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Those who are following their own weight loss journey THREAD

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SlimmingMumOf1 Fri 21-Sep-18 12:08:43

I lost just over 4st following slimming world. I have to really save money now so I no longer have a membership! I did fall off plan and gained 4lb in a month! Not bad going but I am back on it now. I am trying to make healthier lifestyle choices! I just want to document what I am eating and maybe get some input to see if I am going wrong? I know there's MyFitnessPal but I honestly don't have time to calorie count sad

Breakfast :
Overnight oats with vanilla yogurt, strawberries and sweet freedom choc shot
Cup of tea

Cup of tea

McCoy's, vegetarian burger with lettuce and Gouda cheese (on low fat danish bread and lighter spread)


Creamy Cajun chicken pasta

What's everyone else had/having? Food diaries would be great! Gives me ideas and inspiration smile thanks.

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NotMadeByDesign Fri 21-Sep-18 13:55:10

I’ll join. I’ve also recently lost 4 stone but I did that using MFP, now I want to lose an extra stone, and I just cannot find the willpower or motivation!

NotMadeByDesign Fri 21-Sep-18 13:55:54

Can’t help in terms of what I have though, I am not a great eater, I eat a lot of shit, I just don’t go overboard as much now.

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