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Diastasis recti

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firstimer91 Thu 23-Aug-18 22:26:58

Has anyone else had any success stories with this? I am 8 weeks post partir, exercising and diet, I have lost weight noticeably off my legs arms bum and face but my doctor has diagnosed me with diastasis recti - opening of the stomach muscles.

My "pouch" does not budge it's really getting me down.

I have been trying to do low impact transversos abdominal exercises but progress is slow.

Anyone else who has been through this have any suggestions? Or can anyone say how long it could take to go back?


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Rory786 Sat 25-Aug-18 22:16:28

I didn’t have it, but my sister in law had it with her first, then she went to have 2 more pregnancies before it was healed, the latter of those pregnancies was twins! It’s very hard to shift. The twins are now 7. A

Don’t be too hard on yourself, you are only 8 weeks post partum. I think there is a book specially targeted at this on Amazon.

firstimer91 Tue 28-Aug-18 20:21:12

Thank you, it is very disheartening...

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Greenrabbit Tue 28-Aug-18 21:08:04

Have a look at the Mutu system.
I can’t personally vouch for it as I still haven’t done the program (that’s just me being lazy. I signed up 5 years ago blush).
Lots of information on the website about healing a DR and success stories.

TricycleBicycle Tue 28-Aug-18 21:21:39

What exercise are you doing? I go to a mum and baby exercise class with trainers specialised in peri-natal exercise. They checked my gap and advised me on what to do to help close it. You have to be careful with core exercises so you don't make it worse.

TricycleBicycle Tue 28-Aug-18 21:23:45

Oh I was told mine had closed at around 7 months pp. It wasn't too bad though, about 3 fingers at worst. My trainer told me about much worse ones that had closed up so it is possible.

Rory786 Tue 04-Sep-18 05:24:24

Good luck OP. flowers

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