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Weight loss while on Mirtazapine

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YouBoggleMyMind Sat 15-Sep-18 22:29:59

It's well known that ADs cause weight gain but I've put on so much weight and I need help from people who have successfully managed to lose weight despite the uphill struggle. I'm not in the best place mentally so please be gentle.

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AnotherOtter Sat 15-Sep-18 23:50:06

Sorry to hear things are tough with you thanks Mirtazapine is notorious for increased appetite and weight gain. I have heard of people who would eat raw sugar out the bag because they were so hungry!

I am on a different drug that increases appetite and weight and have lost 94lbs (in fits and starts around my mood) but frankly it is an uphill struggle. I have a good psychiatrist and he said my options were to change drug or try a lower dosage and see if my mood stayed okay. Obviously I could only consider that from a place of relative stability. I went for trying a lower dose and my mood has definitely been less stable but I have had other benefits from losing the weight and increasing exercise that I think mostly makes up for it.

There is nothing wrong with actively choosing the status quo and deciding to keep your current drug regime and maintain your current weight. There are a lot of health benefits from improving your diet with fruit and vegetables and reduced saturated fat even if it doesn't result in weight loss. The benefits of regular exercise are also independent of whether you lose weight or not plus enough cardio is proven to help some mental illnesses at least a bit (if you are well enough to exercise of course). You have options here: swap drugs, lower dosages, try a moderate diet/exercise and accept slower results than average or postpone until your mental health improves. I think it would be good to talk it over with your regular doctor or nurse. Best of luck with whatever you decide thanks

YouBoggleMyMind Sun 16-Sep-18 19:37:50

Thank you, what a lovely, kind and considered reply. I'm on the lowest dose of Mirtazapine so can't drop it anymore and have heard horror stories about other ADs so keen to keep on it for now.
My weight has been an on going struggle with a lot of yoyo-ing over the years. I just find myself hungry all the time and as I'm on maternity leave I find myself just eating crap. I had a good week, lost 3lbs and then lost motivation. I keep telling myself it's about better food choices and not the scales but I just keep eating and eating.

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