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Healthy sweet evening snacks

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whymewhyme Sat 07-Jul-18 21:18:03

Help! Im a massive chocolate fan, especially in the evening. can anybody give me any sweet snack ideas for when I'm relaxing in the evening to stop me buying and eating chocolate!!

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PoohBearsHole Sat 07-Jul-18 21:25:06

Try herbal tea, Peppermint and liquorice and Rose Lemonade by Pukka and Taylor’s.

not chocolate but have a sweeter element to them.

dancemom Sat 07-Jul-18 21:25:26

Frozen grapes
Sugar free ice poles
Strawberries and raspberries

PoohBearsHole Sat 07-Jul-18 21:25:36

And freeze grapes smile

Heratnumber7 Sat 07-Jul-18 21:25:40

Chocolate Snack a Jack rice cakes do it for me.

PoohBearsHole Sat 07-Jul-18 21:26:31

cross post with @dancemom

Rainatnight Sat 07-Jul-18 21:26:44

Light hot chocolate (Galaxy do a nice one).

squidgesquodge Sat 07-Jul-18 21:27:14

Butter mint tea

FireF Sat 07-Jul-18 21:28:02

I was also going to say snack a jacks. grin

FATEdestiny Sat 07-Jul-18 21:29:45

Options hot chocolate. 38 calories when Maddock with water.

You'd be better not snacking in the evening at all though.

DwangelaForever Sat 07-Jul-18 21:31:03

Pickled beetroot 😍 crinkle cut obvs

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