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greenhills2015 Tue 26-Jun-18 08:28:35

So me and my partner are determined to get back into shape - things have been extra slack since DS arrived 8 months ago (not that they were great before then).

We bought the insanity beach body DVDs second hand as I knew someone at work that did the programme every year to get there body ready for holiday.

We did the fitness test yesterday and holy sh*t we almost died! I can honestly say I didn't sweat that much giving birth!

Has anybody survived this programme?

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Howmanysleepstilchristmas Sun 08-Jul-18 07:14:13

We did this 2 years ago. By the third time you do the workout you notice it’s easier. Keep at it!

Fluffypinkpyjamas Sun 08-Jul-18 07:31:29

We did it. It’s good but I could cry now just on hearing the soundtrack grin and his voice.

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