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Gained 3 stone after a bad 6 months of depression

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teddybaare Thu 28-Jun-18 22:08:01

First time posting in weight loss! Sorry in advance for what I imagine will be a long and rambley post!
I've struggled with depression my whole life but it's never had an effect on my weight until now. After I had my DS (8mo) I snapped back almost instantly to a small size 8 but I've really struggled with motherhood and paired with an ongoing case against my stepfather for childhood sexual abuse I became deeply depressed and just overate all the wrong foods. I've gained 3stone in 6 months but after going the mh nurse today I'm back on antidepressants and have got the ball rolling for counselling. I really need to lose the weight as it's completely knocked my confidence, I've even cancelled my long awaited birthday plans as I feel that people will be shocked at my weight gain and I won't be able to find an outfit I'm comfortable in.
I wonder if anyone has any tips for a manageable way to lose the weight? I can't go to the gym etc as I can't afford childcare and just don't have the time. Sorry to ramble so much!

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OohOohMrPeevly Fri 29-Jun-18 06:16:01

Sorry things have been so tough for you and I don't blame you for taking comfort in food. In terms of exercise, putting the baby in the pushchair and power walking is great and you can do that any time. In terms of diet there are tons of threads on here you could join for various diets from 5/2 to low carbing to calorie counting - have a look at some and see which appeals. You will also have the support of some great people who are in a similar situation. For me I found that giving up sugar worked the best and it's great for your mental health too. Best of luck with whichever you choose.

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