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Help me loose my saggy belly

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Babymumma2016 Thu 04-Oct-18 03:50:17

Before I was pregnant I was a size 6/8 and then whilst pregnant I went to a size 10/12 after having a 9lb baby my belly stretched after I gave birth I went to a size 14 nearly 16 then lost all the weight and went back to a size 10 which I’m happy about but I’m only 20 years old and my belly is horrible and saggy and puts me down and I don’t know what I can do to make it normal again..... well not normal but less saggy I feel so low 2 years of trying and it’s still the same maybe even worse any advice would be helpful I have lost my confidence and won’t even go swimming and now my boyfriend/ baby’s dad has left me because of other women looking better than me and no guy likes me for how my belly is I just need help I’m saving for surgery but I really dont want to spend thousands if it can get better with certain exercises or what ever please help I’m desperate 😭😭 if you like I will post a picture so it can give you an idea of what it’s like.... I feel like it looks like I’ve given birth to 4/5 kids at the age of 40/50 but I’m only 20 and this is my first child I gave birth 2 years ago where am I going wrong 😭😭

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tryingtogetthroughlife Thu 04-Oct-18 04:59:27

Erm well first thing first you ex is obviously a massive twat!
Have you been to the doctor about it? After I had my first my tummy muscles had split and didn't correctly go back in to place and was very loose.

Great job on you're weight-loss have you thought about having a consultation with a personal trainer, just to see if they could advise different methods of strengthening?
Sorry if I've not been much help, I'm not the best person I have 0 core muscle and my tummy muscles are still verging on spaghetti.
Good luck Op thanks

Babymumma2016 Thu 04-Oct-18 05:13:33

No I haven’t as I know personal trainers/ surgery will cost a lot that’s why I’m hoping someone knows something/anything that would help me so I don’t have To spend a lot of money thank you though i will look into it xx

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Blondie1984 Thu 04-Oct-18 05:16:48

Ok so first thing to be aware of is that you can’t spot reduce, fat loss doesn’t work like that sadly
You might find Pilates - especially reformer Pilates really helpful though as well as strength/resistance training

Placebogirl Thu 04-Oct-18 05:57:49

Have you been checked for diastasis recti? If you have separated tummy muscles no amount of weight loss in the world will fix it, you need specialist advice on exercises to close it.

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