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CantankerousCamel Sat 04-Aug-18 20:03:02

Hi there, my husband and I would like to start batch cooking meals, to stop us eating crap and to give us more time in the evenings.

We are interested in batch preparing/cooking our lunches and dinners, maybe for 4 nights.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get started or favourite meals?


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NewReality18 Sat 04-Aug-18 20:12:51

We're doing a pot roast (beef brisket) tomorrow in the slow cooker. The left overs will give me the meat for a cottage pie type meal and I add some passata to another portion with mushrooms and call it Bolognese. I'm lazy - cook once, eat 3 times!

NorthernSpirit Sat 04-Aug-18 20:23:25

The slow cooker is a godsend! Get a slow cooker book, the recipes are for 4 and you can give 2 off.

CantankerousCamel Sat 04-Aug-18 20:33:48

I have a slow cooker... two really as I also have a rice cooker

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NewReality18 Sat 04-Aug-18 20:44:49

Our favourite is gammon in diet cola. So, first meal is gammon and salad / mash and cabbage. The leftover meat can be frozen and then used for carbonara, sandwiches, pizza topping, risotto, quesadillas...

FATEdestiny Sun 05-Aug-18 12:00:03

How many are you cooking for CantankerousCamel? Is it just you did DH?

We have 4 children, so with 6 of us I'm always cooking big amounts. But if ever I'm doing a meal with mince, I always buy and cook 1kg rather than than the 500g that we need for a family meal. I then just bung more veg in and half the resulting meal - one for the freezer and one horse dinner.

If it's just you and DH, you could do the same with a 500g pack of mince. Or indeed make a massive 1kg batch like mean and portion into four or five freezer meals.

CantankerousCamel Sun 05-Aug-18 12:39:30

I more want to do 4 healthy meals in packets for lunches

4 healthy meals in packets for dinner

So like sweet chilli chicken, broccoli and rice

Or so on

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