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Annoyed that I look bigger than my friends!

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Version2point0 Tue 21-Aug-18 14:16:44

I'm not overweight on the scales and am a comfortable size 12 in most shops, my waist is just below 30 inches. (As in a 14 generally baggy and can got into a 10 but it would not be comfy!) However as my BMI is almost 25 I'm constantly watching what I eat to make sure I don't put weight on and I'm not that happy with how I look.

I was away for the weekend with a group of 5 other women, the topic of H&M sizing came up and how thier sizing is smaller than everywhere else. This led to a general discussion about clothes sizes and it transpired that 4 of my friends are also generally a size 12, with one being a size 14 and one a size 10. I was astonished as I always thought I was bigger than all these friends. In particular the friend who is a size 14 looks loads smaller than me!

Since I got back I have looked at the photos and I clearly look biggest sad On looking closely I think that although my waist is a similar size, I have much bigger breasts and shoulders and my arms and legs are bigger too. It just doesn't seem fair! As soon as I put on a jumper I look enormous!

I know making comparisons probably not helpful but it's got me thinking. None of these friends look too big but I think I do. I'm just wondering whether I can ever get to the point where I look smaller, given that I'm actually the same waist size already!

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Version2point0 Tue 21-Aug-18 14:17:37

Oh and height size I'm not smaller, am in the middle of the heights.

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Onthebrink87 Tue 21-Aug-18 14:51:49

I imagine it's the way you perceive yourself rather than actually how you look. I'm currently 10st 5ft6 and a size 10 I'm convinced I look much bigger and have friends a couple of friends 2 or 3 sizes bigger and I really don't see it! I honestly look bigger (Not even lucky enough to have boobs or hips!) I let it get the better of me and last year got down to 8st something and could fit my broad frame into a size 6 and my 9 year olds trousers (ignoring the length) I didn't feel any small then than I do now but people where convince I was really ill - I still desperately want to lose 1.5st 🙈 I'm sure you look perfect and the best thing to do is try and accept that instead of making yourself unhealthy flowersflowers

livefornaps Tue 21-Aug-18 15:05:57

I think this is something you just have to get over.

We all take so many photos these days and we keep assessing ourselves to standards that are based on Photoshop/professional shoots.

I swear when there wasn't the same proliferation of the constant snap snap snapping people just got on with their lives!

Even if you do look the biggest (which I doubt) - so what?! Someone has to. Either decide to do something about it or don't but in the end if you are healthy these things do not matter and should not spoil your time with your friends.

Version2point0 Tue 21-Aug-18 19:36:19

Oh I get that I shouldn't be obsessed about it Livefornaps, but it's just really difficult to know whether it's something I need to put energy into or not! Before I realised our sizes were the same I hadn't thought about it at all, I wasn't worried about being slightly bigger. It's just annoying to potentially have a body shape that looks bigger than others when my waist size is the same!

I wonder if I lost a stone whether that would make me look the same size despite being smaller than them, or whether I'd suddenly look smaller than them, or if I don't actually need to lose weight...

I didn't think about it too much at the weekend, it's only since getting home and seeing the pics! At the time i thought, great I'm not that big after all!

That's intesrtesting Onthebrink, I got down to a BMI of 21 once and was told I looked ill! I just wish there was more official advice on waist sizes etc. rather than it all being BMI focussed. Im sure weight on arms and legs doesn't count the same way as weight on your waist!

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StringandGlitter Tue 21-Aug-18 20:53:06

Could it be clothing choice. I have big boobs and certain styles make me look an enormous blob with a uniboob, others make me look like I have a waist.

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