When did you need a seatbelt extender

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cricketmum84 Sun 02-Sep-18 01:26:23

I'm going on holiday in 6 weeks. In an absolute state over maybe needing a seatbelt extender.

I'm on an anti depressant where one of the biggest side effects is weight gain. I've gone from an 18 to a 24 in 6 months. I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I'm just disgusted. I look disgusting.
And now instead of looking forward to 2 weeks in Spain all I can concentrate on is me having to stand up, all 23 stone of me and the staff escort me off the plane because I'm too heavy. Everyone is looking at me.

I don't think I can do this 😢

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Lollygaggles Sun 02-Sep-18 02:00:07

I always ask for an extender on KLM flights because the seatbelts are short. I manage ok on other planes and I'm a 24.

There's no shame in asking for an extender. I request one as soon as I get to my seat, before they start doing the safety checks. It's all very matter of fact and no one bats an eye. It's no more significant to the crew than you asking for a pillow or a glass of water.

Please don't build it up in your head and have a wonderful holiday. flowers

PerspicaciaTick Sun 02-Sep-18 02:00:12

It will be fine. Just quietly catch an attendent's eye as they walk up and down sorting the overhead lockers, say discretely that you would like a seat belt extender and they will bring you one without any fuss.
The rest of the passengers won't even notice.

Prettyvase Sun 02-Sep-18 02:27:05

Don't worry! I hope you have a really lovely holiday where you can put your troubles behind you.

If you book 2 seats instead of one ( business class might work out cheaper and there is more room) or ask for seats next to the emergency exit (more room) it will be more comfortable for you.

Have a lovely time!

PerspicaciaTick Sun 02-Sep-18 02:32:39

You don't need two seats.

Myusername2015 Sun 02-Sep-18 07:58:42

I didn’t need one when I weighed 22 stone but it was a tight fit and an uncomfortable journey. As everyone has said ask for one as you get on honestly it’s really common.flowers

HootieandtheBlowjob Sun 02-Sep-18 23:41:39

Book two seats????! Are you serious?!!!

I sometimes need an extension on Ryanair flights and as PP said it's all very discreet and no-one really notices. You definitely won't need to book an extra seat!!!


cricketmum84 Sun 02-Sep-18 23:57:40

Thank you so much to everyone that responded. I feel a bit less stressed about the flights now. I'm a nervous flier anyway so this was just stress on top of stress.

We are flying Ryanair so I'm going to have a quiet word as we get on the plane and ask for an extender. Me, skinny 24 year old and even skinnier 9 year old are in a bank of 3 seats so I can always encroach in some of their room if I don't fit in the seat!
I'm more disgusted that I've let myself get to this point to be honest. Just horrified sad I hardly even eat yet my weight just will not go down at all.

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cricketmum84 Mon 03-Sep-18 00:01:00

* 14 not 24. Even my fingers are fat

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ZestyDragon Mon 03-Sep-18 00:03:36

I am a size 18 and I need one on Ryanair flights so I bought one for a few quid on eBay. So I don’t even need to ask.

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