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Starting today (not tomorrow) - three stone to go!

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HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 07:50:19

Does anyone want to join me? I'm heavier than I've ever been and need to sort it. Not following a particular plan as I never stick to them. Am hoping chatting here will keep me on track.

Snacking is my biggest downfall!

Will weigh in shortly but am around the 13 stone mark.

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jaimebravo Sun 28-Oct-18 08:03:51

Yes please, it's my 40th in January and I would love to lose weight for that, ideally 2 stone in the long run.
Snacking is also a big problem for me too, it's ridiculous i do it out of boredom not hunger😞

HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 08:11:54

Snap! I'm not hungry when I snack. Just bored or trying to take my mind off something else.

Thanks for joining me :-)

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SausageSimon Sun 28-Oct-18 08:36:33

Sound similar to you OP, eating for the sake of it. 3 stone to lose and I'm 13 and a half stone.

My 'usual' weight was always 11 and a half but I'd be extremely happy at 10 and a half. I think that weight would suit me IYSWIM

What really worked for me was having porridge for breakfast, an evening meal type meal at lunch where I had my carbs and filled up, maybe a small chocolate bar or treat. Then no carbs in my evening meal and just a little bit of fruit on an evening if I needed a snack

Just can't seem to find the motivation to start again! I got down to 11 stone doing that so I know I can do it when I put my mind to it!

HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 09:24:16

Ah Sausage we are very similar. I've just weighed in at 81.5kg - about 12 stone 8. I'm happy at a bit over 10 stone. Everyone tells me I need to cut out the carbs. I'm going to cut them right down and see what happens. Would like for my clothes to fit me comfortably before Christmas, then I can look at slimming down properly!

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Radiator23 Sun 28-Oct-18 11:04:15

I'll join you. I am a bit over 13 and need to lose 3.

HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 16:57:50

Great. Hope you've all had a good start. I've managed to avoid the snacks so far, which I'm quite impressed with!

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agteacht Sun 28-Oct-18 21:00:41

I will join too if that's okay 😊

I need to lose some weight as trying to conceive. Am 10st 12lb and usually hover around 10st2.... 10lb has crept up from nowhere! So need to see that gone by Christmas!

Have been calorie counting via MFP yesterday and today, just need to keep motivation up somehow...

billysboy Sun 28-Oct-18 21:02:09

count me in please

HettyPain Sun 28-Oct-18 22:08:36

Brilliant, the more the merrier! I have a feeling this thread will help me as I'm going to feel much more accountable for what I'm eating. I've got through the whole day without a packets of crisps, this hasn't happened for at least 3 months!

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alfiesmam Sun 28-Oct-18 22:12:40

I’ll join ! Weight watchers is the only thing that works for me even then I always leave after a few months . 40 next April woujd love to be 2-3 stone down

I’d say I’m near 14stone now , 5’5 wear size 16 which are getting tighter by the day

agteacht Sun 28-Oct-18 23:45:13

Well done on the crisps (lack of) Hetty!

I was thinking of rejoining weightwatchers, Alfiesmam, as also has success there before many years ago. But then decided weightwatchers probably just calorie control and self-discipline, whether I have that enough on my own though is another question 😬👍

RubySlippers77 Mon 29-Oct-18 00:23:46

I'm with you smile have tried losing a bit of weight this year but have had such a terrible year health-wise that really have got nowhere. I do do a lot of walking/ chasing after two toddlers but eat far too much cake to compensate confused

Will weigh in tomorrow morning. Expect shrieks of anguish!

kitty1013 Mon 29-Oct-18 00:40:09

Please can I join you. I need to lose weight after recently having a baby. I am 11st 12, would like to get down to 9, but in the short term would like to get down to 11 by Xmas, ..or at least nearer to 11!!

I've rejoined weight watchers online (just as an easy way of calorie counting) and aim to run at least twice a week, 3 times if possible.

My downfall is eating biscuits while I breastfeed on the basis "I need the calories "- when actually I don't need that many calories!! . I've put on weight since the baby was born!!

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 01:21:41

I'd like to join in too. I'm 81kgs and can't find the motivation to shift any weight. I used to have an eating disorder so I need to be careful about not getting caught up in that.

I want to cut down and stay down so I need to find some new, long lasting habits.

This week I'll :
- cut down on snacking
- have no more than two glasses of wine in the evening during the week
- have no more than 4 glasses of alcohol on weekend days
- have more vegetables
- have only 1 small piece of bread and cheese in the evening or at weekends after my meal.

I hope that I can shift some weight this week that way. Fingers crossed that it will work. Depending on if it does or doesn't I'll make another commitment for the week after.

One day at a time though. Here goes. Looking forward to working with you all. 

keiratwiceknightly Mon 29-Oct-18 01:56:54

Me too. I'm 11st8 or thereabouts and really want to lose 1-1.5stones. Trouble is I am 45 and losing gets harder every year!

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 06:55:37

Hello again,
Because I'm wanting to change my habits around food I'd like to start of posting about my daily progress.
Some of the things I'd like to write about will be about creating new habits for myself. I hope that will be ok with you.

The first habit I want to change is overeating in an evening. My husband usually cooks the evening meal and it's always very late so I can get really hungry. Also, he always asks me if I want a drink beforehand. I live in France and it's quite common to have alcohol with our meal and even before as an aperitif.

This evening, I'll have some soup ready so that I don't get over hungry and I'll have to see what I else can have when he offers me a drink...

GroovieGazelloo Mon 29-Oct-18 08:04:04

I'm 81.4kg this morning and hoping to be down 1 kg next week.

RubySlippers77 Mon 29-Oct-18 08:05:03

Weighed in and three stone to go for me as well Hetty. Sigh! I'm back where I was at the beginning of the year (before making a big weight loss effort, then getting ill) and a stone more than the first time I dared to weigh myself after I had the DC...

Half term here so tricky to make any big changes, but I'll try to do a healthy online shop later, avoid trekking round the shops with two bored toddlers!

BevBrook Mon 29-Oct-18 08:16:03

Oh hello, can I join you please? I have been avoiding weighing myself for months but just went to do it inspired by this thread and am 12 stone at 5 foot five, I’d like to get back to ten. At least I would like to get back to size 14, am 16 at the moment. I have had a few niggling health problems which I think might get better if I was slimmer.

I need to weigh myself properly in kilograms at the gym, which I don’t go to enough. I also need to stop having dessert, stop snacking on chocolate and cheese in the evenings and stop having seconds. It seems so easy written down and I can’t understand why I can’t stop. I haven’t been on a thread like this before. I’m going to start using My Fitness Pal today. Good luck to everyone!

Frosty66611 Mon 29-Oct-18 08:22:43

I’d like to join. I’m 5ft 6 and weigh just over 12 stone and a size 14. Would like to lose 2 stone and get back to a size 10/12. (I was almost 15 stone a couple of years ago and a size 18).
I’m calorie counting with MYFP and it’s helped me to lose weight but I don’t always stick to it and my progress has really slowed down now.

CantWaitToRetire Mon 29-Oct-18 09:04:49

I'll join if I may. I've been following Slimming World since April and have lost 2.5 stone so far, but I still have a good 3st to lose and I've plateaued a bit. I work from home so I find it far too easy to raid the kitchen, and I'm not even hungry half the time. Also I don't move around enough which is something I need to address. I think joining in here will motivate me to do better.

ILuvBirdsEye Mon 29-Oct-18 09:14:12

Hi, can I join you? I have 3 stones to lose. Have been yo-yoing for a while in a half hearted way and I really need to get serious about it.

BevBrook Mon 29-Oct-18 09:56:09

Have been yo-yoing for a while in a half hearted way and I really need to get serious about it.

Me too. I am actually worried about telling My Fitness Pal what I currently weigh because I imagine it sighing superciliously and going "Again?!" It actually won't let me log in at the moment, I think it's gone NC.

HettyPain Mon 29-Oct-18 11:16:07

So happy to have so many people join. We can do this!

I've been on and off weightwatchers for years but have decided this time I've got to do it by myself (I was very depressed the last time I logged my weight on there, I almost wish it had gone NC with me Bev!). The same with MyFitnessPal! There's a good Groupon deal if anyone's serious about joining WW though.

To try to keep everyone on track I'll do a weekly post showing everyone's progress. I'll do it on a Monday evening. If anyone wants to provide more precise weights do, otherwise I'll put in what you've already said.

Groovie - do be careful and let us know if you need extra support too.

Kittie - make sure you eat enough for the breastfeeding, I'm sure the odd treat will be fine smile

Cantwait - well done on an amazing weight loss so far. I've only heard good things about Slimming World.

Frosty - you've done brilliantly too. For some reason I feel it takes more dedication when you're only using MFP. Hopefully this thread will help you shift the last little bit.

Great that some people have got targets to work towards, 40th birthdays are a brilliant target. Does anyone else have anything special they're wanting to lose weight for? I'm all about sorting myself out once and for all. I'm fed up of yoyoing. Have also had a period of really rubbish health Ruby, but am now on the up, so it's the right time for me to start.

OK, my next post will be a rundown of our first weigh-ins. Good luck everyone. And make sure you let us know how you're doing throughout the week, even if you have a blip.

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