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Big fatty bum bum

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Timefortea99 Fri 29-Jun-18 10:33:30

I have always had a big sticky out bum. Recently lost a couple of stones, still another one to lose. Did not diet just cut back and did a load of walking over last 18 months. I am coming along nicely, happy with my emerging shape, look better than I have done in years. I have an hour glass going on, but when I turn around all I see is arse. Not Kim K proportions but out of proportion to the rest of me.

I just bought a skirt (I never wear dresses or skirts) because I want to get out of a clothes rut of always wearing same types of clothing. It looks great from the front but side on and back, hate the big ass look. Has anybody lost weight off their but by dieting (low fat, exercise?) If so, how? Not interested in surgery just stuff I can do myself.

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CottonSock Sat 30-Jun-18 09:01:21

I put almost all weigh on my bum.. dresses are difficult.

WindDoesNotBreakTheBendyTree Sat 30-Jun-18 09:07:49

You can tone it up (vinyasa yoga, lunges, weights, swimming) but it's hormonally determined. You're gonna have to embrace it like the beautiful healthy shape it is. Also, probably no-one else sees it as being as big as you do.

Ronnyhotdog Sat 30-Jun-18 10:22:19

Even at size 8 I have a huge sticky out bum. I’ve just lost a stone and can tell from the front but turning side on I still look like I’m carrying an extra stone on my behind.
I think we just have to learn to love what we have.

Timefortea99 Sat 30-Jun-18 18:55:14

I thought that was going to be the case. Back to my safe uniform, return the skirt I think!

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m0therofdragons Sat 30-Jun-18 20:47:03

I have a big bum. I comfort myself that I'd rather that than no bum. Sil is the loveliest person in the world but her bum seems to just slope with no roundness. Despite her size 18 figure her trousers are always baggy round her bum. I go for A-line dresses grin

WindDoesNotBreakTheBendyTree Sat 30-Jun-18 20:58:25

If you avoid gathers dresses and skirts are still very possible.

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