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Help me have restraint when home alone!

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Ginger1982 Tue 07-Aug-18 20:49:14

DH works away several nights during the week. When he's at home he generally does most of the cooking. He will make meals that are generally slimming world friendly (lost 1.5 stone on the plan since having DS) though both of us are pretty weak willed when it comes to snacks etc. When he is home, though, I'm actually quite good at eating normally but when he's away I seem to lose all reasoned sense! I'll have a normal breakfast with DS and pick at bits of his lunch, but later on I won't make myself a proper dinner, I'll just have slices of bread or biscuits and then once I've started I can't stop! It's as though when there's no one to check me, I just lose all self control,

What can I do? I'm not stupid, I'm just...I don't know! I look at myself in the mirror and don't particularly like what I see but I can't seem to reconcile it when I'm stuffing my face 😞

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