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Katie Piper - Happy, Healthy Mum Plan

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sirmione Thu 23-Aug-18 13:05:42

Has anybody tried this? Can’t seem to find any info about what’s actually involved. TIA

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Dancingqueenwannabe Thu 22-Nov-18 06:11:58

Hi, did you find anything out about this diet? I'm interested but like you, can't find what it's all about! X

kshaw Thu 22-Nov-18 06:21:02

I signed up. You get 1500 calories a day and follow the 16:8 rule. 300 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch and dinner then 200 to spend on snacks that can be eaten outside the 8 hour window. Also includes exercises to do. I don't think it's a bad diet to be honest and you get used to only eating in a set window quite quickly. I'm just useless and fat at sticking to diets!

panticus Thu 22-Nov-18 06:54:09

But how do you do 16:8 if you have breakfast and dinner?

kshaw Thu 22-Nov-18 07:22:15

You choose your window. So I did 11am breakfast, lunch at 2 then dinner before 7pm...but to be honest I skipped breakfast mainly and had more calories in dinner

panticus Thu 22-Nov-18 07:46:02

Ah that makes sense. Thanks!

Dancingqueenwannabe Fri 23-Nov-18 03:30:45

Thank you. Do you think it's something worth signing up to? I don't have time for slimming world meetings but need something to keep me on track. I'm hopeless at duets, especially this time of year but I can't still look pregnant when baby is 4 months old 😂😂😂 x

kshaw Fri 23-Nov-18 06:06:49

You get a Facebook group entry which is supportive to be fair and a cookery book that has exercise in it but what I've said is the diet so in hot sure whether to recommend really. Depends if you want to spend £30!

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