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Bloody fat thighs!

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ppeatfruit Fri 10-Aug-18 16:07:59

Enjoy the hen grin maybe wear a long skirt or trousers with a sequin top?

ppeatfruit Fri 10-Aug-18 16:05:51

The fruit is good but check out your wheat intake; an egg or cheese salad is better than a ham sandwich (much easier to digest) and maybe cut down on caffeinated drinks if you OD on them, plenty of water with herbal'green teas is better. I agree you need to be careful due to having recently given birth, (ignore all the stupid media publicity about celebrities who want be like robots not humans).

Missing breakfast is only sensible if you're not hungry at that time.Look at Paul Mackenna for help I lost 3 stone with him without CC or any rubbish low fat slimming foods.

PineapplePower Fri 10-Aug-18 10:46:07

I am no nutritionist, just a postpartum woman just like yourself. You are still in the early stages. Are you still breastfeeding?

I’ve noticed myself that it’s not just weight. My body shape has just .... changed. I think my rib cage expanded, I have no idea if it’s going to actually shrink back confused I’m in my sixth month postpartum.

So maybe a lot of it is body changes? You are still in the early stages, so there’s time for it to snap back into place. They say it takes nine months to put it on .... so be patient?

Gigis Fri 10-Aug-18 05:34:36

Gosh I was on a whinge last night! Had just tried on awful skirt again.
I'm not too exhausted although I'm aware 1300 is low. Typical day I'll skip breakfast, have a ham sandwich for lunch and maybe a couple of bikkies. Lunch never goes above 500 calories. Then dinner is usually the bulk of my calories, pasta or chicken etc. I eat as many of my remaining calories at dinner, so there's no typical meal.
I will graze in the day on fruit etc which is hard to count, I know. So perhaps that's where I'm going wrong and actually over 1300? It's so easy to think ' Oh that was just an apple, I can have a couple more'

The idea of exercise is a good one, I enjoyed running before becoming pregnant but would need to get one of those buggies you can run with as I'm too tired by the end of the day when dh gets home to go out.

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Blondie1984 Thu 09-Aug-18 23:35:28

1300 calories is REALLY low - especially given that you are a new mum - are you not exhausted? Your body has recently done something AMAZING - try and be proud of that - maybe some of the others are smaller but I bet they are just as self conscious and I'm sure some will be envious of you being a new mum!
In terms of what to do long term
1) Give yourself a break
2) Have a think about forms of exercise you enjoy and see if you can start those
3) Can you share what you eat in a day, how much you weigh currently and why you decided on 1300 calories?

Gigis Thu 09-Aug-18 21:22:42

Help me. I am going to a hen do tomorrow where the theme is fucking sparkle and glitter and sequins etc. I gave birth four and a half months ago and even though I've been dieting like mad for about a month (trying not to go over 1300 calories a day, walking 10,000 steps) my thighs, hips and stomach have yet to get the message.
This bloody spangled sequin mini skirt arrived today and i was so excited to try it on thinking I'd done enough and looking forward to my first night out post baby and I just look terrible. Lumps and bumps and it's too tight across my thighs. No one else going has had a baby, they're all still their gorgeous size 8/10 selves and i know I'll hate looking at photos where I'll be this fat lump next to them who's tried to squeeze herself into a skirt she has no business wearing.
So, tomorrow is a grit my teeth and get through it and just try and dodge the camera affair, but what can I do long term? Can't see how I can cut more calories or exercise more. Any ideas gratefully received.

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