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I have never weighed as much

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lydialydias Sat 14-Jul-18 11:47:14

I'm exactly the same. I'm not sure of my weight but it's around the 11.5 stone mark. I am only 5'4 so this makes me look like a barrel. I'm 51

HRTpatch Sat 14-Jul-18 11:41:29

I know it has been creeping on but I weighed myself today and am 13 stone 3.
I am six feet tall but two years ago was 11 stone 7.
Too much good food, wine and not enough exercise. I could blame HRT and menopause but the bottom line is I need to get my fat arse in gear. I don't feel good at all. Everything is tight..I have back fat shock
Thinking of 5 :2.

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