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Intuitive eating - recommended me a book!

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biggirlknickers Sat 21-Jul-18 21:39:50

There are so many books on Amazon on intuitive eating. I can only afford one so it needs to be the best!

Also, your tips and positive stories on this way of eating please. I need to give up dieting for good.

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EssexMummy123456 Sat 21-Jul-18 21:41:47

There's no evidence it works, can I recommend Gillian Riley's Eating Less instead, which worked for me.

biggirlknickers Sat 21-Jul-18 22:09:20

That’s intriguing Essexmummy, can you tell me more about it and how it helped you?

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biggirlknickers Sun 22-Jul-18 08:52:19

Bumping - anyone?

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CremeDeSudo Sun 22-Jul-18 13:12:30

There was a Dietician AMA thread and she recommended Evelyn Tribole's book. I've bought it but haven't read it yet!

biggirlknickers Sun 22-Jul-18 18:12:41

The Gillian Riley and Evelyn Tribold look very similar in their approach. I’m tempted to buy both to compare but I can’t really afford both.

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MacaroonMama Tue 24-Jul-18 20:22:23

Have you tried Fat is a Feminist Issue? Fascinating. Intuitive Eating plus looking at all the baggage of body image and why we eat etc. By Susie Orbach. And if you order from the library, it will be free.

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