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how do i lose 4 stone in weight?

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griffintribe Thu 14-Jun-07 18:50:21

any advice please

Hideehi Thu 14-Jun-07 21:51:50

Gosh that's quite a goal, i would say in baby steps and small targets.
What do you do know in terms of exercise and what is your diet like ?
Water made a huge difference to my weight loss, i drink at least 2 litres a day now and more if i'm at the gym.

northlondonmum Fri 15-Jun-07 14:14:13

I joined weightwatchers at the end of jan and can't recommend them highly enough. Sensible, steady weight loss, you don't have to deprive yourself of any particular food groups. I got to my goal (losing 24lbs) within three months, and my friend has lost nearly 4 stone in the same amount of time. If you're in the right mindset, it will work. Good luck.

whoops Fri 15-Jun-07 14:17:29

I'm doing weightwatchers too I have lost 24.5lb in about 9 weeks but I am excersisng lots too.

Celery Fri 15-Jun-07 14:18:56

Another weight watchers fan - I've lost 16lbs in 12 weeks, which doesn't seem a huge amount, but I'm nearly at goal now.

whoops Fri 15-Jun-07 14:19:38

I should say I also have another 3 stone at least to go too!

fireflyfairy2 Fri 15-Jun-07 14:22:54

What type of foods do you like to eat?

If you like lots of veg & a set amount of carbs & protein then go for ww.

If you like pasta, veg, potatoes & lots of meat then go for slimming world.

Read about the diets on their websites.

Whatever you decide to do, exercise plays a vital part in it.

Nemo2007 Fri 15-Jun-07 14:26:44

I am on slimming world and have lost 11lb in 4wks[actually stayed same this week so should say 3wks].
I think whatever eating plan and exercis plan you follow has to work for you. I love to eat so slimming world works for me as I cna still eat a lot but you do have to think about it. I have done weight watchers in the past and found it ok as at that time I was looking for convenience so being able to buy ready meals helped me. I see slimming world as more of a lifestyle change as it works well for me to cook for myself and my family all eating the same.

Exercise wise start small, I have started going for 20min walks per day and just bought a exercise dvd to do at home. I have a LOT of weight to loose but feel like this time I might just do it!!

RedtartanLass Fri 15-Jun-07 14:32:07

I lost 4 stone in 3 months! Lighter Life! Have had weight "issues" all my life yo-yping dieting this was the only programme that targeted my brain!!

RedtartanLass Fri 15-Jun-07 14:32:44

Good grief what's happended to my spelling today?

Onedaysoon Sat 23-Jun-07 13:24:46

How about asking your GP for Xenical tablets? I tried every diet/eating plan going and got nowhere really. Then I asked the dr for help and he put me on these. They stop the body absorbing some of the fat in foods. therefore stopping it being stored in the body and turning to calories. If you continue to eat high fat foods you know about it though! It goes straight through you! BUT...I have been so worried about the potential side effects of eating high fat that I have completely changed the way I look at food, and won't let anything high fat pass my lips with the result that I have lost 2stone 5lb in 3 months. As long as you stick to low fat foods you're absolutely fine, which is what I wanted to do anyway.

FioFio Sat 23-Jun-07 13:26:55

Message withdrawn

Riss70 Sat 23-Jun-07 13:45:53

I used to be 78 kilos (about 12.2 stone) and now sit between 58 and 63 (about 9-9.9)allthough it varies (I go on how my clothes fit there are NO scales in my house)

i simply changes to way I ate no more fried food no more takeaway (unless a salad with no dressing) and then slowly started to eat more takeways once I had learnt about which ones were ok (such as vegeies in oyster sauce at the chinese)

that lose was over 15 years ago now and I have kept it off - gone from a bacon eggs tomatoes mushrooms and toast for breakfast to fruit and ceral or yogurt and one weekends dry fried ham steak instead of bacon .......the conversion took a while but it has been maintainable and I eat heaps and all the time just make sure that it's fruit veg lean protein and carbs (mainly pasta and bread) - people comment on it which feels good as I had always been a bigger person when younger

it is rare that I can't eat something I like I just am realistic treats are treats and they happen MAYBE weekly certainly not more

I would make sure that temptation were not in the house and encourage myself that if I was going to ahve a chocolate that I had to walk to town to get it (about 3.2kms each way) therefore would ahve earnt it

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