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Calorie-counted recipe boxes

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GobKnobbler Mon 24-Sep-18 12:24:20

I just had my first week's food delivered from Gousto. My aim was to add 3-4 calorie counted meals per week as a simple way to count calories and lose a little weight.

But shock! When I read my first recipe card, for a vegetable lasagne, the calories (and nutrition generally) for the oil, butter, milk and flour are not included in the calorie total that was mentioned on the website. If I have to start adding calories in MFP, then I may as well calorie count my own recipes!

Does anyone know of another recipe box service that calorie counts the complete meal?


For the lowdown on the best recipe boxes, take a look at our comparison of the most popular boxes out there and, of course, Musnetters’ reviews of their favourites. MNHQ.

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GobKnobbler Mon 24-Sep-18 21:12:59


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