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Low GI, low GL, FODMAP, dairy-free, gluten-free,!

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pliable Fri 27-Jul-18 15:47:52

In my case, the fastest way to lose weight was always by reducing sugar. By sugar I mean anything that contains: sugar, honey so fruit juice, sports drinks, cake, pastries, fruit (except berries), cereal, candy, ice cream, cereal, muesli.

Maybe try to reduce or sugar for one month and see what happens? Then 2nd step is to reduce starch: bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.

On exercise - start walking more and more, then find something that's fun and start doing it once a week (e.g. zumba or running or swimming). And keep doing yoga, as that really helps. Then try to up the level gradually - maybe more of the same sport, longer walks, couch to 5K programs...

Best of luck.

AnotherOtter Fri 27-Jul-18 12:17:16

I've done a lot of reading into diets over the years and have lost 96lbs by calorie counting (and exercising). I eat what I want as long as it fits into my daily budget so it's very flexible. However, unless I make conscious choices to eat more protein and more fibre (both keep me feeling fuller for longer) and not go overboard with carbs (they can make me feel hungrier) then I end up feeling hungry between meals which I don't like. So I plan my meals and snacks pretty carefully. I've experimented a lot with what foods suit my body as there is no one, universal answer that suits everyone.

Low FODMAP diet is to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Dairy free is to treat lactose intolerance (or to be vegan). Gluten free is to treat coeliac disease or gluten intolerance. Soy free is to treat soya allergy. You get the point: none of these restrictions are necessary unless you have the relevant medical condition. Low GI or low carb are anecdotally good for PCOS but I don't think there is any strong evidence either way. I have PCOS and it is significantly better just from losing weight full stop.

I am on the Anybody looking to lose 100lbs thread which has been a great support to me. You are very welcome to join ussmile Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

MadeleineMaxwell Thu 26-Jul-18 15:16:52

I had a look, thanks delph - looks like it was Slimming World. I'm not mad keen on the idea myself smile

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delphguelph Wed 25-Jul-18 18:32:03

AMA obv

delphguelph Wed 25-Jul-18 18:31:54

Just FYI there is someone over on AWA who lost a lot of weight - you could always pop over and ask her too.

ThrownMuse Wed 25-Jul-18 18:28:18

Place marking to come back and chat later!

MadeleineMaxwell Wed 25-Jul-18 18:26:05

I have about 10 stone to lose. I'm nearly 38 and have been overweight since I was about 5, to greater or lesser degrees. I have PCOS, anaemia and asthma. So basically Mother Nature has determined that I should be fat, tired and breathless, the utter cowbag.

I've been looking at PCOS diets on t'interwebs: DF, GF, soy-free, low-carb, low GI, low GL, FODMAP - they're all recommended by someone somewhere. I feel a bit overwhelmed and unable to separate out fact from fiction. I don't do well with diets in any case and I'm looking for something that isn't too restrictive or difficult (ha!). The only exercise I feel able to do without coughing up a lung is beginner yoga or similar.

Does anyone have any good experiences with my kind of situation? Should I ask my GP if I can see a dietician?

Should I start out slow with, say, switching to wholemeal everything and go from there? Or is cold turkey the way to go? Argh!

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