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Any tips on how to enjoy a wedding when you're obese?!

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AnnieHoo Wed 22-Aug-18 13:55:15

I've got a big wedding coming up at the weekend and I've not lost the weight I wanted to. So I can't fit into my dress and need a whole new outfit. This is all pretty rank, lesson learned, but I want to enjoy it and look forward to it! I don't want to mope around in a size 18 dress that's too tight with Spanx up to my oxters I want to be happy and sexy!!! Plans are:

Get some gorgeous perfume
Gorgeous shoes
Get hair done
Get a dress one size up
Stay cool, don't dance too much
Practice make up so it's beautiful
Don't drink until wedding meal
Practice avoiding cameras / posing in a way that reduces size like squeezing up to DH.

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annandale Wed 22-Aug-18 14:02:13

All sounds fine except the avoiding cameras bit. Focus on why you are there. The couple have invited you, they want to see you enjoying yourself. Fair enough not to take lots of selfies or whatever people do now but dont avoid cameras or spend afes thinking/worrying about it.

Are you ok money-wise? Spending what sounds like about £300 on this one day is a lot. Could you borrow some stuff?

Beaverhausen Wed 22-Aug-18 14:08:12

Firstly size 18 is not obese!

Go and find something that you like and feel comfortable in to wear, have your hair and nails done and if you want have your make up done for you.

If you are looking for a pose i usually use a kind of to the side with a shoulder forward. Practice in the mirror. Just enjoy yourself and remember no matter what your size you are gorgeous and confident.

It is a wedding the only person people will be paying attention too is the bride. Just have a ball.

And do not try and squeeze yourself into spanx you will only make yourself feel worse.

And if you want to try something under your clothes try a waspie, steelboned do not go for a waist clincher they are useless. I am a size 18 and a xxxl is usually good for me. It will give you an hourglass figure.

This is the type I would go for, you do not want one that is plastic boned they are useless, also ensure that they have the correct binding of a rope like material not ribbon. If it is ribbon send it back it is not a real waspie. You should also not pay more than £30 - £50 for one, also do not get a leather one, get one that is silky material. Get a long line one not the short one, they are useless and measure yourself to ensure you get the correct size. Should always be a size smaller than your actual size, hence xxxl should be perfect. It gives me the perfect hourglass without me feeling uncomfortable. A waspie not a basque, basque you can not wear for long or sit down in. Wear it a few times before the actual event.

Hope that helps smile

RavenLG Wed 22-Aug-18 14:19:36

A size 18 can be obese depending on height but I’m sure the OP doesn’t want help with semantics.

As the first poster said the couple want you there, they don’t give a fig what you look like or what you weigh!

I’m a size 22 and recently went to a wedding and had a blast.

Don’t buy a dress one size up, just buy a dress that fits properly, comfortably and you feel nice in (be that the same size you are or 5 sizes up, don’t focus on size focus on fit). Don’t wear something you feel constrained or flustered. If you’re not used to wearing corset type things you’ll be wanting to rip it off after the canapés.

Make sure you have comfy shoes, it’ll work wonders.

Hair and Make Up can make you feel more out together but don’t get hung up on it, don’t pile it on if you’re not usually that way with make up, it’ll make you feel hot and sticky.

Take a little hand fan incase you feel hot.

Most importantly just be yourself, you’ll feel your most comfortable that way. If you want a drink before the meal have a drink. Please dance!!! It’s the best thing about a wedding seeing all the people enjoy themselves, who cares if you sweat, take 5 and cool down outside with a drink (and your trusty fan)!

DemocracyDiesInDarkness Wed 22-Aug-18 14:21:07

What the fuck? Get a nice dress, whack a shitload of eyeliner on, and dance until your feet hurt.

Not sure why you feel you're not allowed to go out in the world and enjoy yourself while being overweight? confused

AnnieHoo Wed 22-Aug-18 14:52:02

Haha thanks! Will slap on the eyeliner and mascara and maximise my assets. It's not that I'm not allowed to enjoy it it's more how I'm going to make sure I enjoy it to the max!

Going outside to cool down is good plan! Nothing better than chatting outside the venue with a glass of fizz.

And you're right about the corsets. They'll only make me sweat more. And I've found some comfortable / beautiful shoes.

I'll send the other dress back.

I'll be fine when I'm there just having a moment of dread! Love wedding and love the couple getting married very much. It will be a happy day!

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Babyg1995 Wed 22-Aug-18 21:32:29

Well I was a size 18 at 5,7 and was told by my doctor I was obese . Op your plan sounds great but please don't avoid cameras you will look beautiful .

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