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Rant: Flounced from weightwatchers...

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vinegarqueen Wed 17-Oct-18 12:40:10

But still hoping to lose weight..? Lost 10kg after DS but now I have stopped bf-ing and I lost the extra points I am sick of having to eat chicken breast and eggs all the time, because everything else to be about 2083 points, and I have lost no weight in 2 months, and I am still bloody hungry and feel like I might turn into a chicken or an egg.

I know there are meant to be science and healthy lifestyle nudges going on, but where has the sensible weightwatchers of ye olden days (I lost 4 stone on it!!) gone? I know that if I eat two large bananas and an egg that is about the same calories as a mars bar. But on weightwatchers you could eat 20 bananas and it's as if nothing happened, but eat a mars bar and it is half your points.

Made the effort to ring them (because no other easier way to cancel), and I have flounced off to the free fitbit app where I can just calorie count to my heart's content. Rant over!!

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prettybird Wed 17-Oct-18 12:47:47

There is a MN Boot Camp (High Fat ow Carb) that has just started: why not come and join us there. smile

Lots of lovely support - and it's free grin

Rules are in the Spreadsheet that is attached which reminds me, must go and drink some more water and also in one of the early posts from BIWI

I lost 3 stone between May and December last year, without ever feeling hungry! Had a few ups and downs since then but I am still 46lb down from where I started. Only a stone to go until I am back into a normal BMI smile

Ekphrasis Wed 17-Oct-18 12:50:07

Hmmm no idea about weight loss groups but it sounds like yanbu.

Your flouncing will have burned a few calories?

I only once wanted to loose weight; my fitness pal was great for this. I also believe iirc that weighing everyday actually works better for helping you stick to a diet (can't remember where I heard that).

Just go back to the old WW system if it worked for you. There's still points calculators and stuff online

vinegarqueen Wed 17-Oct-18 12:52:39

@prettybird thanks, I shall check it out!

I think Fitbit is a bit like myfitnesspal but with the activity tracker added so you have a better idea of the calories you burn. I do weigh every day but it is so depressing with WW.

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Mumof1andacat Wed 17-Oct-18 12:57:02

Hi there is an app you can use to follow pro points which was the type plan that run from around 2008-2015. Before smart points. Has a barcode scanner on and a huge data base of foods to select from.

Mumof1andacat Wed 17-Oct-18 12:57:37

It's called the value app and is 2.99

prettybird Wed 17-Oct-18 13:03:27

The pother joy of Boot Camp is that calorie counting is discouraged, as long as you follow the Rules grin

Quite a few of us daily weigh - but some of us don't weigh at all, even though there is a weekly weigh in.

What is encouraged is to take your measurements at the start of Boot Camp: there is usually a good effect on especially your waist (which is also indicative of a reduction in the dangerous visceral fat around your organs) which can help motivate you when you go through the inevitable stall.

There was one point when I was going through a month long stall - yet still lost 1" from my waist! confusedsmile

Annandale Wed 17-Oct-18 13:08:51

Just another vote for myfitnesspal and daily weighing. Scales daily was anathema back in the day but actually i find it really helpful.

Something i've found that really shocked me was that i can lose up to a pound between 5am and 9.30 am. Sure it must be mostly water but it does suggest shortness of sleep is a real barrier to losing weight.

Hitmonlee Wed 17-Oct-18 17:34:49

Be careful if using the Fitbit as a guide of how many calories you burn with exercise. I’ve just swapped my charge 2 for an Apple Watch and the exact same brisk walk burned 533 cals on Fitbit and 286 on the Apple. It’s no wonder my weight loss stalled as I thought I was burning far more calories than I was and adjusted my daily calories to reflect this 🙁

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