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Soup maker- would you recommend?

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chuckiecheese Tue 04-Sep-18 17:55:17

Any one got one of these? Would you recommend?

If yes, which on!

Thanks smile

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Scifi101 Tue 04-Sep-18 18:23:37

Personally I think they are a waste of kitchen space when soup is easy to make in a pan and then use a stick blender if necessary.

chicken75 Tue 04-Sep-18 18:27:48

I've got a Morphy Richards one, currently £49 in Currys I think.
I really love them, I even take mine to work.

WindDoesNotBreakTheBendyTree Tue 04-Sep-18 19:39:24

I LOVE mine
I HATE stick blenders

DeadCertain Tue 04-Sep-18 19:57:46

MIL bought me a Morphy Richards "Saute and Soup". Didn't think I would use it much / that it would be a faff or just a gimmick but actually I use it a lot and absolutely love it.

Marmaladegin Tue 04-Sep-18 20:34:56

I have morphy Richards one. Might love it more than my DH grin

Seriously, not sure if it helps with weight loss, but I think there's something wonderful about chucking a load of odds and ends in with s bit of stock and having a hot nutritional meal 20 mins later

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