3 weeks till hol - quickest way to lose weight

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abc12345 Sun 29-Jul-18 22:01:14

I’ve googled the james Duncan diet. Does it really work??

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WatermelonGlitter Sun 29-Jul-18 18:12:07

James Duncan diet.

wetsnow Sun 29-Jul-18 18:07:22

Ive 2 weeks till mine and me and dh started low carbing. He does gym and i run 2 x a week anyway for excercise but weve been rubbish foodwise.

Two days in and its been fine so far.
Scrambled egg and veggies with sausage brunch.
Stir fry veggies, and shreddes chicken in lettuce leaf wraps for dinner. 😊

Glossyglosspaint Sun 29-Jul-18 15:38:46

I think it's quite an individual thing which diets work best for which person. Personally I find low-carb takes the weight off really quickly. Combined with a bit of toning exercise always works well for me.

abc12345 Sun 29-Jul-18 15:32:15

Any suggestions how to lose weight quickly before I go?

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