Realistically how much can I do in two months?

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Stayoutoftheforest Sun 09-Sep-18 21:38:01

So over the last few years I’ve gained maybe 3 stone. I am not technically overweight but I’m a lot bigger than I feel comfortable being. I’d say my ideal weight would be about 2 stone less than I am currently.
I generally just feel crap and whenever I see photos of myself I just want to cry. I have a big party to attend at the end of October with a crowd I always feel generally uncomfortable among anyway so I’d like to feel a bit more confident. Is this a realistic goal and what would be the best way to achieve it? Crash diets of extremely low calories don’t work for me so instead I’m thinking maybe more subtle life style changes.
To save drip feeding I did have some issues with disordered eating as a teen so due to that I don’t want to starve myself for the next two months

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Stayoutoftheforest Sun 09-Sep-18 21:39:26

Reading that back it seems like I’d like to loose two stone in that time I realise that’s not possible. I’m after what would be a more realistic goal smile

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glasshalfsomething Sun 09-Sep-18 21:43:49

End of October is what, 6 weeks or so? You could do 2lb a week so nearly a stone. If you exercise as well you could most definitely hang your shape in that time; which means clothes would hang better so you'd feel good too!

What works for you? A weekly target or a target by the big event?

MarcieBluebell Sun 09-Sep-18 21:45:32

It would help if you went on losertown. It's a rough guide but takes your weight, height, age and the calories you will be eating.

MrsMozart Sun 09-Sep-18 21:47:48

I use MyFitnessPal to track intake and output. It usually helps me stay on track.

MarcieBluebell Sun 09-Sep-18 21:47:52

Just to add you can lose a lot but don't worry too much about the scales to start. A lot of people lose steadily and then whoosh theres a bigger drop. Six weeks is enough for a whoosh of fat and not just water weight. I wouldn't even have a time line but just concentrate day to day. Good luck

Stayoutoftheforest Sun 09-Sep-18 23:45:04

Thankyou, the loosertown thing was really helpful to look at. I’d rather not focus on an actual number but more so how I look. Sadly exercise isn’t the easiest as I live abroad where gyms are extortionate and running after dark is a no go but I may try finding some YouTube videos of hit ect to do in the house smile

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