Safe weight loss following an ED

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GraceMarks Mon 10-Sep-18 21:37:21

My weight has veered wildly from fat to thin and back again so many times over my life that I've pretty much lost count. I also have a 20 year history of bulimia which has surfaced on and off at various times - it's currently "off" but I know there's a danger of it coming back again if I don't take care of myself.

I am about 1 stone overweight at the moment and I absolutely HATE it. I feel grotesque and ugly, I have a wardrobe full of nice clothes that I can't get into, and I have more or less stopped going out except for work because I can't bear the way I look.

I know that I would feel happier in myself with a moderate weight loss (I'm not distorting here, I'm talking about getting to where my size 12 skirts fit again). My trouble is that I very easily get obsessive about calorie counting, then inevitably I have one bad day, try to starve myself for a day to make up for it, and before I know it I've fallen back into binging and purging.

Are there any "diet plans" that are good for weight loss but which don't involve an overly strict regime?

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trickyex Sun 16-Sep-18 12:12:44

You could try Louise Parkers method.
She advocates eating every few hours (three meals a day plus snacks).
Its quite realistic I think and she doesnt suggest anything too dramatic which might be triggering.
You could get her books from the library and see if they speak to you?
I would suggest avoiding doing fasting/MFP and also lingering on the the many weight loss threads on here which can all be quite triggering (am trying to get back on track after anorexia).

trickyex Sun 16-Sep-18 12:13:31

Good luck. Do check out the ED section on here, there is support to be had there though they dont get much traffic which is a great shame.

Stayoutoftheforest Tue 02-Oct-18 14:27:45

I’m in a similar position I was very underweight as a teen due to very disordered and restrictive eating. I’m now completely free of that and after being a healthy weight for many years I’m now also about 1st overweight. I’m currently trying to focus more on eating healthy foods rather than calorie counting I’m also not weighing myself but instead using how my clothes fit as a target instead of a number.
Not sure if it’s working but it’s making me feel better about myself and I’m sure eating fruit instead of pastries for breakfast and home cooked dinner not takeaway will be doing me some good smile

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