Pregnant but want to lose weight!

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Effy93 Thu 27-Sep-18 14:16:45

I know this may sound really silly to some but I want to lose weight, but safely and so it doesn't affect my babies growth.
I'm 6 months pregnant, with my third baby and I feel really unattractive and just low with in myself. Of course my tummy is growing but it's all lose far at the bottom of my bump and I'm so embarrassed going to scans and having the midwife see me. I just want to lose weight and tone up my arms, legs etc but safely and I can't find any safe work out methods. So I'm just looking for advice, if anyone has been in my position? And has tips? Sorry if this sounds silly. I'm just struggling with my confidence and it's affecting me daily.

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PlinkPlink Thu 27-Sep-18 14:37:28

This is not the time to be dieting or losing weight but believe me, I wholly and completely empathise.

I hated HATED my pg body. I'd s0ent a fair few months finally getting into shape and to suddenly have hat taken away from me was quite hard for me to cope with.

It is all part and parcel of it however. We don't know if we're going to have another one for sure (though it lppls like we will) but that is one thing I would do differently: embrace my pregnancy and my pregnant body.

I would eat sensibly for my little one, I would embrace my bump and curves, I would enjoy buying new.maternity clothes, I would enjoy putting my feet up and being told to rest, I would just embrace it all.

Think about those things OP and remind yourself that you will NOT be pregnant forever. I promise. Even though it feels like it sometimes. Then you can do whatever you want to lose the weight slowly and sensibly.

Just embrace it for now... love the fact that you are creating the most amazing little baby in there. You are creating and sustaining life, and that is fucking beautiful x

Nomorecakes Thu 27-Sep-18 22:47:30

Agree with PlinkPlink. Not the time to start dieting, but a good time to be eating a balanced diet. I felt the same when I was pregnant with DD2, and I cut out a lot of crisps and biscuits and replaced with fruit/crackers/cheese/nuts. So just ate plenty more healthy foods.
I did end up coming out of the pregnancy half a stone lighter than when it started, but I also had very bad morning sickness and had a couple of sickness bugs, and chest infection so appetite wasn’t great.
Also my midwife told me not to start any new sort of exercise, if my body is not used to it. Instead gentle walks or swimming.
So my advice would be not to diet, but just eat a healthy balanced diet.
Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, and just enjoy it x

explodingkitten Thu 27-Sep-18 23:04:27

Dieting could be a problem. You should just eat a healthy diet. How do you feel about swimming? It will tone you up a bit but is exercise that you can do till late pregnancy.

Oh and the midwife really isn't looking at your toned (ir not) arms. She doesn't care.

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