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mumpatrol Thu 28-Jun-18 11:08:34

Not sure if this is the right topic.

I'm looking for advice re keeping my weight down after stopping BF my 2nd DC. I EBF both my DCs and with both it massively contributed to my weight loss, even more so with DC2 who is a very chunky and hungry baby - I have dropped 2 sizes without trying to loose any weight or dieting.
However I know as soon as I stop BF the weight will pile back on if I don't do anything, that's what happened with DC1 I lost weight and as soon as I stopped BF within a year I was up nearly 3 sizes.

I feel much better being my current size and I'm happier with myself and more confident I know if I gain weight again I will go back into the cycle of resenting myself, wearing oversized jumpers to hide my belly and never buying myself any clothes as I'm just not happy with how I look in anything.

How do I keep the weight down when I'm not BF anymore?

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