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Help! I need to lose 1 stone in 4 weeks

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Gingersstuff Mon 08-Oct-18 23:26:56

I've been steadily putting on the beef for ages now and am currently 4 stone overweight :-( I have a work conference coming up in Paris over 3 days in 4 weeks' time, and while I have a wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes, I can't bloody well fit into any of them and I am damned if I'm going to buy a bigger size. So folks - please hit me with your top tips for losing a stone in the next 3-4 weeks! Thank you.

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namechangedbutneedadvice Mon 08-Oct-18 23:30:21

Sounds like a (hopefully) exciting goal for weight loss! My top tip is to eat a small, carb-free dinner before 6pm. It's all about that for me. And running if that's your thing. Good luck! And weight loss or no weight loss, knock em dead at the conference flowers

Gingersstuff Mon 08-Oct-18 23:53:20

namechanged thank you! That's a great tip. Unfortunately if I don't lose some weight I will actually be knocking them down dead at the conference :-D

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Gemi33 Tue 09-Oct-18 14:36:15


I'm in a similar position - have four plus stone to lose and feeling miserable. I have struggled all year mainly due to health issues and medication and as a result I am heavier than ever. On Saturday it will be 5 weeks exactly until I go on my first holiday in years and at the moment I have nothing to wear and I am dreading it. I think low carb sounds a good idea for reasonably fast weight loss. I tried Exante but felt so sick and light headed I couldn't stick with it but now getting so desperate I'm contemplating trying again.


Gemi33 Sat 13-Oct-18 16:37:54


Gingersstuff - how are you getting on?


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