warming, nourishing.
I am good about eating 3 pieces of whole fruit a day.
But bad at water and salad.

ILuvBirdsEye Mon 29-Oct-18 14:35:44

Thanks!! I am 75kgs/11.8 stones. I would like to lose 3 stones - but 2.5 is good too!
Loving the soup ideas. I go for a salad for lunch but lately am constantly overeating.

Thebluedog Mon 29-Oct-18 14:39:41

Can I join too please. I’m at my heaviest I’ve ever been, put on 3 stone in the last couple of years, I’d be happy with a 2 stone loss tbh.

I can be really good during the day but I’m absolutely appalling in the evenings. I do like an evening tipple but can (and will) demolish sweets or chocolate sat watching the telly. I bought a Halloween bag if sweeets on Saturday and finished them
Off last night blush

I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning.

RubySlippers77 Mon 29-Oct-18 14:42:09

BevBrook your comments about MFP made me grin I think the same about me and the WW app! My local coach (or whatever they're calling them now it's all changed) is lovely, she's the only reason I haven't cancelled my subscription long ago - I know when I'm ready to go back she'll be great.

I've never got on with MFP as it simply wouldn't link to my Fitbit and neither company was helpful about getting it to work. But I hear good things from people who do track, I might have another look.

Room are you taking any sort of iron supplement? I take ferrous fumarate ever since I had the DC (three years ago) and many blood transfusions. If I don't take it, I end up feeling much more rubbish; I have heavy periods too which doesn't help!

I'm 13st 4.5lb Hetty and aiming to be 10st 3lb. I remember going to a wedding when I was 10st 4lb and feeling a bit podgy. What wouldn't I give to be in that position now?! Anyhow, thank you for the summary and I'll weigh in again next Monday! Should be motivation to stay away from the cake at the weekend....

ARoomSomewhere Mon 29-Oct-18 15:01:58

Ruby yes I take that but it makes me very constipated (hence need for more water!)
I get vit B12 shots every 3 months and D too as i was very very low?

Still knackered though!

Good tip for choc / sweets - buy small portions?
I like Aldi bitter choc (85%). I buy the pack with 5 small bars.
One is enough of an evening (and i used to eat the whole thing!)

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 18:42:03

Thinking about you you all as the evening starts. ( Hello to people that have just joined).

May The Force Be With You all this evening ( and Also with Me too )

Thebluedog Mon 29-Oct-18 20:27:07

So I’ve managed to only (?) eat two chocolate biscuits tonight, but I did have a rather large Yorkshire pudding with my beef stew. But it’s the late night snacking I’m trying to stop, so 2 biscuits is small change so I’m happy.

HettyPain Mon 29-Oct-18 20:54:33

Good to see some new joiners. I'll update the post with everyone's weights tomorrow (when I've figured out if I can edit a post!).

I've been v impressed with myself today. No carbs or snacks all day until a bit of a great this evening - Hippeas. They're gorgeous, basically puffed chickpeas that taste better than crisps but are much better for you.

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 20:58:50

Bluedog and Hetty, well done in cutting down on the snacks !!

I managed not to snack today too.I met up with a friend and only had a few cups of tea. Phew !!

After my vegetable soup at dinner time I had 1/2 pizza tonight and a small piece of rice pudding with no cheese after and only 2 glasses of wine .
I’ve met my goals for today and am really happy about that. Hope you’re all doing ok. 😃

PennyLaneIsInMyHeart Mon 29-Oct-18 21:03:50

I will join you! Have around 4 stone to lose. I am so sick of feeling crap about myself- it is beginning to stop me wanting to do things so I really need to motivate myself

PennyLaneIsInMyHeart Mon 29-Oct-18 21:06:30

My aim for tomorrow is:

Stick to 1400 calories
15 minutes on the cross trainer (which I haven't used in bloody ages) and to drink lots of water

Wittow Mon 29-Oct-18 21:26:38

Need to join. Debating on joining WW on their 50% off thing or even the cambridge diet to get a stone off quick.

I'm 14.8 and my lightest as an adult pre-pregnancy is 12.8 so would be happy with a good 2 stone off.

Soup and low carb/high protein/unprocessed would probably be my best bet. Bread and carbs are my downfall sad

Alexandra2018 Mon 29-Oct-18 21:46:28

I need to join in with you all!

Radiator23 Mon 29-Oct-18 21:49:03

Carbs are also my dangerfoods!

I went to weigh myself this morning and the blimmin batteries had run out, but i've had a reasonable day all the same. I had intended to go to the gym but finished work quite late. I am knackered from so much brain work (at least, that's my excuse!)

I tried WW but the hours I work make it hard to get to meetings.

Alexandra2018 Mon 29-Oct-18 21:49:57

I need to loose 3 to get back to my before kids weight (this isn't baby weight my youngest is 5)
I've got a wedding in 6 months I could
do with being slimmer for! (It's not mine!)

agteacht Mon 29-Oct-18 23:43:49

Great that so many people had a good day. We can do it ladies!

A good day for me too and came in just above my 1200 MFP calorie goal.
Even had some yum ice cream called halo top - anyone seen this? 1/4 tub was 90 cals and nicer than Ben and Jerry's! On offer in Sainsburys so will stock up this weekend 😂

I'm an obsessive weigher when I'm on a mission like this so will probably weigh every day. It's when I don't weigh that my weight starts creeping up again. But do we have an official WI day?

Frosty66611 Tue 30-Oct-18 08:03:55

I weigh myself everyday too but have noticed a pattern where I gain a few pounds around ovulation and just before my period too (I get really bad bloating from water retention). As soon as those times are over I then drop a few pounds again.
My doctor told me that we should never feel “full” once we have eaten. That means we have stretched the stomach and over eaten by quite a lot if we get that stuffed feeling. At my biggest I used to eat most evenings until I had to undo my jeans and lie down. I never felt satisfied otherwise. It’s been hard work trying to retrain my brain to stop eating before I feel full. For me personally I find eating little and often has really helped as if I just stick to 3 meals a day spaced out then my blood sugars sometimes start to drop a bit between meals and i’ll be more inclined to crave unhealthy snacks.

Thebluedog Tue 30-Oct-18 08:36:36

Weighed myself today . 12st 3lbs slightly better than I expected as the battery on my scales ran out and I’ve not replaced it for weeks. It’s atill exactly 3 stone heavier than I was 2.5 years ago. I was 9st 3lbs for about 5 years and then all of a sudden I got into some really bad habits and it’s piled on. Time for action grin

My weight actually drops by about 3lb a week before my period so I’m hoping to god i don’t come on next week. The menopause means I have no idea when I’m die on

GroovieGazelloo Tue 30-Oct-18 08:57:06

Welcome to PennyLane, Wittow, and Alexandra2018

Thanks again for getting this together Hetty. 😊 Also, great encouragement Agteacht. I’m with your «  We can do it ladies! » 😃

Bluedog, your menopause meaning you «  have no idea when I’m die on » made me laugh 😂 😂

All the best with your aim for today PennyLane. I also realised recently that my weight and the way I look has had an effect on what I’m comfortable doing. This is a big part of what led up to me wanting to change my weight and to get in touch with my motivation.

Good luck with WW and Slimming World for those who are joining them. I have decided not to do anything like that for myself.

I like the idea of starting out on a « mission » Agteacht . 😊I’m aiming to develop new habits whilst I lose weight. When Alexandra says « this isn’t baby weight », I think you mean that it’s due to general habits. This is what’s going on for me. Over time I’ve found out that I can’t be both slim and just eat anything I want. If I want to get slim and stay slim I know I need to make long lasting changes, so I’m planning on making these changes gradually and integrating them into my life if and when I can.

Also, because I have had « issues » around food in the past I need to go at this carefully and to go at a pace which is ok for me.

My aim for each day this week is the same:
⁃cut down on snacking
- have no more than two glasses of wine in the evening during the week
- have more vegetables
- have only 1 small piece of bread and cheese in the evening after my meal.

Yesterday I stuck with it am pleased because the scales have moved down !😊Yes Wittow - soup did help me . And also tend to weigh myself often when I’m wanting to lose it😊.

Thebluedog Tue 30-Oct-18 09:37:09

I’ve started having a vodka and slimline tonic rather than wine as it’s less calories, I save the wine for the weekends 😄

I’m dreading Halloween as we always have left over sweets (ok I ate the last family sized bag last week, I’d bought for Halloween) but at least the kids won’t have the mysteriously reducing sweet haul they did last year grin

keiratwiceknightly Tue 30-Oct-18 10:47:53

I was 11.8 this morning. On it like a car bonnet, as they say - I am on half term so struggle not to snack (perils of being at home and a bit bored) but have had a scrambled egg on toast breakfast and will try to go through to dinner time now without a lunch. Was planning to go to Pilates tonight but managed to fall over in the street yesterday which has resulted in a grazed knee so it will be too sore for all the kneeling. I'll aim for a good walk instead.

muddledmidget Tue 30-Oct-18 11:12:25

Hi can I join you? I'm also on the lose a stone for Xmas thread but as I currently weigh 11st10 I need to be thinking about losing more than that! So at least 2.5st, and ideally 3st

At the end of April my husband and I are travelling through Europe for 6 months and I really vainly want to look good in the photos! Plus get into habits with running and swimming so I can really enjoy myself while we're away

Plans are to eat healthy planned meals, cut down on snacks and exercise regularly -gym 3x/week and go back to swimming lessons after Xmas when my hours at work change!

MM xxx

Frosty66611 Tue 30-Oct-18 11:35:12

Just weighed myself and I’m at 12 stone 2 and want to get down to about 10 stone (I’m quite tall so start to look a bit gaunt if I’m any lower than that).
Trying to stick to 1400 calories per day and do lots of walking and some yoga too. I’m having a dominos tomorrow night for dinner with friends though, and then a 7 course menu at a restaurant for someone’s birthday on Thur so this week is already not going to plan. Oh well - i’ll Just enjoy them and then get back on it on Friday x

GroovieGazelloo Tue 30-Oct-18 12:02:26

Hi and welcome MuddledMidget. I like that we’re all wanting to lose a similar amount.

I hope you have a wonderful time when you go out with your friends Frosty. 7 courses sounds big but they could be small portions. Last weekend we went to a birthday party and had a 6 course meal. I saw a very slim woman taking small portions and even turning down some !! No secret how she stays slim eh !!

Keiratwice Sorry to hear about your accident yesterday.Hope you enjoy your walk instead of Pilates.
Interested to hear that you’re on a holiday from school. Hope you enjoy it. I have just finished full-time teaching and am starting working for myself. That means I am learning how to structure my time. With this decision to lose weight I’m looking forward to start managing any strong feelings without turning to food.

GroovieGazelloo Tue 30-Oct-18 12:22:46

So glad that I don’t have to contend with Halloween sweets Bluedog.
Because I’m in France, I need to have a good working relationship with alcohol though 😃. I hardly ever have spirits but wine is very much a part of the culture I live in. My DH and many of the people I know go to a lot of trouble to buy nice wines which match different meals.This is why realistically I know I can cut down on wine rather than cutting it out completely.

BevBrook Tue 30-Oct-18 17:09:26

I was going to go to the gym today but DS2 spent the night and all day throwing up, so I haven’t been able to. I have tried not to make being stuck in one room all day an excuse for dumping the diet on the second day, but I have to admit I did have two digestive biscuits. As long as I don’t snack again this evening though I think it is OK.

Halloween is going to be tricky I think. The kids want me to make brownies and we have a tub full of chocolates for the trick or treaters. Am going to do spooky fruit as well I think!

BevBrook Tue 30-Oct-18 17:12:30

I just heard someone on the radio talking about a low carbon economy and thought he said a low carb economy. I may be a little obsessed. Although I’m not low carbing myself!

HettyPain Tue 30-Oct-18 21:07:24

Hello all and welcome all newcomers! Sorry I've not had time to read through everything but will do and reply tomorrow - will also update the weigh ins! Will normally do on a Monday evening with weigh in days Sunday or Monday, whatever's best for you. smile

HettyPain Wed 31-Oct-18 17:48:53

Starting weights - weigh in date 28/29 October

agteacht: 10 stone 12

Alexandra2018: <3 stone to lose>

ARoomSomewhere: <tbc>

BevBrook: <tbc>

CantWaitToRetire: <good 3 stone to lose>

Frosty66611 12 stone 2lbs

GroovieGazelloo: 81kg

Hettypain: 81.5kg

ILuvBirdsEye: 75kg

jaimebravo: <tbc>

keiratwiceknightly: 11 stone 8lbs

kitty1013: 11 stone 12

muddledmidget: 11 stone 10lbs

PennyLaneIsInMyHeart: <four stone to lose>

Radiator23: a bit over 13 stone

RubySlippers77: 13st 4.5lb, aiming to be 10st 3lb

SausageSimon: 13 and a half stone

Thebluedog: 12 stone 3lbs

Wittow: 14 stone 8

Updated with the latest info!

HettyPain Wed 31-Oct-18 17:51:09

Hope that post includes everyone.

How are you all doing? Halloween so lots of sweetie temptation!

I'm doing ok. Have avoided lots of carbs and feel like I'm on the right road. Haven't managed three days of being good for ages!

GroovieGazelloo Thu 01-Nov-18 09:07:16

Thanks for the update Hetty. Hope everything is going ok for you and for everyone else too.

Sorry to hear that your DS has been so ill Bev and hope he’s on the mend now. Hope you managed with your goal and that Halloween wasn’t too difficult for you or anyone else here either.

I loved the Freudian slip overhearing « carb economy »  instead of « carbon economy » !😂 It’s true that that this change in diet is not just about our bodies, it is also about our minds. 😊
That said, I do think that a « carb economy » actually does exist and that times like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine and Easter are when it peaks !! 🙀

Here I’m still mostly on track. A day at a time this week. I went over by a quarter of a glass of wine last night so I’ll try to organise myself better tonight. All my best to you all. 😊

HettyPain Thu 01-Nov-18 09:29:58

Ah Groovie, I'm sure half a glass extra won't do any harm! Sounds like you're doing really well. I may have overdone it on the sweets last night but I avoided pasta with my spag bol last night. It's all about balance!

I've avoided booze all week, which is quite a miracle as I'd been having it every day for weeks. I might have some tonight though to celebrate a long weekend.

ILuvBirdsEye Thu 01-Nov-18 11:03:02

Had a bad week so far... and Halloween didn't help sad

Trying to keep on track today and go to the gym in the evening.

Frosty66611 Thu 01-Nov-18 11:30:37

Been good all week so far apart from last night when I had 5 slices of Dominos pizza for dinner :-(
It would be the dream to be able to eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight! Hope the rest of you have a good week

HettyPain Thu 01-Nov-18 11:59:51

BirdsEye - it's been a bad week so far but you're keeping on track today and planning a trip to the gym. Just look forwards - you can do it!

Frosty - well done on the good week except the Domino's! Easily done. At least it was 5 slices and not the while pizza. Maybe think about it like that? I switched to their low fat cheese and it tastes no different to the regular (I can't tell anyway). I've got no idea how much better for you it is though.

HettyPain Thu 01-Nov-18 12:02:40

*whole, not while. I'm hating autocorrect!

GroovieGazelloo Thu 01-Nov-18 20:20:23

Lovely to read you all. Thinking about you all as I begin my evening having finished my day's alcohol allowance and not had my evening meal yet.

Woohoo Water !!
No this is not a Halloween Ghost. It's me . 

kitty1013 Thu 01-Nov-18 20:31:14

Hi everyone
I am using weightwatchers and am quite pleased to have tracked every day this week , I get a generous allowance as I'm breastfeeding and I still go over it but at least I'm a lot more aware of what im eating and have had more fruit and eggs !! And am choosing lower point options eg the skyr yogurts rather than total ones, and the hula hoops puft rather than "normal " hula hoops.
So feeling quite positive, if I can manage to keep it up!
I even stayed on track yesterday when my nearly 6yo was in hospital having his eyebrow stitched together under GA. I was tempted to turn to biscuits fir the stress but managed not to!! 

HettyPain Sat 03-Nov-18 10:08:37

Hope your 6yo is ok now Kitty.

Skyr is a good find. I love it with fruit added.

Yesterday was my blip day but I'll be back on track today. I've avoided booze all together although I normally love a glass of wine or 5. This won't last though, I don't want it to either!

kitty1013 Sun 04-Nov-18 10:06:07

It's all a bit quiet on here now! How is everyone doing? Has anyone got any great snack or meal ideas to share? Xx

GroovieGazelloo Sun 04-Nov-18 11:09:28

Hi All,
I agree that it has gone a bit quiet here. I also realised that I was contributing a lot myself and decided to wait for others to contribute too. After that I had a busy few days.

I am interested to to share by contributing and by reading others also. I don't want to just talk into an open space and have no feedback.
( interesting word 'feedback' in the light of the thread topic. 😊)

Hope you're all having a good weekend. And when I say "good" I mean enjoyable. 

I hope your DS is on the mend Kitty and that you're happy with your WW journey at the moment.

I can't help you with recipes right now as I'm not approaching my weight loss from that angle. I don't have much time to cook at the moment and my DH does it.

Here and now, I'm working at being reasonable at the weekend. I find this a very difficult state of mind to have. Somewhere along the line I developed an attitude which goes as follows " Yeehee, it's Friday - the weekend's arriving and it's time to celebrate !" "Celebration" also triggers " letting go to eat and drink what I want ".

This may well be a life time habit. So I'm finding it really really difficult to stay calm around food and drink. So far, it's not so bad. I am allowing myself a little leaway and that in itself is not comfortable. 

Today is the final day of my first weekend. The scales will be my measure on Monday. And I'll go from there.

Feeling more or less ok. Though a little nervous as Sunday is only just beginning. Little step by little step ...

Frosty66611 Sun 04-Nov-18 13:27:40

This week hasn’t been the best in terms of my diet as had a few different social things to go to which didn’t involve any healthier options. The next few weeks will be much easier to stay on track as don’t have a lot of plans after work. Not expecting a loss this week but hoping to kick some butt next week onwards. Even if I could drop half a stone by New Year and keep it off i’d be happy with that for now.
Hope you’re all having a better week than me food wise.
@groovie I know exactly where you’re coming from as I have always seen the weekends as treat time too. Really need to keep control and stick to healthier options as I often end up losing a pound or two during the week and then putting it back on again during the weekend :-(

HettyPain Sun 04-Nov-18 14:40:57

Kitty, it's been super quiet. I have a couple of recipes to share... will do later.

Groovie, I know what you mean about weekends. We had curry last night but I managed to go for the dry tandoori chicken option with a tiny bit of rice (and maybe a couple of handfuls of naan). It's a step in the right direction again! Roast dinner shortly though. Will see how that goes.

Frosty, it's really hard when social things don't offer healthy options. I freaked out a friend this week by asking for the nutrition values for all their puddings... I was impressed they had one that detailed all info on calories, fat, etc. That was in zizzis. Meant we made more informed choices!

I weighed in today and am 0.9kg down. If only it was a whole kg! I'm still happy though.

GroovieGazelloo Sun 04-Nov-18 15:23:17

Frosty, I admire anyone who admits to not having lived up to their hopes. I find it really hard to do that . So thankyou for being open and honest. Plus it’s lovely to read you and Hetty again too. Going down Hetty, going down ! 😊

Glad you both understand my small steps into my « Yoohoo it’s the weekend Retraining » . Slowly, slowly does it. Had fizzy water with a quarter of a glass of rosé in with lunch. Looking promising so far.

Next, evening meal.... Warning to Self - « Do not do a nose-dive as end of Sunday approaches ». 😬😊

Thinking about you all. And thanks for tuning in. Wishing you well.

HettyPain Sun 04-Nov-18 16:01:55

Only a few hours to go Groovie!

Here a breakfast idea from me.

Low carb/no carb:
Chuck half a tin of chopped tomatoes into a non-stick pan (no oil needed). Put on the hob and heat so it's bubbling. Add chilli powder to taste. Add a large handful of chopped mushrooms and/or spinach depending on what you like. Stir. Make sure it's bubbling away. Make a well in the middle and crack in an egg. Put a lid on the pan. Check it's bubbling then set a 4 minute timer. When the time's up serve it up. Tastes amazing. If you want some carbs, serve it on top of a toasted sandwich thin or bagel.

Let me know if you try it!

GroovieGazelloo Sun 04-Nov-18 18:02:35

Thanks for the encouragement Hetty.
Plus I like your recipe. I might give it a go myself one of these days. 

HettyPain Sun 04-Nov-18 22:01:11


A delicious salad combo too...

Finely chop sweetheart cabbage. Add chopped carrots, red peppers and butterbeans. Mix together and put on plate.

Put low calorie spray into frying pan. Add sugarsnap peas and chopped babycorn. Stir for a couple of minutes. Add a squirt of lime juice and sprinkle on some fresh coriander leaves. Pop in a tablespoon of pine nuts. Stir until pine nuts have browned then place on top of the salad. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Nicest salad I've had.

RubySlippers77 Mon 05-Nov-18 08:11:27

Thank you for the recipes Hetty!

I've stayed the same this week - had a reasonably good week then a tummy bug at the weekend - hopefully next Monday's weigh in will be better.

Are you still enjoying WW kitty? I was following No Count but they've now done away with it, annoyingly! Haven't even left the option on the app. I just found it a lot easier to stick to than the points version; if my leader wasn't so nice I would have left it by now sad

kitty1013 Mon 05-Nov-18 08:24:07

Thank you hetty I will try those! Especially the one with a egg in it, I love eggs!!(luckily, as apart from fried they are "free" on WW)

I am finding WW ok although the number of points it allocate things can be bizarrely high eg a Freddo is 5 points. I think they have now demonised sugar as well as fat but it makes having anything sweet very hard, I don't like things with lots of artificial sweeteners in and that's what their own products are full of. I preferred pro points that they had 4 years ago.

Apart from that whinge it seems to work well for me although I'm very glad I get the extra points for breastfeeding!
I went over on my points several days this week but at this morning's weekly weigh in I'm 11st 8! So I've lost 4lb!!

Probably beginners luck - as my body notices I'm not eating whole packets of biscuits any more!
I feel better for it!!

HettyPain Mon 05-Nov-18 08:49:56

Ruby - sorry you've been poorly. Staying the same is still good though.

Kitty - wow, well done! That's a very impressive loss. As for the recipes, the egg one is zero points if you don't add the sandwich thin. Add an extra egg if you do r think it'll fill you up with just the one.

I think all fruit is now zero points on ww. Ice found grapes to be a good sweet treat.

GroovieGazelloo Mon 05-Nov-18 08:50:39

Great recipe again Hetty. Good to read you Kitty and Ruby. Hope you feel better soon Kitty and hope that you'll start losing this week. Well done on that great start Ruby.

Here I started off at 81.4kg and I'm 70,9kg so I've lost 1.5kgs or 3lbs. I'm really pleased about it because they've gone whilst I've been focusing on developing healthy eating and drinking habits.

I'll look at what my goal will be for this week and post it later. All the best to you all. 

HettyPain Mon 05-Nov-18 09:00:05

Brilliant, well done Groovie!

GroovieGazelloo Mon 05-Nov-18 09:32:55

 Thankyou Hetty. Hope you have a good day. 

GroovieGazelloo Mon 05-Nov-18 09:34:01

Awwh I put loads of smilies on the last one and they didn't show up. 

Howlongtillbedtime Mon 05-Nov-18 09:39:38

Room for a bit so little one ?

I also have 3 stones to lose . I keep starting well and losing half a stone and then I get bored and fall off the wagon.

I will weigh myself tomorrow !

HettyPain Mon 05-Nov-18 17:28:53

Of course there is howlong, welcome! And lots of luck.

Howlongtillbedtime Tue 06-Nov-18 08:14:16

I braved the scales and it is as grim as I feared.

Day one!

I hope everyone else has a good day.

keiratwiceknightly Tue 06-Nov-18 09:27:17

Well a week in and I've lost exactly 1lb. Not too bad considering it was half term so more time to eat and more opportunity to drink! Back on it properly now I'm back at work. I find it best to limit what I eat as much as possible at work and then have a reasonably early evening meal. I also like a Fab lolly later in the evening - feels like a sweet treat and takes a while to eat but only 70cals.

keiratwiceknightly Tue 06-Nov-18 09:27:55

Well done to losers - 3lb is great, groovie!

HettyPain Tue 06-Nov-18 12:24:46

Weigh in week 1 = 4/5 November

Names in bold have provided their weigh-in smile

agteacht: 10 stone 12

Alexandra2018: <3 stone to lose>

ARoomSomewhere: <tbc>

BevBrook: <tbc>

CantWaitToRetire: <good 3 stone to lose>

Frosty66611 12 stone 2lbs

GroovieGazelloo: 81kg - week 1 weigh-in 70.9kg (1.5kg loss) halo

Hettypain: 81.5kg - week 1 weigh-in 80.7kg (0.8kg lost)

Howlongtillbedtime: tbc - new joiner in week 1 smile

ILuvBirdsEye: 75kg

jaimebravo: <tbc>

keiratwiceknightly: 11 stone 8lbs - week 1 weigh-in, 11 stone 7lbs smile

kitty1013: 11 stone 12

muddledmidget: 11 stone 10lbs

PennyLaneIsInMyHeart: <four stone to lose>

Radiator23: a bit over 13 stone

RubySlippers77: 13st 4.5lb, stayed same in week 1

SausageSimon: 13 and a half stone

Thebluedog: 12 stone 3lbs

Wittow: 14 stone 8

HettyPain Tue 06-Nov-18 12:28:13

Howlong, you've taken the first step and that's supposed to be the most important one. If you want to add your weight just reply and I'll add it on. Your name's now on the list.

Keira, well done. 1lb off is good. Especially when you're out of your normal routine.

I had a rubbish day in terms of healthy eating yesterday. Everything went out of the window. But I've got back to it today and this thread is helping me to remember why I'm doing it. So thank you all for joining me!

kitty1013 Tue 06-Nov-18 12:48:40

Hetty my week 1 weigh in was 11 st 8.
Lol I doubt I will do that well again so am keen to get it recorded on your list !!

The batteries have broken in my scales but I'm trying not to use that as an excuse to hit the biscuits on the basis I won't know if I put weight on....i know it's hardly a big job to change the batteries , but the baby barely lets me get anything done.

Good luck everyone and keep going....

RussellTheRaven Tue 06-Nov-18 12:55:10

Can I join? It's also my 40th in Jan and I have a lot of weight to loose.

I'm struggling with depression and motivation at the moment. One day I can be on it with diet and exercise, the next I eat an entire loaf of bread. Banana sandwiches.blush

HettyPain Tue 06-Nov-18 13:34:06

Kitty, so sorry i missed you! Will add you when I'm on my laptop. You did so well too!

Russell, hello and welcome. Sorry you're struggling at the moment. I've noticed bring healthy has really helped my mood and how I feel about things more generally. Hopefully that will carry on!

RubySlippers77 Tue 06-Nov-18 15:04:55

I made a big effort to eat healthily yesterday and definitely felt better for it. Now to try to repeat that for more days...!

Tried to take the DC swimming today and realised that my costume has broken - the weight of my chest must have pulled one of the straps loose blush

I didn't feel too bad before I stepped on the scales but now I know my weight am definitely feeling heffalump-y!

HettyPain Tue 06-Nov-18 15:14:30

Weigh in week 1 = 4/5 November

Names in bold have provided their weigh-in smile

agteacht: 10 stone 12

Alexandra2018: <3 stone to lose>

ARoomSomewhere: <tbc>

BevBrook: <tbc>

CantWaitToRetire: <good 3 stone to lose>

Frosty66611 12 stone 2lbs

GroovieGazelloo: 81kg - week 1 weigh-in 70.9kg (1.5kg loss) halo

Hettypain: 81.5kg - week 1 weigh-in 80.7kg (0.8kg lost)

Howlongtillbedtime: tbc - new joiner in week 1

ILuvBirdsEye: 75kg

jaimebravo: <tbc>

keiratwiceknightly: 11 stone 8lbs - week 1 weigh-in, 11 stone 7lbs smile

kitty1013: 11 stone 12 - week 1 weigh-in, 11 stone 8lbs star

muddledmidget: 11 stone 10lbs

PennyLaneIsInMyHeart: <four stone to lose>

Radiator23: a bit over 13 stone

RubySlippers77: 13st 4.5lb, stayed same in week 1

SausageSimon: 13 and a half stone

Thebluedog: 12 stone 3lbs

Wittow: 14 stone 8

HettyPain Tue 06-Nov-18 15:17:14

Ruby, ha ha! You don't want to have an escapee while swimming grin Don't feel heffalump-y!

muddledmidget Tue 06-Nov-18 16:08:52

Sorry I'm late,my week started off really well but I got really stressed at work and started eating everything in sight! Down to 11st7.5 but think it could have been more

This week in definitely going to be more consistent!

MM x

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