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Fell off the wagon for a day..1 week away from monthly hell.

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oopsadaisy77 Sat 15-Sep-18 15:15:43

What is it about time of the month? I had been. Successfully eating so much better and felt a no snack policy really helped. Today however chocolate, cake and bread. I actually feel great now but I would hate to add up the total kcal but my appetite was on fire.

I really struggle two weeks leading up to my period and I can only think today’s carb cravings may be partly because of that. I’m trying to be logical and think I can just cut down on other days but today has been a real challenge. I think I have managed kcal moderation and exercise and if I do the math imagine today has counteracted that. Which is a bit depressing.

Has anyone else managed to manage having the all you can eat days and still maintain a healthy weight?

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LiquoriceWheel Sun 16-Sep-18 09:16:03

Hi Op, I've struggled and continue to struggle with this issue as well! And it's mostly halfway through my cycle as well. It's normal for me to gain around 5 lbs or so during this time. After my period my weight goes back to normal.

I used to have an uncontrollable appetite for about a week or so before my period but as i've started exercising often and improving my diet it's come down to about one or two 'super eating' days. As well as this I find that fatigue, water retention and slow digestion makes weight loss impossible for a few days.

I find that afterwards my appetite returns to normal and my energy levels come back up and everything balances and gets back to normal. I've been able to maintain my weight and fitness this way.

I've heard primrose evening oil supplements are good for balancing hormones. Maybe taking them on a regular basis can help with your appetite? Also a chocolate craving indicates a magnesium deficiency apparently, but I'd rather eat the chocolate personally.

oopsadaisy77 Sun 16-Sep-18 09:33:41

Hi Liquorice,

It was so kind of you to reply. Im really struggling and helpful to hear Im not alone. I would say my appetite is uncontrollable too. I find it partly frustrating that I seem to ruin all my hard work and also annoyed that food (carbohydrates) dominate my thoughts, all day long.

I think partly the fatigue and feeling bit flat doesn't help. My days of super eating can be embarrassing if I were to quantify what I ate. I know its a lot. then Im back to normal again trying to undo the damage.

Yes I think I prefer the chocolate ;-) but will try magnesium. Im glad you seem to have yours under control which is fantastic and hopeful!

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LiquoriceWheel Sun 16-Sep-18 10:39:56

you're welcome oopsadaisy. I've been using an app called Clue to track my period. You can log your mood, food cravings, digestion etc everyday and it helps show if there is a pattern forming. it's free for basic use but you can pay for more in depth analysis (but it's not necessary).

For me it's definitely at the two week point in my cycle. I think it's something to do with the hormone progesterone because sometimes i get really nauseous which inevitably triggers a junk food fest.

I do worry as well that I've ruined all my hard work but I have no control during this time. I think all we can do is influence our hormones. There was an interesting thread about 'period symptoms no one talks about' i think it's in classics somewhere.

I think zinc is another mineral that can help. Apparently you can find zinc in raw nuts and seeds, legumes, liver (how the hell do you cook liver?!), oysters and red meat.

Magnesium is in leafy green vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits and tahini.

Also if you crave a certain food, you might have a vitamin deficiency somewhere. Sometimes I'll obsess over cheese out of the blue (I don't really like cheese) and cheese cravings are linked to calcium, vitamin d and omega 3 deficiencies.

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