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Trying to lose weight with sleep deprivation

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Klouise777 Sat 13-Oct-18 11:23:22

So lo is now 6 months and I have about 5 stone to lose problem is lo does not sleep well and never has! I've tried everything but he's still up hours every night and I can't see it changing soon. Weaning has made no difference. I've started snoring badly and I know it's a result of my weight gain which obviously isn't great for my dh. Problem is I'm soooo tired I end up snacking on crap and I don't have the energy for exercise. Cooking has gone out the window and I don't have much money on maternity leave left for healthy ready meals I just wanna eat chocolate to keep myself awake! Anyone in the same boat or got any suggestions? I have joined ww but I've not been able to follow it as I should

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saratustra Tue 16-Oct-18 01:11:10

Plan your meals for the week and order ingredients online, then cook a big batch of something healthy for your lunches / dinners for 3 or 4 days - I used to do that, it's boring to eat the same thing several days in a row but if you can find the time to cook once or twice a week this helps. Something easy like stir fries, just throw chicken and vegs in a pan!

Having did that and being a new mum as well, I wouldn't worry about weight just yet - we are in survival mode till we get to sleep imo.

Good luck x

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