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Help!! Im Disgusting

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Crazymamaboo Wed 17-Oct-18 21:52:11

I need help before it's too late, just looking for some advice from anyone with experience please I eat and eat and eat for no reason and its mostly junk . I'm 25 years old 5ft1 and 13st and whilst not overly massive I can only see things going down hill from here, today I had to lay down feeling sick from my eating habits today I had 1 sausage 1egg 2 bacon 3 spoons beans then 3 scones coverd in butter, 4 bitesized carmel cakes, 4 crackers and cheese, a pack of aero bubbles, a can of red bull, a kinder maxi, and half a pasta and sauce with lots of grated cheese . Why do I find it so hard not to eat? I just want to cry writing that down I think it's the first time I've been honest about what I've ate , totally ashamed of my self 😔

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AjasLipstick Wed 17-Oct-18 21:54:41

What else is going on in your life? Are you a parent? Have you got a job? Friends?

Crazymamaboo Wed 17-Oct-18 22:00:51

Yes sorry I have 2 kids 4 and 2, working part time in a job that suits our family life, I have a friends but probably do keep them at arms length now that my priorities have changed. I am generally happy in life nice house amazing kids etc but have always had a bad relationship with food when I was younger I was under weight and obsessed with what little I did eat, now I have lost all control and eat constantly with out thinking
Thanks for the quick reply x

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AjasLipstick Wed 17-Oct-18 22:07:43

Have you had any trauma in your life? Like, when you were younger?

Crazymamaboo Wed 17-Oct-18 22:19:44

to be honest I didn't have an amazing upbringing parents short on money drinkers not very affectionate and from what I can tell now mental health issues , they split and shortly after mum was diagnosed with cancer witch lead to me taking care of siblings I was bullied at school also but there are much worse life's than what I had xx

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wouldntmindbeingmrsw Thu 18-Oct-18 10:57:28

I am no expert, but I think it's about educating yourself in eating better and changing your eating habits, not just for a few weeks or months ,but forever. You're half way there ,because you recognise the junk foods. You just need to avoid them now.

There are plenty of easy receipts/ eating plans / exercises online.

Have you thought of joining a slimming group? Or finding an exercise you really enjoy. You don't have to go to a class or gym. You can do exercise at home.

Get a skipping robe and teach/ skip in the garden with the kids.
Take them swimming.
Autumn walks and kicking leaves.

You have to really want to do it for yourself, no one else. And sounds like you're ready.

Do you think something set your comfort eating off?

I wish you well. Good luck 🤞

Crazymamaboo Thu 18-Oct-18 11:11:14

Thanks I've tried lots of diet and never stick to them always make excuses, the thing is I know what I should and shouldnt eat and I do light exercise I go jogging once a week and walk everywhere with the kids it's just my eating ruins it all I've started the 16:08 today looking forward to feeling better

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Nephrite Thu 18-Oct-18 13:18:09

Over eating very often has emotional reasons. You are not disgusting. I saw a GP on tv saying people tend to think it's as simple as calories in/calories used but we aren't robots and it's often tied up with people's emotions. You say your parents were short of money and were drinkers. They may have prioritised drink over food on the table so you may have been hungry at times and over eating now could be linked to that. I saw a young lad recently who'd lost his dad six months ago and had put on a huge amount of weight since then. Probably comfort eating. Could you speak to the GP?

Crazymamaboo Thu 18-Oct-18 13:57:02

Thank I have been interested in seeing a therapist due to my relationship with food over the years and to try to get the bottom of it maybe it's time to put my plans into action

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georgedawes Thu 18-Oct-18 14:09:29

Don't cal yourself disgusting, you're not! I'm not saying it's easy to lose weight, but please don't equate food with an emotional millstone around your neck (easier said than done I know).

People who are thin are not better than people who are fat; they may or may not have a healthier relationship with food but that is not a value judgement on your personality. Be kind to yourself.

squishee Thu 18-Oct-18 14:18:59

First off, get that voice in your head to stop insulting you. That will only make you turn to food because you feel out of control. You are in no way disgusting.

Imagine you had lost loads of weight and slimmed down to your current size / weight. How would you feel then?

wouldntmindbeingmrsw Thu 18-Oct-18 15:38:03

Hear hear @georgedawes & @squishee well said both of you.👍🏻

squishee Fri 19-Oct-18 10:25:43

If you're bingeing / an emotional eater, dieting in itself won't be the answer. Punishing yourself this way is not the right approach (as I learned the hard way). Be kind to yourself as a pp said.
You will need to address your relationship with food before your body can reflect the change. There are plenty of self-help books out there. Overcoming Overeating is a good one.
There have been plenty of helpful threads that started like yours on here too. One poster said that she'd been to counselling, and the first thing she learned was that overeating is never about food. It goes deeper and you'll need to explore the root cause. And like I said, get that voice in your head on your side. She needs to be your most pom-pom shaking cheerleader.

layercake9 Fri 19-Oct-18 16:04:14

It's not about finding it hard not to eat, but more of what you actually choose to eat. The clue is in the list of foods you listed. Looking at your list, I don't eat sausage, bacon, scones, butter, caramel cakes, crackers, cheese, aero bubbles, red bull, kinder maxi, and lots of grated cheese. Instead I eat lots of healthy food. There's lots of delicious healthy recipe ideas online that you can try.

Small changes here and there can make a real difference. I'm 42, 5 feet 2 and weigh 8.5 stones. I have kettlebells, dumbbells, skipping rope, step etc at home. I exercise in the dining room so no need to join the gym or arrange for a babysitter. I try to fit in 3 x 30 mins exercise a week. It's very hard and requires a lot of juggling and multi tasking but you will soon see the results and actually look forward to exercising.

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