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Help me lose weight :(

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Countdownto40 Tue 07-Aug-18 19:54:37

I really want to lose around 1.5 stones before I hit 40 early next year but I just can't seem to stick a diet.

I even started a thread on here to keep me on track but I abandon it when I fall off the wagon and pick it up again on Monday morning when I'm motivated again blush

My meals are quite good - eggs or low carb/protein cereal for breakfast, soup/salad for lunch, normal dinner but no carbs. It's the snacking in between. I crave salt so I eat crisps. I can't resist food in the kitchen at work. I eat my toddler's leftovers. I love eating and never give my mouth a rest. blush

I've done well on BIWI's bootcamp before but got sick of eggs for breakfast!

Todays menu was -

1 sausage and egg for breakfast
Lunch was a cold chicken thigh from fridge, a slice of ham DS didn't eat and a small bowl of bolognese
Dinner was 50g chorizo, 60g halloumi, 3/4 avocado and salad (lettuce, onion, tomakto, cucumber)

Snacks were - iced coffee, 2 bag of squares (DS didn't like his so I ate his too), a handful of prawn crackers, half a mango, a Lindor ball and the peel from DS's apple!

Any tips? I've lost and gained weight for the last 20 years! I've had success on weight watchers in the past and more recently low carb. Just can't seem to get into it and stick to it!

Jupiter9 Tue 07-Aug-18 19:58:34

Just wondered your height and weight.

Countdownto40 Tue 07-Aug-18 20:08:11

5ft 4.5 and 11 stone 2.

Jupiter9 Tue 07-Aug-18 21:36:16

Quite petite then.

Jupiter9 Tue 07-Aug-18 21:39:30

I not sure you need to lose weight, I can lose weight easily by just walking. The fun of walking five miles to a pub for a drink then home is worth considering. Good luck.

Countdownto40 Tue 07-Aug-18 22:02:07

I do need to lose weight, I look tubby at the moment sad

Jupiter9 Tue 07-Aug-18 22:37:06

I was called fat and skinny on the same day. Fat by my partner and skinny by a friend. I lost three stone and looking at pictures I was too thin. I've put on a stone and feel much better. You must be 10/12 which is really slim.

ronniemipperton Tue 07-Aug-18 22:44:33

hmm I’m about the same as OP and I’m a size 16 at the moment (also looking to lose, I’ve done it before but had some health issues recently).

Are you meal planning the week ahead? I find it much easier to avoid snacking if I know I’ve got tasty things to look forward to (and I build snacks in, I never stick to it if it makes me miserable).

Also - guessing possibly not given you’re avoiding carbs completely, but are you doing any exercise?

Amicompletelyinsane Tue 07-Aug-18 22:55:22

IM terrible for eating kids leftovers. I've started making them tip it in the bin themselves or I pretty much run over to do it else I'll start eating it. I do love a jam sarnie😂

Jupiter9 Tue 07-Aug-18 23:45:22

11 stone isn't a size 16

ronniemipperton Wed 08-Aug-18 06:18:25

Well I can’t fit into a size 14...

Countdownto40 Wed 08-Aug-18 08:16:46

I'm a 12 bordering onto a 14 sad

I sporadically exercise. It's been so hot recently I can't exercise in this weather without getting a headache and feeling ill!

tryagainsardines Wed 08-Aug-18 08:28:32

11 stone isn't a size 16

Weight is a funny thing. I have lost 3 stone this year (15 down to 12) and I am still in my size 18 clothes. They just fit much better (although some dresses are loser around the top)
You don't always lose a dress size.

Slartybartfast Wed 08-Aug-18 08:32:34

just throw away the toddler's left overs. the world wont end wink We have all been there.

Slartybartfast Wed 08-Aug-18 08:33:11

you could swim op, if you can find an adults only session?

Babyg1995 Wed 08-Aug-18 09:04:15

When I get to 11 1/2 stone I'm a 16 I need to be under 10st to get to a 10 .ive just dropped 2 stone doing the the slender bend shakes for lunch everything else is healthy eating and exercise expecialy walking.

Spottyyellowdress Wed 08-Aug-18 09:14:03

Download the My Fitness Pal app on your phone and log ALL your food. Every mouthful. See what you’re eating now - because to be honest from what you’ve said, that sounds like quite a lot of calories and I bet there’s more mouthfuls of this and that that you didn’t mention - then adjust accordingly and make yourself accountable.

For what it’s worth I’m 5’7’’, was usually around 11st and a size 12/14, at my heaviest was just under 13st and barely into a 16 so it’s different for everyone. Logging food and running regularly has kept me between 9 and 9.5 st for 5 years now and a size 8-10. I don’t log every day now but when I feel a bit chubby again I’ll go back to it for a month or so. It doesn’t have to be forever.

Good luck OP - it’s not easy at all, but you need to make yourself accountable. No excuses!

Countdownto40 Wed 08-Aug-18 09:50:43

@slarty - Toddler food is so much more fun than adult food! But, yes, I will throw them! I can't swim blush

@Spottyyellowdress - I love your username! My lowest weight has been around 9 stone and that was when I was running regularly and dancing every Friday night!

I do need to make myself accountable. I’ve picked up terrible habits. I never used to eat chocolate now I eat it every day. It’s totally unnecessary.

I’ve just logged today’s food in MFP. I have one of those slimming milkshakes for breakfast, lunch is soup, dinner is chicken drumsticks and salad. I have also had an iced coffee. That’s around 700 cals and I will have a few cashew nuts later instead of having crisps. Let’s do this!

Jupiter9 Wed 08-Aug-18 11:00:30

Just installing my fitness Pal app myself. Going to see my calorie consumption too.

Spottyyellowdress Wed 08-Aug-18 11:06:59

@countdownto40 that’s brilliant! With that attitude, it’ll be no problem at all - I think it’s easier once you actually lose a bit too and start feeling good about yourself again. Make sure you’re eating enough though so you don’t feel like your dying of hunger and eat an entire loaf of bread using butter as a dip...(obviously never done that...ahem)

Keep us updated with your progress - you’ve got this!!!

Countdownto40 Wed 08-Aug-18 11:14:40

Thank you, @spotty!

I have an apple here too but TBH I am rarely hungry as I eat too much blush

pliable Wed 08-Aug-18 11:15:42

OP, you could use low carb nuts for snacking: macadamia, brazil nuts, pecan, and pine nuts are lowest.

Cashews are one of the highest carb nuts...

Is the iced coffee with sugar and milk? if yes consider going black?

pliable Wed 08-Aug-18 11:16:55

PS. Also, what soups are you eating? Check for carbs/sugar content?

SentToTheSynByn Wed 08-Aug-18 12:04:23

I started off the same weight, and am the same height. I got down to 10,2, but have put on a couple of lbs on holiday. Just taking it slow but steady. First goal was to get my bmi into the healthy weight area. Next goal is to lose what I gained on holiday in the next two weeks.

I am mostly low carbing, will eat chickpeas and lentils. It looks to me like you could do with upping your fruit and veg. I treat myself to a punnet of raspberries, strawberries or cherries every day, and I don't share! Sometimes ready to eat nectarines.

I aim to fill half my plate with veg, and half protein. I sprinkle on a few seeds on salad to make it feel special.

I have one small bag of 100 calorie crisps each evening. Other snacks are raw veg dipped in cottage cheese. I sometimes just eat for the sake of it and don't even notice that it's just carrot sticks.

I have a glass or two of wine each evening.

Throw leftovers straight in the bin, or squirt with washing up liquid. Imagine your toddler has already licked the leftover food.

Good luck @Countdownto40 you can do it.

SentToTheSynByn Wed 08-Aug-18 12:06:22

Oh, and its more wasteful to eat beyond your appetite than it is to throw food away.

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