I need help right this minute, please.

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Lilacwine1 Sun 29-Jul-18 19:07:58

I have been a on a diet since July 7th. I have lost 12lb. For the past three days I have lost nothing at all. I am now wondering if it's worth depriving myself if it's making no difference. I am sitting here with a tub of my favourite ice-cream, I am desperate to tuck into it, but will it be worth the guilt I will feel if I do. Please, will you give me the incentive to carry on, and a good tip, to stop me from giving up in the future. Please, I need you to help me, now.

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BrevilleTron Sun 29-Jul-18 19:10:07

Put a small amount in a bowl and enjoy it!

Bunchofdaffodils Sun 29-Jul-18 19:10:28

It’s blooming chilly! Why are you eating icecream?!!

user1498854363 Sun 29-Jul-18 19:10:40

Op, starving yourself makes the body worry that food / energy won’t come so it holds on to all fats until it is reassured food will come regularly again.

Don’t eat the Ice cream
You have done great

Eat some toast/ fruit

Drink tea/ water

What’s yr goal?

AssassinatedBeauty Sun 29-Jul-18 19:10:54

It's just a plateau. It happens, and the only thing to do is to keep on with what you were doing. Eventually you'll move on again. But not if you overeat now!

PamBeeslysCardigan Sun 29-Jul-18 19:13:53

I lost 4 and a half stone a couple of years ago. I used MFP to track it and if I look at the graph of my loss, it has straight lines in as well as some increases before the decreases again. Three days is nith8ng in terms of a stall. Your weight can fluctuate due to hormones, water retention and many different things. That’s why it’s better to weigh weekly, rather than daily.
Don’t deny everything you enjoy, track what your eating, calculate your calories.
Don’t give up, OP. You can do this.

Twodogsandahooch Sun 29-Jul-18 19:15:15

Have a small bowl sand enjoy every mouthful. Depriving yourself won't lead to long term weight loss


TheDuckSaysMoo Sun 29-Jul-18 19:17:34

You've lost loads already and done incredibly well. Don't undo it all now! Have one scoop of that lovely ice cream and put the rest back in the freezer. The weight is not going to come off if you eat the tub.

It's normal to not lose for a couple of weeks if you've lost loads. It will start to come off again but not if you start eating too much again.

Lilacwine1 Sun 29-Jul-18 19:27:49

user1 My goal is to reach 7.5-8st. I am only five feet in height and weigh 11st 2lb. I am desperate to lose this weight, which I have put on in the last three years. I have always been slim, and was at my happiest and most confident, when I was at my ideal weight. I really, really need to lose this weight, I am so unhappy at the moment.... I have put the ice-cream back in the freezer.

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Lilacwine1 Sun 29-Jul-18 19:34:56

Thank you all. I have got to lose this weight. I really need to feel the way I use to.

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TheDuckSaysMoo Sun 29-Jul-18 19:46:50

Woohoo! Well done not scoffing any.

BrutusMcDogface Sun 29-Jul-18 19:51:33

12lb is a lot to lose in such a short timeframe, isn't it? Be careful flowers

Somersetlady Sun 29-Jul-18 19:55:55

So ive been there! Well done on your weightlias it’s very hard and you are doing well! Totally normal to platau off and even put on a lb the few days before your period so don’t panic!

If i were you i would scoop out a samll bowl grind pepper over the rest and chuck it in the bin.

And before I get flamed yes i know it’s a waste but I would go back and finish the tub if I didnt do this.

Eat clean for the next 5 days and you will see results again.

Lilacwine1 Mon 30-Jul-18 10:01:00

Just want to say thank you for the support yesterday. Thank God, I didn't get stuck into that tub of evil intent yesterday. I woke up this morning thinking, at least I can carry on where I left off, and not have to get rid of more pounds I would have put on yesterday. Thank you againflowers

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