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How many calories do you think are in this?

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WellTidy Wed 26-Sep-18 20:11:13

Thanks all. I will go with the top estimate to be sure.

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Krapom Wed 26-Sep-18 19:35:21

2 slices of cheese 160 calories
Small amount of steak fries in a little oil 240 cal
Medium panini 200 cal
Sundress’s toms in a little oil 60 cal

All approx obviously, so between 600 and 700 cal in total.

PurpleDaisies Wed 26-Sep-18 19:30:43


KeysHairbandNotepad Wed 26-Sep-18 19:30:41

700 kcals.

TulipsInBloom1 Wed 26-Sep-18 19:30:19

450 ish

WellTidy Wed 26-Sep-18 19:29:32

My workplace has a super smart deli, wher they make sandwiches to order. I am calorie counting.

Today, I had a panini (decent size) with steak, sun dried tomatoes and 2 slices of cheddar, toasted, no butter. It was lush. So lush that I think it was hugely calorific.

What would you estimate?

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