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overeating weetabix!

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oopsadaisy77 Thu 04-Oct-18 06:55:07

I have started to introduce a healthier breakfast and had weetabix, but I had four biscuits and still wanted more. I do have the greedy gene, it tasted lovely (had with a few raisins, no sugar) but has done nothing to fill me up and more stimulated my appetite.

For my children though weetabix is perfect, fills them up - no sugar, healthy lovely.

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CryingOverSpiltMilk Thu 04-Oct-18 06:58:05

Try drinking a pint of water half an hour before and then eating 2. Or I eat them with hot milk and find it's more filling that way.

DonnaDarko Thu 04-Oct-18 07:02:29

I watched a BBC documentary on the truth about healthy eating, and I really recommend you, and everyone else in the world, watch it.

It turns out cereal is less filling than bacon and eggs, but they have roughly the same calorie content. So you are less likely to be hungry later in the day, and overeat, if you have bacon and eggs in the morning over cereal.

But if you don't want to do that every morning, I would suggest having a sizeable portion of fruit with your cereal like a banana or an apple. Thats what I usually do.

ThanksHunkyJesus Thu 04-Oct-18 07:38:08

What about some full fat natural yogurt on top?

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Thu 04-Oct-18 07:46:38

I second the high fat low carb way of eating.

Weetabix is a carb which your body converts to a sugar upon eating. Your body burns this off very quickly which is why your starving so soon after. Don't have raisins either. Fruit is pure sugar.

ThanksHunkyJesus Thu 04-Oct-18 08:04:03

Fruit is fine in moderation hmm

ThanksHunkyJesus Thu 04-Oct-18 08:04:24

Fruit is fine in moderation hmm

legolimb Thu 04-Oct-18 09:22:07

Cereal doesn't do anything to keep me full for the morning.

In our house now we have something eggy or a protein shake ( with added oats, almond milk,banana and spinach).

Or porridge with a spoonful of healthy peanut butter stirred through ( no salt,sugar or palm oil type).

Seems to power me through a daily morning gym session.

oopsadaisy77 Thu 04-Oct-18 10:56:25

Thanks for great replies! I’m not sure it’s even hunger really it’s more satiety after I’ve had it I think what can I have now! So it’s not a gurgling hunger following more a “I’ve opened up the appetite and want something else” start to the day. Felt Brown foggy all morning too.

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oopsadaisy77 Thu 04-Oct-18 10:57:04

blush brown foggy... I meet brain foggy but perhaps that proves my point!

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PinkHeart5914 Thu 04-Oct-18 11:00:31

Try porridge with blueberries or eggs anyway you like (scrambled, omelette, poached or make egg ‘muffins’)

Drink a big glass of water before & after, it can trick you in to feeling full.

Have an apple mid morning if still hungry.

Face is losing weight or being healthy isn’t easy so you just have to find some willpower and ignore that greedy gene!

HeyMacWey Thu 04-Oct-18 11:02:49

Maybe just have a later breakfast - or just skip it altogether if eating triggers the need to rest more.

You don't have to eat breakfast first thing.

HeyMacWey Thu 04-Oct-18 11:03:21

*Eat more not rest more

Bluntness100 Thu 04-Oct-18 11:03:28

I'd also say high fat low carb is the way to go. Four weetabix is a lot, and if you're craving more food then it would seem you've an issue with carbs and controlling your appetite.

I'm the same with carbs, and high fat low carb is the only thing that works for me.

It's high fat, medium protein, low carb, as a percentage of your daily intake. Fat and protein makes us feel full, and as such our appetite dims.

ThanksHunkyJesus Thu 04-Oct-18 11:20:39

I think that you probably need to pay more attention to your body's cues and only eat when you are genuinely hungry. I like the book say goodbye to overeating by Gillian Riley. You can get a kindle sample for free. It's about learning to listen to your body and helping you to think about the reasons why you're eating.

oopsadaisy77 Fri 05-Oct-18 14:00:48

Great replies thank you!

Hmmm I think all applicable 1. Carbs - when I was a kid my mum used to say I would eat bowls or even healthy cereal like bran flakes - obviously my “weakness”.
2. I am most def not intuitive at breakfast time- I’m grumpy and want a fix to lift my mood so it’s not really about the food I guess.

I’m not sure I can do it mentally but I wonder if missing breakfast would make me much better actually hungry when I eat my lunch rather than just eating for the sake of it. Hmmm I’m a work in progress. No more weetabix for me - it’s given me stomach cramps (maybe the quantities!)

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ThanksHunkyJesus Fri 05-Oct-18 20:04:38

I don't think missing breakfast would work for me personally. Why not give it a go with eggs in the morning - scrambled only takes a couple of minutes in the microwave, chuck in some chopped tomatoes/ham/spinach/ peppers or whatever else you've got and a bit of cheese on top if you fancy it - very filling and delicious. Experiment with herbs and spices - I like garlic salt and black pepper.

It's there a reason why you have to eat lunch at a certain time? Ie your job? Or if you'd normally eat it at 12, but you're not hungry, could you wait until you are hungry? If you want cereal could you have 1 weetabix topped with full fat natural yogurt and some berries or chopped apple with a bit of honey if you want? Porridge is very filling too.

Bluntness100 Fri 05-Oct-18 21:40:51

If cereal is an issue for you stop eating it and find something else.

Eggs is a good solution, or yoghurt and berries, banana, honey, that sort of thing.

Personally I don't eat breakfast, I don't need it or want it now, I can't recall when I stopped, it's been so long, but if I do it just feels like extra food I don't need.

How is your weight? If you're a healthy weight or even low weight then clearly eating four weetabix and wanting more, isn't an issue, but if you are over weight or more, and wish to do something about it, then probably better to find another solution.

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