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Egg Fast - LCHF

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Itsear Sat 04-Aug-18 15:33:34

Anyone want to join me in a 3 - 5 day egg fast? I am planning on starting tomorrow but a Monday start might be better for some. Below I have copied the rules from a previous thread, I lost 6lb that time. I am currently stalled and know that this will kickstart a loss.


1. Eat at least six eggs per day
This is not a calorie-restricted diet so eat to fullness.

2. Buy the best quality eggs you can
Free range eggs may contain more omega 3 fats and vitamin D.

3. Eat one tablespoon of butter per egg
Coconut oil, olive oil and mayo may also be used.

4. You may add up to one ounce of cheese per egg if desired
Make sure your cheese is low carb.

5. Drink as much water as you can: at least 2-4 litres MINIMUM
Black or bulletproof coffee, black tea, green tea and herbal tea can be added if required.

6. Add salt and keep taking your usual vitamins (if taken)
Consider extra magnesium and potassium to prevent cramps.
If you suffer from constipation then flaxseed may help.

7. Exercise daily
Even a short walk will help maintain lean muscle mass.

8. Eat three meals a day; if not hungry eat one egg
Your appetite will be reduced but keep eating to preserve lean muscle mass.

9. Follow the egg fast for three days; five days may give better results
You will be sick of eggs by the third day.

10. Transition back to your normal diet
E.g. the day after eat two egg meals and one normal meal (whatever you usually eat), the day after that eat one egg meal and two normal meals. Consider keeping on eating at least two eggs a day to maintain the effects of the fast

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AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 04-Aug-18 15:34:34

Does this work?!

I love eggs.

Itsear Sat 04-Aug-18 15:43:17

For most, I’ve heard of a couple of people where it didn’t work but it obviously depends what you are eating beforehand. For me it is great to get back into a ‘healthy’ mindset because the results are fast and after the egg fast I stick to LCHF, 1200 cals a day and as you don’t feel hungry that is easy. If you have a binge after the egg fast then the weight will of course go back on. I am aiming for a 5lb loss this time.

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Dreambathroom Sat 04-Aug-18 16:51:12

How will you be cooking the eggs? How many days are you planning to do this? Interested to follow your progress!

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