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So... I'm bigger than I thought

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NGC2017 Sun 30-Sep-18 22:53:41

After months of overeating and being shocked at the scales remaining the same, they have finally increased. I am now 10lbs bigger than I thought I was/wanted to believe. I must admit I felt shit seeing my weight. I need to do something now, properly.
Today I thought right that's it no crap is passing my lips. But then yesterday I passed out whilst out with my little boy and the thought of it happening again terrifies me, so of course I thought I need to eat. But instead I was lazy and had 2 quality street. And then basically, I've just picked at shit all day :-(
I can't blame me weight increase on anyone but myself but jesus i need to get my shit together. It's making me miserable now having no control.

I used my fitness pal for a week but that made me miserable seeing how many calories was in things and how quickly my daily allowance went.

I'm not massively overweight. In fact my BMI is within the normal range, but at the higher end. But I am so out of shape. I've always had an amazing bum and flat tummy no matter my weight but at this moment my arse is a dimply mess and instead of abs I have flabs.

Need my mouth sewing shut... Help

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MrsCar Mon 01-Oct-18 11:30:44

Did I read that right OP, you passed out cos you hadn't eaten enough? shock

Re the quality street and eating shit, just don't buy it. Don't have it in the house. I'll admit I bought them when I saw them out in September and gorged on them all weekend. Lesson learned, I'm not buying them again until Christmas

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